Creation – One Side of the Issue.

There are over One Billion people living in India today – more than the total number of caucasians combined.

The great majority of those human beings are of the Hindu Faith.

Just as many Christians have Faith in the Trinity of God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Hindu’s have Faith in the Trimurti of Brhama ( The Creator aspect of God), Vishnu, the maintainer and preserver aspect) and Shiva, the destroyer aspect.

What? a destroyer aspect of God?? What’s that about? God is good; how can God be a party to destruction?

Well, consider for  a moment the concept of Urban Planning.

Once a city has been ‘planned’ and people live and work in it for some time the job of the Urban Planner is not finished. In addition to the ‘Creation’ of a place where humans live there is a need for continual upkeep and maintenance. And for a truly successful long term-plan there is also a NEED for some destruction.

Old buildings and creations that are no longer able to best meet our needs or the needs of the city, or perhaps no longer have a purpose relevant to the current occupants, are either to be knocked down, destroyed or ‘preserved’ as a way to remember and understand a little of how things used to be, before we ‘wised up’.

Creation, Preservation – Maintenance and Destruction; all are necessary concepts of a successful and thriving city.

I would suggest that they are also necessary components of ourselves also.

WE all ‘build’ or create things in our lives – things written in ‘stone’ or walls built that keep our thoughts safely locked inside.

Some serve useful functions, some need maintenance continually as we grow older, wiser (Wisdom); some need preserving as things tend to rip them apart (Love, Faith, Hope); and some.. need destroying and removing from us as their function – if it ever was ‘correct’ – is no longer being used to our benefit. (Fears, and a whole bunch of useless rubbish we carry with us far longer than is good for us).

Loving a Creator God is one thing – not recognising that in His Great Creation, Nature (of which we are but a minor part) there is a constant cycle of growth and death, Creation and Destruction – in ALL ‘aspect’s – as well as acts of preservation and maintenance and that we are an essential participant in that process some refer to as the Wheel of Life, is another – one we might not pay as much attention to in our human lives as we might.

It can lead us to a better way of connecting to God – removing the dead and dying, no longer useful parts of us  and learning to recognise them), destruction of that which blocks our progress and performng essential maintenance and planning in order that we make the most efficient use of our time down here – to His Purpose for us all.

So what are you creating?

What are you preserving?

What are you destroying?

How much maintenance are you involved in consciously? Intentionally?

And just how much of it is for you and/or your family’s need and how much is for Him?

Maybe we all need to think a little more on this?


  1. Weird….a friend of mine and I were discussing India’s culture and religion last night…he just returned from there.
    The whole cast system of living etc.
    Creating- An easier talk with God (I have fought this for some reason in the past)
    Preserving- (my love for family and friends)
    Destroying- (friendships that do not serve a meaningful place in my life and or are destructive
    As for maintenance—Probably none consciously 🙂
    I will have to think about the second to last question…hmmm


  2. Destruction creates change. Without change our Universes could not exist.

    From what I have read about Hindu India it may be the most tradition bound culture in the world. Many areas preserve rituals that go back thousands of years. There is a group of priest(?) that perform a chant that has been handed down, by word or mouth, perhaps 5,000 years. No one living even knows what the words mean, or what language it is spoken in.

    Even the Hindus are now changing, especially the caste system. A women named Mayawati, born into the Dalit caste, “untouchable”, rose to be Chief Minister of India’s largest state, Utter Pradesh.

    1) What I am creating. I don’t have as a goal creating anything. I am trying to make as many friends as I can. I am trying to make a contribution to the society in live in, such as by doing some volunteer work. I am trying to play my part in increasing understanding in the world, such as by seeking out people who may seem to have a different world view from mine. I spend more time online with Christians, than I do with Atheist.

    2) Preserving. Not sure that I am actively trying to preserve anything, except perhaps my sanity, a battle a sometimes lose. 🙂 I own a condo I maintain as best I can. I monitor my expenses to make sure they don’t exceed my income.

    I am very happy with my lifestyle, but I hope I am also prepared to deal with any changes, which are inevitable.

    Music keeps me mentally and physically fit, along with long walks at the beach and in the park. Sunrise, sunsets, flowers, spiders all help me to maintian my awe at life

    My sex drive is less than it use to be, but it’s still there, and now at my age the demographics have swing in my favour. 🙂

    I try to read stories about mad men, and their crazy ideas, to keep my imagination working.

    3) Destroying. I am be the worlds least ambition anarchist. 🙂 I look forward to the destruction of the barriers of ethnicity, religion and nationalism, that separate mankind, and prevent us from developing the understand, and trust, to peacefully resolve conflicts. I try to contribute to the breaking down these barriers by reaching out to all my neighbors, outside my door, and inside my PC.

    I suspect my efforts amount to a very small ant shaking his fist at a very big world. 🙂

    4) Maintenance. See 2) – Perserving. I try to spend as much time as I can doing positive things, volunteer work, dancing across my living room floor to music, reading the comic strips.

    I tend to avoid people who complain about everything, and everyone.

    5) Family – don’t have one. The only him I do anything for is me. 🙂


  3. Joseph – The older we get the more need for a little TLC and maintenance! 😉 None of us are getting any younger remember!

    Ed – Would it be, do you believe, mere coincidence that India, in terms of human beings living in relative peace for a period exceeding 5000 years is the second most successful country in the world and has strong unbroken traditions?

    The Culture India has exported to the world has ultimately resulted in the countries you and i value and live in being allowed to come into existence. It is a little arrogant of us, i believe, to view their systems from the outside and say we are ‘better’ than they when we are very far from being ‘perfect’ ourselves.

