My 200th Post (subtitle – Oh SH&T!)

A Milestone
A Milestone

i was wondering recently, when i saw my posts were numbering in the 190’s what sort of post i would make my 200th to be, thinking it should be some kind of ‘special event’.

Today i was checking my stats (and we all know that that makes me!) 😉 and i noticed that as i had not posted for a couple of days ( i’ve had a few other things on my mind of late) my stats were unusually lower than ‘normal’.

i was in two minds about this for one reason – Speedo’s! Yes, those things that can make Tam shivver – and not in a nice way! The somewhat short style of bathing costume favoured of Aussie Surf-lifesavers and which i perhaps a teeny bit sinfully posted a picture of a while back – in Tam’s ‘Honour’  (or dishonour, i am not totally sure which?) 😉

Anyhoo this proved to be somewhat of a conundrum as i began to notice a steady, but small in number, daily stream of searches for: ‘Speedo Boys’  or similarly related terms 😯

After longer than i probably should have, i decided to act against this constant stream of unwanted attention and found out what was attracting this search term and realised it was the aforementioned photograph’s title, not the title of the post it was in.

Now while the picture is nothing to be ashamed or guilty of, showing only a fit, mature aged man at a national surf-lifesaving carnival wearing the sport’s usual costume, it was clearly attracting the attention of some people with less than desirable intent and i did not wish to encourage this activity in any way – so i changed the title of the pic and also deleted it from the post.

I did not delete it from my wordpress gallery however and because of the way search engines work it continued to be viewed and i continued to have search terms like ‘Boys in Speedos’ 🙄

i knew that as soon as the search engines ‘refresh’ their ‘bot trawling’ of my blog (techie term for doing an automated update of their data held in storage) i would no longer be getting the successful hits and was prepared to just let Cybernature take it’s slow course.

It seems to have done so recently as i have had my lowest stats for a considerable length of time – and few views of speedo man! 🙂

I was therefore not feeling unhappy about the lower stats, thinking that at least now i was getting a more accurate reflection of who my true blog friends and visitors are and why they are here ( ie for ‘me’ and not boys in speedos – oh, and for my adorable and by far the most popular post on Top Ten Top Dogs which brings me much traffic for the Old English Sheep Dog searches!)

And then it hit me up the side of the head! WHACK! Huh??

The name of my blog – the purpose i write here. Bring us ALL together – y’know, like Jesus was doing?

i was feeling pleased for ‘ridding myself ‘and my blog of an ‘undesirable’ element’!!!

i was electing to leave some people OUT of us ‘being together’.

( i am Sorry speedo fans/porn lovers/paedophiles in progress  – and ALL those – who like me – can at times be weak and guilty of ‘turning away’ – in ALL senses of the term).

Ever done that yourself?

Ever known say, a Christian Church or minister, to do anything like that – make some people feel unwelcome?, Not Wanted? Unworthy of being invited in? Unworthy of God’s Love?

Understand the subtitle of my 200th post??

i hope i am ALWAYS aware of His desire, His Will for ‘me’ and not just my own.


  1. I have had a similar experience. I had a fairly steady climb in hits over the first year of my blog. Then a big jump when I posted a picture of a Lily of the Valley. A slightly different crowd I suspect then your “speedo boys”. 🙂

    I had another big jump when I posted a picture of the Viet Nam memorial. People were looking at the pics, not reading my post.

    For the first few months I must admit I checked my stats daily. The way the WordPress Dashboard is set up it’s impossible not to see your stats. I would really prefer the stat page changed so you only view them when you want to. The same goes for Twitter.

    When you set up a blog you have to decide who your audience is going to be. 1) You are writing for yourself, like a journal. 2) Do you want to get people thinking, with post about politics, news, inspirational stories,etc. 3) Is your demographic speedo boys. 🙂

    I use my blog as both a journal and to have some impact, however small, on the blogging world.

    I think Love we are both helping to build a community that will some day, hopefully, encompass the entire family of mankind.


  2. Ed – i hope you are right!.

    My MAIN concern for this post was not the loss of stats, it was MY Hypocrisy, my ability to so easily forget the purpose of this blog, to allow people to be brought together no matter what their background so that we might ALL have a common future – a shared ‘experience’ of humanity caring for all, not just those we like but not the ones we don’t.

    It came as quite a shock to see the un-Jesus like quality that was displaying itself in my prejudice of a section of the visitors to my blog.

    Now while i in no way intend to encourage the viewing of boys in speedos here through my blog’s posts, if people come here seeking such i hope i am able to encourage them to stay and read what i am intending to say that we might be closer ‘together’ in one spirit.

    That can’t happen if i try to reject them and turn them away or make them feel in any way unwanted here.

    It was not a nice feeling to see my ‘dark’ side and how proud i was feeling for successfully ridding my blog of viewers.


  3. this is just one of the reasons why i love you so much.

    im proud of you mr. love!

    and, ya know…we can tell youre really saying SHIT up there.



  4. happy 200th.

    personally…i just comptelely turned off the search engine part.

    i’d prefer it if some random soul weren’t stricken by my blog when looking for information elsewhere.


  5. Hey Love,

    Sorry I’ve been so few and far between, mostly I read your posts on my phone, but can’t comment until I finally get chance on my laptop!

    So I wanted to say: CONGRATS on your 200th post! 😀

    Great milestone 😀 and I’m pretty certain your speedo escapades didnt adversely affect your stats, I have noticed that the blogosphere has been very quiet lately and e know it’s twitter’s fault!

    So congrats 😀 Hooray 😀


  6. Rain has it figured out! No one wants the depth a blog can bring; it’s much easier to chitchat on Twitter than share our hearts in blogland.

    Okay…I’m sounding cynical…you must know…I HATE TWITTER and will NEVER be a TWIT!

    Just a little rant. 😳
    Blame Rain. 😕
    She started it! 😯



  7. Michelle – now i KNOW you are my Sis from another mother 🙂

    Twitter is NOT my favourite invention of all time 😉 i think rain was just following on a theme i started a while ago in Twitter Killed the Blogging Star 🙂

    Rain – No Worries mate – i’m just happy to see you comment when you can – and read your posts too of course ( HINT!) 🙂


  8. 🙂 Michelle, I agree with you rant! I will join your anti-twit campaign! 😉

    Love- yup you hit the nail on the head with that blog post. I wonder if twitter will die out eventually…. ?

    It can only be novel for so long…. ?


  9. Rain – i suspect the attraction of ‘instant gratification’ that twitter caters to is likely to ensure it’s popularity exceeds that of the blog – sadly 😦

    Short shallow thoughts have long been more popular than longer deeper ones among the general population.

    Sadly this seems to be true of mainstream media news nowadays also?


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