B Thankful Thursday

Are these days coming along faster? or is it just me? 🙂

Maybe i’m just being more thankful lately?? 😉

Well, This week in my Home City the ‘real’ Winter has finally arrived – we had a bit of rain! We had some mornings where it got down below 5deg C ( in the thirties for those in the US) and less sunshine than usual – so i am thankful for the change of seasons!

And the chance to pull on some winter woollies and have a fire on at night.

And i will be thankful when it starts to warm up again 🙂

Thankfully, living in Paradise that should not be too much longer.

Any you’d care to share?


  1. This week, in watching the news, and listening to the conversations of my younger neighbors, I am thankful for my financial security.

    I own my condo, no one can take it from me. I have a guarented income, a pension and social security. I have guaranted medical insurance, with goverment medicare, supplemented by the coverage from my retirement benefits.

    I have financial peace of mind. My cost of living will go up. I will likely have to keep finding ways to reduce my expenses. However I know I will always have a roof over my head, and food on my table. Everything else, in terms of food, clothing and entertainment is a plus.

    I am also thankful that I grew up in a family that lived through the Depression of the 1930’s, and World War II. I have been taught how to get by with less. How to get the most out of what I have.

    There are many things I would not want to lose, TV, my computer, etc. I have lived without these things in the past, and could do so again.


  2. I am thankful for my family.

    I also thankful no one has leaked the surprise party for my wife tonight…her 40th b-day. Some how we pulled it off.


  3. Ed, You may not live like a King – but thanks to how you were raised you’ll never end up like so many today, homeless, jobless and clueless. Chasing and worshipping the God of money.

    i am thankful for your inherited and learned wisdom and your willingness to share it with those (like me) who may want to hear it 🙂

    Joseph – Four OH? Oh to be so young again 🙂 Hope she has a blast! 🙂


  4. So it’s also a little cold there now Love? A fire sounds almost just as nice as a sunny day though…

    I am thankful when I remind myself that time is flying (that is a bit scary) but the thankful part is that soon July will be over and then it will be warm! 🙂

    This has been a very difficult week so I am thankful it is over.


  5. Rain – The tough times are sometimes the ones we need the most 😦 As Ed’s bible study of Job this week shows us, we humans have need of trials in order to reach the deepest part of our sin against Him.

    The part we find hardest to reach and remove ourselves – without His help.

    Look for the lesson in all things – and give thanks for His great, unknowable goodness.

    Not all are exactly like Job – but all share some similarities of kind, since we are human as was he.

    i am thankful for the cold, even though it is not my preference 😉 It has a purpose – even for me.


  6. at this moment…im so thankful for my church, table rock fellowship. the teaching there is God focused. no mincing words or watering down the truth. we’re a church that loves God and loves people. and more and more are becoming even more community oriented. im so honored to be a part of it.

    im thankful that although i dont know whats next…HE does. and if i truly trust in Him…i will not fear.


  7. Tam – Love Him and Fear Him.

    Some times He does not seem to make all that much sense to us – but there is always good reasoning in Him and not always in us!

    Trust is indeed a Key we need to unlocking the ‘secrets’.


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