Confession of an Unhealthy Dieter…

i have a ’sweet’ tooth ( the one that is not fully decayed yet ) ;-)

Sugar is ‘the enemy’ – or at least ‘refined’ ( isn’t that such a ’sweet’ sounding word – so ‘refined’??) sugars are.

Sugars are everywhere – often in disguise ( lactose, fructose, glucose as well as the ‘evil’ sucrose) :-)

Learning to detect and overcome the more refined ones is an essential part of having a ‘healthy’ diet.

Most of us learn that too late from our parents – ‘get em while they are young’. It is the food corporations (like Coca Cola and McDonalds)  ‘motto’ and it should also be ours! :-)

Once they (we) become addicted to – or simply ‘used to’ – the taste ‘fix’ of pure refined sucrose it is so hard ‘going back’. :-(

It’s like an alcoholic – they can live perfectly well for weeks, years without a drink and then one little ‘taste’ and WHAM! – back off the wagon – it never leaves us alone.

I fool myself i can get by on just a ‘little’ because i have strong will-power– a little chocolate, a little cordial, a little slice of pie now and then – a cake here one day, a danish here the next but one, but they ALL ADD UP :-(

Hi – My name’s love and i’m a sugarholic…


  1. My name is Ed and I am a:

    Peter Pan Bakery Glazed Donutholic (New York City)

    Lay’s “Natural” Sea Salt Potato Chipholic

    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Creamholic

    Apple Pieholic

    Tapica Puddingholic

    Strawberry Shortcakeholic



    Walkers Shortbread Cookiesholic

    Daniel’s Bagelsholic (New York City)

    If I don’t stop now my blood sugar level will start pushing past the danger zone. 🙂


  2. “Hi Ed”

    Gee Ed, if i wasn’t a diabetic before i read your comment i am now! 😉

    Acceptance of the problem(s) is a big step along the road to recovery 🙂

    ( so – are you going to face up to that Bacon addiction sometime soon Brother?) 😀


  3. Joseph – possibly my biggest weakness – Chocolate (especially Belgian Milk Truffles)

    “When i am weak, then am i strong” – Nice one Paul 🙂

    Tam – Hmmm.. Oreos…

    Chocolate, salt, sugar, animal fats and dairy all in one – way to hit the addiction jackpot! 😯

    i think you have something stuck on your teeth :mrgreen:


  4. i’ll jump on in, too….

    my addictions:

    –chips and salsa (no joke…watch me down ’em. you’ll see),
    –pizza (when i’m at my best, i only have this once or thrice a month, when i’m at my worst, 1-3 a week!),
    –ben and jerry’s (God love ’em.),
    –cheese. (oh how i love cheese)


  5. Haha – I’m taking up your ‘recent comments’ pics. 😀

    Sugarholic, my name is selfaholic. I’ve not yet identified the cause, and the cure may yet be a long way off.


  6. Hi Self-a-holic! 🙂

    The ’cause’ is partly due to the ‘pain’ of being born on this planet – and partly the result of feeling like you are alone inside the body which is all your senses can ‘show’ you – all you can fully ‘rely upon’.

    The cure may lie in patient understanding and observation and the ability to leave ‘yourself’ beihind, once you know there actually is far more to life than just your body.and the feelings it generates/reacts to?

    Maybe? 😉


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