    We ALL create things in our selves and in our lives; not doing so consciously and with some kind of Plan in mind is likely the reason why we seem to fail to have much control in our life a lot of the time.

    Sounds like you are doing a pretty fair job of preserving your sanity – and the body and it’s needs. I do wonder about what need you see for preserving, maintaining things of your Soul or whether that just takes care of itself? 😉

    In terms of destroying i was mostly thinking about destroying internal aspects – things we have been responsible for ‘building’ that no longer have (if they in fact ever did) a reason for taking up ‘room’ in us.

    Things like a belief that others might not find us attractive or worthy of being loved; belief that as just one human being we are not capable of changing the world. Edison, Einstein and Ghandi were all just one man.

    As for shaking your fist Proverbs 6:6 offers us all this wisdom: ‘Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:’

    Never doubt your abilities 😉


  4. Hey BLove, thanks for directing me over here… too many questions tho… lets see,, I’m in a heavy maintenance period right now. Building and walls that worked for me are now “in the way.” Ultimately all the improvements are for Him but I think He’s in this project with me to help me.


  5. Ric – no worries, i understand if you are not in a question seeking period right now – or not other people’s questions at any rate 😉

    Never Doubt that He is there to help – sometimes He knows we have got ourselves into such a place that we can’t get out to safety without a little pain and suffering – He’s not there to make us feel all that comfortable down here!

    He’s here to help us with our long term survival.

    If you feel up to knocking down a few stone walls He will give you a helping hand, i’m sure! 😉

    You may even find it a little ‘freeing’ ?

    From the Home of the Slave and the Land of the Me. 😉



  6. Love, Hindu India fascinates me because it is so tradition bound, but, as you say, has survived for thousands of years. Hindu’s are know for being very tolerant of other religions. They have a saying “The truth is One, but different Sages call it by Different Names”

    The rigid caste only works as long as everybody accepts their place in society. If they do, you have a very stable society. There are signs many are no longer willing to do that and, if this trend continues, we could see this culture start to break apart.

    Clashes between Muslim and Hindu Indians are becoming increasingly violent. The Sikhs in Punjab have been fighting for their Independence for several years now.

    India also has had a high rate of poverty, especially among the lower caste, although the rate has been dropping over the last few years. A high poverty rate will likely lead to unrest, and that breeds violence.

    India may also be more impacted sooner, and to a greater extent, by rapid climate change. It’s rice producing area is one of the most fertile in the world. However because of rising sea levels saltwater has been seeping into coastal areas. Any change in the monsoon cycle could be disastrous.

    I think Europe and North American represent the future, India and Africa the past. I’ll put my money in the long term on America, not India.


  7. “In terms of destroying i was mostly thinking about destroying internal aspects – things we have been responsible for ‘building’ that no longer have (if they in fact ever did) a reason for taking up ‘room’ in us.

    Things like a belief that others might not find us attractive or worthy of being loved; belief that as just one human being we are not capable of changing the world. Edison, Einstein and Ghandi were all just one man.”

    I am not sure if this is what you are speaking about but growing up I would say my spirit was died, or perhaps in emtional termoil. I had to replace this emtional conflict with a more postiive approach to life. I had to gain control and buildup my spirit(?). I believe the spirit inside me is in the state I want it. It’s filled with postive energy, not negative.

    I think people like Einstein, and Ghandi, are slowly pushing mankind in the direction of a better understanding of the forces in the world, and universal botherhood. Individually that may not make that much of a difference, but collectivley they revolutionize how we live. I am hoping the socities we evolve will have more Einsteins and fewer Hitlers.


  8. Ed – India is indeed not without it’s problems – not the least of which is massive corruption. The attraction away from their own culture through the all pervading infuence of ‘progress’ as exemplified most forcefully and invasively by the US ( in the last century – prior, to that of the British Empire) will no doubt incrase dissatisfaction and internal squabbling and may indeed result in its self-destrcuction after 5 millennia.

    The loss of melt water from the Himalays that feeds India’s vital major river floods will no doubt ensure food shortages for the poorest while sea level rises could also adversely affect the food supply but those will to some extent be offset by the rapid rise in wealth of the booming indian economy owing to the massive supply of cheap, reasonably well educated labour.

    I’ll have a thousand bucks on India over the US, long term thanks 🙂


  9. Ed – you got it spot on 🙂 that is exactly the sort of thing i was referring to – maybe also the ‘rooms’ you built from ages 3-10? 12 – 18?

    you have no doubt broken a few down, but i wonder how far you went and what remaining ‘foundations’ you rebuilt on?

    It is good we feel happy with ourselves – it may not be the BEST we can do, however?

    Einstein and Edison helped us understand better the forces in the World – Ghandi helped a few better understand the forces in us.

    The world is not ‘enough’.

    Not the way i see it.

    Science sees so little and in such a selective polarisation of everything that exists – to put one’s entire trust in the limited knowledge it possesses is – frankly – short sighted and futile in my personal opinion.

    There is so little it can tell us about the things that make our lives Truly worth living.

    Some people seem to thing it can tell them all they really need to know or can ‘trust’ howver – or wlil do ‘one day’.

    We only get one life to LIVE and that rarely lasts more than 100 years – how much can science discover in a hundred years?


  10. What am I creating?

    I hope I am creating better relationship with God and family and the people around me. I also hope I am creating a new life, that is quite different from the one I had before. Really God is doing all of that…

    What am I preserving?

    I think I am trying to preserve goodness in life, not to adopt a cynical view of things, but to see the beauty.

    What am I destroying?

    All the wrong ideas, beliefs, thoughts and ways I have and my past.


    Oh my, I think I’m only really maintaining my ideal weight- working very hard on that, especially now that it is winter and cold!


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