Heart in the Right Place?

heart right

If our heart is to be in the ‘right’ place why is it found on the left side of our own body?

It’s because when we see it in someone else, face-to-face, we will then know it’s in the ‘Right’ Place!

If we only see it within our self – it isn’t.


  1. Thank You very much, Ed.

    i know it is not my ‘usual’ wordy self, but i thought it made the point quite well – i can do it ( keep it brief) – occasionally. 😉

    my trouble is, most things i write about are never really THAT obvious 🙂

    or so it would seem?



  2. Hehe… it’s the Looove Doctor…! 😉

    This was really good Love, we should always be looking outwards- to God and others, not so consumed with ourselves.

    Nice, Maurice 😉


  3. A heart isn’t on the left side. It is in the centre of the chest. It is simply bigger on the left side. Personally I think it fits just right in the centre.


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