B Thankful Thursday

i have learned from my last ‘thankful’ post…

i am thankful my eyes have been opened a little more to the futility of this life’s ‘rewards’ and ‘treasures’.

i am thankful for the awareness that i have a Spirit, in addition to a body.

i am thankful that i can at times resist the pull of the body and listen to that of His Spirit leading me.

i am thankful for the opportunity of the trial of life and the small ‘rewards’ that make it a little bit bearable, potentially even enjoyable, day to day.

i am far more thankful for the awareness that – as important as all ‘this’ here can seem when i am ‘lost’ in it – it is only what i learn and take from it, and in part through what i can ‘give’ in it, that really matters.

i am truly thankful for His Understanding and Love.

Any you’d care to add?


  1. I am thankful that I have found the peace of mind that I spent much of my life searching for.

    I am thankful that the laughter cells in my brain are still working in full vigor.

    I am thankful that a weed looks just as beautiful as a flower to my eyes. Of course I can say that because I don’t have a garden. 🙂

    I am thankful that I am still in awe of life, and all at the new sights, and sounds, that await me today, and tomorrow.


  2. I’m thankful that the Lord is willing and able to exalt His people to places of influence.

    I’m thankful that sometimes the nice guys really do finish first.


  3. Joseph – Amen!

    Ed – if you can keep those feelings in mind throughout each day i’m sure your life will be ‘beautiful’ 🙂

    And i like that you can see the beauty in the weeds.. it’s something i struggle with at times 😉 ( RrrrrriiiipppPP!)

    Lori – i hope some nice girls do also 😉


  4. i am thankful for….

    the reassurance of His Word that I am healed, no matter what I am feeling at that moment.

    a husband who knows exactly when to cuddle me.

    the fact that i don’t have kids yet, but that i still have the ability to have them some day.


  5. Hi Love!

    How is that everytime we get to this time of the week the only thing that springs to mind readily is how thankful I am that it’s weekend? Ha! 🙂 That’s no good. But I am very very very thankful that it is weekend!! 🙂 🙂

    This requires more effort but when I think deeply I am also thankful for laugh out loud funnies, and for moments of bliss like coffee breaks… and good books… and sunny days…

    And when I think really really deeply I am thankful for love and grace and for the things I am being taught at this time in my life…

    And finally- this requires no deep thought at all:

    GO THE BULLS!!!!!! 🙂




  6. HA! do i detect that you just might be in a happier place at the moment Rain?

    I hope it’s not ALL to do with how your team are doing and that you can still feel that happy after tonight 🙂

    They can do it – Go the Bulls hahahahaha 🙂

    ( no – seriously!)


  7. “i am far more thankful for the awareness that – as important as all ‘this’ here can seem when i am ‘lost’ in it – it is only what i learn and take from it, and in part through what i can ‘give’ in it, that really matters.”

    This is it for me! I’m thankful for the lessons even though they can be quite painful. I do hope to be able to share what I’ve learned…

    …once I realize what it is!! 😛

    I’m thankful for new pools and hot weather and blooming summer vines! 😀

    I’m thankful for communion, open communication with God through His Spirit. It keeps me out of the deep darkness of my present path of suffering. He’s always listening.

    Love you! 😉


  8. Thanks Sis 🙂

    i find that being too ‘locked in’ to our human life and suffering means we find it harder to see what the ‘lesson’ we must learn/did learn was.

    He gives us a ‘way out’ – a life raft to save us from this earthly confusion. The hard part is leaving our sinking ship and jumping into the raft – something just makes us keep on clinging to what we ‘know’ best instead of moving to the new and untried.

    Most of us don’t ‘jump on’ totally and leave the ship we lived on behind but just put a foot on the raft for a brief moment before pulling back again making it hard for us to live from the lessons we learn long term.

    Soon we remember the ship IS sinking and we will need to get off at some point – but it is so hard to trust in the seemingly ‘flimsy’ insubstantial little raft that offers the promise of saving us.

    If we could learn to fully trust it and stay on it permanently then we may have the best chance of remembering the lessons we need to learn’here’.


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