It was a winter’s day in my home town, and a long weekend Monday as well.

Seemed like a good opportunity to take a stroll around my old University grounds and surrounds with a couple of friends…


  1. That is a beautiful campus. Having a school by a body of water makes for a great setting. I would however be tempted to spend more time by the ocean than in class.


  2. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Joseph, When i said home ‘town’ i really meant ‘city’ – i live in Perth WA, the State capital and largest city within 2000 miles.

    1.6 million fellow West Australians live here. The University is almost an entire suburb (Crawley) and the water is Matilda Bay, a part of the Swan River.


  3. Mandy – i love the light in ‘my’ corridor shot This is the ‘old’ part of the University and it is made of a local sandstone. Glorious.

    Rain – Yup! Perth has a Mediterranean climate – it never snows here and that day was the official start of WInter and it was 26 C.


  4. Rain – i know i am very blessed and have much thanks owed to my parents for making the bold choice to give up jobs, family, friends and ‘home’ in the UK to come out here to Paradise 🙂

    Wanna borrow my ski gloves in the mean time? 😉

    if it helps i’ll try to post some more ‘warm’ pics soon.


  5. That’s winter in your hometown?!?! I think it’s time to move in with my long lost brother!

    That Westie looks just like mine! Adorable.

    You’re tall.

    Love the cloisters!

    Thanks for sharing. 😉


  6. Better be careful what you say, I just might show up someday! 😉

    Maxie isn’t doing so well. She has Perth’s disease; did I already tell you that? She may have to have the hip severed. She limps but doesn’t appear to be in pain. She is adorable and the most fun-loving puppy…a bit tough to train, with a very strong will, but such a sweetheart. We love her!


  7. might show up some day?

    i DARE you! 😉 ( see if you can come sept – dec, best time for wildflowers! and it’s not TOO hot)

    Perth’s disease? what? – she has too much sunshine?? (Perth is where i live and i know i’d remember if you had told me or mentioned it and i’d read it somewhere!!)

    Read up about the condition and it sounds nasty but there does seem to be a good prognosis – at least for kids? Hope Maxie soon recovers.

    If Maxie as anything like Max (and i could imagine them being twins) she will think she rules the roost so you do have your work cut out training her – fortunately with Max food is a VERY STRONG motivator and he becomes very willing to please for a piece of laughing cow cheese 😉

    He also gets a little bit ‘fat’ though?? 🙂


  8. Laughing cow cheese?!?!

    Maxie loves peanut butter!

    Perth, Scotland…or was there a famous Scott named Perth??? I think that’s where the name of the disease came from…not sure.


  9. Michelle – La Vache Qui Rit (http://www.laughingcow.com/) is a brand name cheese in a round cardboard box and contains individually wrapped cream cheese portions.

    Very popular in Europe and my Mum (and Max) loves them (Max also being from Europe where he acquired the taste) 😉

    My home city is named after Perth in Scotland (although i have no idea why – i’ve visited there and the resemblance is entirely unremarkable, particularly the climate) 😉

    i suspect Maxie could be trained quite quickly with a jar of PB and some bread sticks – or carrot/celery for a healthier’ ‘tidbit perhaps? 🙂

    Rain – Posting some warm pics this week – and i used my ski gloves on Thursday – it barely made it above 16 C all day 😯


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