B Thankful Thursday

Short week, on account of a ‘late’ start last Sat. 😉

i am thankful that:  although i owe EVERYTHING to Him, He is generous in giving me time to repay it off in small amounts i can handle – so far 🙂

while some things are VERY HARD to let go of completely, or even partially, i can see the value in doing so even if i haven’t actually let go just yet. 🙄

i have friends that i love dearly.

Feel free to leave any of your own…


  1. I am Thankful I once again got to attend the YCAP Boys Power Lunch.

    YCAP is in the Nashville area and is a place for at risk youth to learn about God, get their life on track etc…wonderful boys home as well.

    Each year I get to go to a lunch with all of them and talk about what I do and let them questions so they can learn how to become successful in life. There are about 30 professionals there from all kinds of business and industry doing this and it is just my favorite day of every year.

    Wicked fun.


  2. It has been a fairly quiet week, so far, which I am thankful for.

    I am thankful I ordered my new toilet over the Internet, saving some money.

    I am also thankful I was smart enough to have a professional plumber install the toilet. I had been told it was a pretty simple job anyone could do. When it comes to home repair I am not anyone. I have a special talent for breaking anything I try to make, install, or fix myself.

    I am thankful that you introduced me to the beautiful voice of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.


  3. Joseph, that is awesome, i’m thankful those kids have people with heart showing they care and offering a way ‘out’.

    Ed – i hope your noo loo gives many many years of good service 🙂

    and you are more than welcome Sir 😉 i felt i owed you some.


  4. BLOVE!!!!

    Long time no visit! I mean … here. 😀

    Thanks for all your comments on my recent posts. I don’t know if you’ve seen my latest, but I re-posted the cuboctahedron for a visual. 😀 I really appreciate you sending that to me. 😀 Hey! I’m thankful for the cuboctahedron visual! 😀

    I’m thankful for lots else – particularly all the cool stuff I got really CHEAP yesterday (at garage sales). YEAH! 😀 My patio is starting to look pretty! 😀


  5. Hello Love!

    I am thankful for weekends, for warm blankets (especially considering those that don’t have, our church went to give out some today) for heaters, for warm food, for dvds and staying bed when you’re sick.

    And I’m thankful that after every winter there come a spring and a summer! In life and in lives.


  6. Annie – you are most welcome for the cbothingy 😉 and that’s good news on the successful treasure hunt -now we need a pic of your patio on your blog !

    and the more smilies the merrier 😀

    Rain! – so nice to see you ‘back’. Been missing your thoughts lately.:-)

    Yay for staying warm on chilly winter’s days.


  7. i’m (belatedly) thankful for being able to get out in the sun so much recently.

    and i’m thankful for the lessons in trust and generosity i’ve been learning lately.


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