Lesson learned??

Why the world is going to hell in a hand-basket Pt 37…

Recently my State’s police force has had a ‘successful’, if long drawn out campaign, to get a wage rise. Naturally the Government that pays their wages fought it tooth and nail.

It took the best part of a year to finalise and the police ‘settled’ for less than the 15% over 3 years they sought ( 5% a year) despite the daily reports in our media of crimes against police increasing in number and severity, and crime generally being on the rise, despite carefully ‘tailored’ statistics that show some decreases in some crimes (mostly because the way stats are gathered has changed and also because these days police simply don’t waste their time with cases they know full well are never going to make it to court or have any chance of a successful prosecution should it actually make it to court).

The government ‘generously’ dropped their insistence on an at least 3% productivity increase ( meaning the police have to do 3% more work for the rise to be awarded) and upped their offer to 8% over 2 years ( a 4% rise followed by another a year later) or half what the Police asked for to try and stem the rising tide of desertions from what is basically a very unenviable and dangerous job.

Win Win – everybody’s happy – e-vent-u-all-y.

Contrast that with the news i heard a few hours ago…

My country has undoubtedly had two decades now of unparalleled glory in the world of International Cricket (a Sport comparable to baseball but now with 3 unique ‘styles’ named Test’, ‘One Day’ and ’20/20′.

We simultaneously held the title of World Cup Champions, One-Day Champions and Number One Test Cricketing nation for several years in succession and despite a tiny ‘blip’ in 2005 when we lost the Ashes test Series to England in England 2-3 we showed our dominance some 18 months later when we whitewashed the English 5- Zip on home soil. 🙂

The last three World Cups, held every 4 years like Soccer, have all been won by Australia.  This was largely due to the quality of the side in the last decade or more. The Team had very few changes and were always amongst the best batting, bowling and fielding squads going. Winning was almost ‘easy’ and the Confidence and Spirit of the team was something all other sides feared – even if they would not admit it. If they ever were in a losing situation something special was dug out more often than not and Australia would once again come out victorious.

The problem though is that the team got ‘old’. They were so good there was rarely room for new up and coming players and the longevity of many of the players came to an end at roughly the same time. Result? – Australia is now but a Shadow of it’s former self with six or seven of it’s best players from a team of 12 ( one man is left ‘in reserve’ and is known as the 12th man) retiring in the last 2 years and very recently one of the most exciting players in the game being sent home in disgrace and almost guaranteeing his international career is over due to continued ‘infractions’ (read Drinking/discipline problem).

Recently Australia has lost it’s position as No.1 One-Day Team to South Africa and is in danger of losing it’s status as number 1 test nation. It has now lost the last 5 20/20 ( a shortened, faster, slog-it-out version of the game) matches in a row.

And yet it has just been announced that all International Aussie cricket players have just  been awarded a 13% pay increase?? A one seventh increase in their already considerable salaries along with free air travel to the some of the world’s most exotic locations?


Am i missing something here?

Did the Financial Crisis teach us nothing??

Reward for poor performance for the Elite?

How long was their pay dispute i wonder?

Although a Sri-Lankan team did recently get shot at when the game was targetted by terrorists in Pakistan, Australia has refused to play in that country, or any other one  where their safety cannot be guaranteed by the local police force…

Which brings me full circle…

Maybe the Aussie cricket team should give their fully undeserved pay rise to the police who’s job it is to risk their lives so some men can play games overseas?


  1. I agree that athletes are paid way out of proportion to the value they bring to society, compared to the police, and firemen, who put their life on the line protecting the rest of us.

    The Spanish football team Real Madrid just paid €65m for one player, Kaka. On top of the transfer fee paid to Kaka’a old team, Milan of Italy. Kaka is being paid over 12 million a year, plus another 1.4 million to his father, who is his agent.

    Even the Romans treated their olympic champs as gods, so maybe not that much has changed.


