B Thankful Thursday – give or take :-)

It’s that time of the week again – sort of. 🙄

i did not exactly forget – i simply did not strictly obey the usual schedule (again) 😉

Apologies to any who might have been in any way disappointed!

SO this week i Am thankful for:

Forgiveness ( Forget the wrong that i’ve done – That Linkin Park song really made a deep impression on me – i love it)

Friendships – including those i felt had been ‘lost’.

Family – not least of which are those brothers and sisters i have not met – yet.

Friday – the last day of the ‘working’ week 🙂

and the last shall be First – A Father who is above ALL and whom i hope i am learning to place both at my Feet and Head as well as my Heart (IN Spirit).

Alliteration Finished. 🙂

over to you.



  1. im thankful for…





    the freedom to connect with others at TRF

    music. i love music!

    Gods patience with me.



  2. I am thankful that as I look outside my window today, 6/8, I see nothing but sunshine.

    I am also thankful that I have no new aches, or pains, that will prevent me from enjoying this great summer day.

    I am thankful that my mind still works well enough to blog, and twitter.

    I am thankful that the plumber is coming today to fix some leaks, and install a new toilet. I am not thinking about where I will have to cut my budget to pay for this work.


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