Propaganda and The Truth.

It has been said many times, and with some degree of truth, that the first ‘casualty’ in any war is  the Truth.

So, it appears to me, is the case with the Spiritual ‘War’ those of us who follow a religion, or have a developing Faith in God who is over and above all, are actively, or perhaps more passively, engaged in.

I see this in many people and in many places; perhaps i am misled or confused?

i know i have no right to judge since i am at least as ‘guilty’ of selecting my own version of Truth and of God as anyone else is, or has been, on this planet.

But it bothers me, enormously, that so many people seem  have fallen more for the Propaganda of man and how a few people of influence ‘see’ God and the Bible than reading only what the Bible actually says for themselves and applying their own Faith to seek the obvious as well as the deeper meaning it contains for each one of us.

I suspect that (since no religion has yet come anywhere close to ‘uniting’ mankind’s love of the ‘One True God’) this is true of all adherents of all religions and is by no means the exclusive capacity of Christians.

I’m sorry, but some of the ‘feel good’ stuff people so want to believe JUST ISN’T WORKING!

It is ill informed and misquoted/misunderstood propaganda being fed to us over generations and centuries of man’s ‘perfecting’ of the original Word – and is part of the ‘problem’ – it is not of ‘The Solution’ and does not deserve it’s pre-eminence in our understanding.

If i could do one thing in this world it would be to do this:

Make people fully aware that, while what we do in and within our flesh does NOT cause Grace or Salvation or Redemption to exist in the World or in ourselves, what we do while in our flesh ‘condition’ MOST CERTAINLY CAN ensure we (and others) do not receive the full benefit of those works of God (through the Eternal Spirit) in each one of us. WE NEED to do ‘more’, to take more ‘care’ and thought in what we believe, and be led of the Sprit and not by the nose or simply follow the ‘flock’.

i’m concerned that that serves to delay and ‘push back’ the Works of God more than He desires for us and i really wish we could learn that well so we do more for Him and ‘less’ for every one of ‘us’ (that we all be less self-ish and conform more to the Original ‘model’, especially obeying God over our wife or those ‘snakes’ that would deceive us – possibly with ‘good’ intent’).


  1. Great topic. Faith created by propoganda versus spiritual faith from God.

    My view is that propoganda, what other people tell us is the truth, is a product of the brain.. It is created by the human brain, and the actions that flow from it are directed by the brain.

    My perception is that while I see spirtiuality as also orginating from the brain, people who believe in God think it flows from the soul/Holy Spirit that God gave them. Religion was created by man, spirituality by their God.

    If you believe the Bible, God has spoken to some men, and directed them in how to help guide mankind to Him.

    When you are trying to find a way to strengthen your connection to God, or even to find God in the first place, how do you know that the guidance you are reading, or being told, is from God, and not just propoganda created by man?

    My guess is that the only source you can have completely trust is the one given you by your God, the Holy Spirit within you.

    If I was going to try to find a connection to this God I have been told exist, it would have to be on a spiritual journey, a “walkabout” perhaps.

    I would not read the Bible, or any document created by man. I would ask, and read about, how other people found their own connection to God, and probably try some of this advice, but mostly I think I would “pray” to God, or meditate on him.

    Your connection to your God must be directly between you and him. I don’t see how it this connection can be through another person. No matter how much you may trust this other person, I don’t see how you can base your faith on anything other than a direct personal connection to God.

    You either feel the presence of God, or you don’t. That is the beginning, or the end, of God given faith. All the rest is propaganda created by man.


  2. Joseph – Thank You – very much.

    Ed – Exactly! 🙂

    The only thing i feel it may be important to note that i am not sure if you also agree with me on…?

    If there IS a God and ‘He’ has ensured we have a way to ‘prove’ Him for ourselves, every single one of us, just as we all share a common genome base that makes us all human it is likely we all share a same ‘spiritual’ base.

    It may be possible that this ‘common base’ , by reason of the immaterial nature of the Spirit, is able to ‘associate’ with each individual spirit or soul within every one of us, we may be able to ‘detect one another’s spirit with our own and in large gatherings the spirit of a group all dedicated to a similar experience may be ‘reinforced’.

    This may mean there is some benefit to anyone who possesses a spirit and who desires to ‘feel’ a connection with their God on a more ‘noticeable’ scale forming a Worship Group – a Church?

    The problem i see is that when people get together they also tend to have one (or a few) strong ‘personality’, which is of the human mind/body, who tends to ‘lead’ the ‘weaker’ personalities and this can lead us ( as we are more closely associated with our physical bodies than the spirit) to follow someone else’s way to God and not find our own!

    i don’t think enough people realise this ‘corruption’ exists or how to get around/past it to reach God (through their spirit) directly.

    While i do agree with you that you either feel God or you don’t and that we each must find our own way, i don’t completely feel we have to totally re-invent the wheel all by ourselves. The work other humans have done ( such as producing certain ‘Holy’ works, writings) contains Truth which comes from God – we just have to determine the good from the bad ( for ourselves).

    ( Put all things to the test and see which bring forth good fruits within us)

    Part of the Path to finding our own spirit and thus finding a direct connection to God involves learning Faith, Trust and the ‘humbling’ of the physical self, while retaining the ability of reason and applying it to determine Truths (That Resonate with something deep inside each one of us).


  3. “I’m sorry, but some of the ‘feel good’ stuff people so want to believe JUST ISN’T WORKING!”

    Amen Love. I do think that much of the ‘feel good propaganda’ is working to keep many mega churches full because everyone stays comfortable and cozy and never has to hear anything they don’t like. Baby milk is what I think the Bible calls it. Now unfortunately those requiring solid food, those are ones starving by side of the buffet so to speak, or dying of thirst by the side of the fountain.


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