  2. i just found the two separate stories made a powerful statement about our Society’s values – particularly at this time in world History and while there is so much attention being paid to the salaries of those who also failed to perform as they had in the past recently yet were rewarded and failed to learn the lesson – and to our politicians who seem to be in similar positions.

    Correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t the Kaka and other soccer players deals and those of several baketballers in the US in recent years considerably inflated way over and above how we treated our sportsmen only a century ago – yet now we are copying the Roman Empire in their glorification? what changed in a hundred years?

    The public adored the players as gods back when they had to have ‘day’ jobs to pay their mortgage and put food on the table like the rest of us.

    then Sport became a business…

    Wimbledon used to be a tournament of Amateurs who won a trophy in my parent’s day – now the winners take home $2,000,000 for two weeks ‘work’ having every other day ‘off’?? ( unless they win their doubles matches also – if they can be bothered sharing a paltry $800, 000 prize for those?)

    i’m having trouble finding any justification for this and that it was all but unknown prior to my birth?

    Apart from the glory days of Ancient Rome that was likewise famous for their displays of depravity also?


  3. i thought only america was like that. guess that was naive thinking.

    i think about teachers in our country a lot. some of them are the poorest paid. seriously. the teachers in my community don’t even meet the mean OR average salaries for this area.

    well….they do eventually. like….15 years later or something.


  4. Sports salaries are out of control…players, coaches, staff…all of them.

    It drives me crazy that there are those of us who work our tails off educating children, protecting citizens, improving infrastructure and so on…only to have a fraction of the pay…not that I think we are worth millions a year for our jobs.

    Here is my idea…all athletes get a flat salary…maybe a half mill a season or a mill a season if they are starters. Then, they are paid bonuses on wins and playoffs….no wins, no bonus. Then the level of play would come up.


  5. J-R – Stupidity and rewards for the rich is by no means uniquely an American trait Homey 🙂

    Tam has shared with me that Her Kids School will be reduced to a four day teaching week next school year because the state has insufficient money to pay the existing staff their wages!!

    America seems to be turning into a third world country? Homeless, bankruptcies, major companies unable to pay their bills, governments can’t afford to pay staff to teach five days a week??

    Unable to reduce the hugely increasing debt to foreign countries who loan the US money to afford an extravagant and unsustainable lifestyle (You and Landry ‘owe’ almost $70,000 to foreign loans, in 10 years time that amount will be over $150,000, assuming other countries are stupid enough to loan any more that is, and the country does not go bankrupt when the debts are called in! Got a plan to repay that??)

    Joseph – Here’s another idea (based upon the fact that before WW11 sportsmen were mostly amateurs who had to work to earn a living) We make Firefighting a National Sport – TV cameras, audiences paying millions to watch, Firefighting leagues based on performance fighting fires. Then we could pay the true heroes of our society what they are actually worth to us instead of making millionaires out of a few lucky Jocks.

    Let’s put sport back where it belongs – as a place where we have fun and ‘sporting’ competitiveness, not business competitiveness, and then sponsors can put their money towards the welfare of people we really cannot live without and we can actually pay homage to people who save lives every day as our ‘Gods’ and not a guy who kicks a leather ball around or swings a bat.

    We already have the basics in place for the police force and hospital workers ( teachers might be a bit harder to raise the interest for – most of us hated school and the people who tort us our edumacaton!)

    It worked for sportsmen – why not for those who actually deserve to be made into celebrities and TV stars on million dollar plus salaries and sponsorships??


  6. if third world in america means i’m-broke-and-can’t-afford-health-insurance-but-hey-wanna-come-see-the-new-60-inch-plasma-flat-screen-i-just-bought kinda stupid decisions….then yeah…it does.


  7. Seriously – our two countrys people are becoming clones!

    Last night a ‘Current Affairs’ program had a ten minute segment on which were the best value plasma, LCD TV’s to buy to ‘save’ money! 🙄

    “i don’t know how i’m going to pay off my credit card but i don’t care as long as i can watch the Big Game on my new 42 inch screen tonight.”

    Sadly it seems the Government thinks in exactly the same way sometimes?


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