Crass perfect

This post is inspired through observation of the Natural World that many may ‘miss’ as they go about the vastly more important acts and business in each and every day.

In part it is specifically from observing my garden – to be exact three plants of the genus Crassula, more commonly known as a Money plant or Jade plant.

Many believe God’s handiwork to be ‘perfect’, myself included, but i have a less common view that He is Perfect in His IMperfections every bit as much as His perfection – or what we humans normally think of as ‘perfection’.

I fear i may be losing a few of you through unnecessary complication – so lets look at a few pictures that i hope better explains what i am babbling about.. 🙂

I give you – God’s Perfect Imperfections. (a la Crassulae)

In late Autumn/early Winter here in Aus this plant produces a mass of tiny blooms, each flower being about the size of our 5 cent coin – roughly 1-1.5cm’s or up to half an inch across – the vast majority follow His Plan of being in a perfect pentagon or ‘star shape’.

But as you can clearly see – sometimes He decides a little ‘mutation’ is in order – a variation from the ‘usual plan’. Sometimes he makes a perfect cross* (not simply a pentagon with one petal ‘missing’) and sometimes He makes a perfect six-pointed star/hexagonal blossom**.

And as the last of the four photo’s shows, He sometimes throws ‘perfection’ (as we like to think of it) out the window and plonks a petal where one clearly ‘should’ not be.

And like all His other creations, it too is ‘perfect’.

Any of you out there getting the picture yet? 😉

* i can assure you that while some blooms in the photo’s HAVE been got at by a vegetarian bug with a penchant for good looking food, that the four cases of the ONE plant’s blooming are NOT the result of an insect’s handiwork. Just His.

** You get a gold star if you noticed that although there are six petals radiating out from that 3rd flower pic there are still only 5 smaller sub-petals in the middle!  Unlike the four pointed star that has four of both outer and inner petals! Showing that once again God’s view of perfection can be different to the way we would have done it – if we could! 🙂

Also the nearest Nuclear Reactor (apart from the ones in US and Russian Subs or Aircraft carriers) is over 2000 miles away in Sydney and the closest Uranium mine is roughly 800 – 1000 miles in a similar direction. My suburb remains a declared ‘nuclear-free’ zone so these are not due to that kind of radiation!) 😉


  1. J- Thanks 🙂

    i think many of us imperfect humans have a somewhat ‘limited’ view of what ‘perfection’ actually is – our focus is way too narrow. i’m sure He sees the perfection in our imperfections as much as in the way He Perfects us.

    As a result i think we often can ‘miss’ just what it is we are supposed to be doing concerning who and what we ‘are’ and are to become.

    Basically a lot of people today have a huge ‘image’ problem when it is not the image that is the real problem! 😉

    It’s WAY deeper than that.


  2. Ha! That’s amazing! And perfect!

    Such beautiful flowers and such detail!

    I also like how you notice the detail. Many of us would miss God’s ‘finer’ works, and often that’s right where He is- in the very details:)


  3. From your pictures I can see you have a beautiful garden. You are creating life, a little like your God did, although it probably takes you more than seven days. 😉

    I am not really fond of the word “perfection”. In my neighborhood everyone tries to create the perfect lawn. I prefer the wild growing fields, full of weeds, much more like life. Far more interesting.

    The state flower of Connecticut is the Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) – .

    If I had any pictures of anything I have tried to grow, all you would see is dead plants.

    Our electric company invested millions of dollars in a nuclear plant that never went online. I am still paying for that defunct plant in my electric rates. I shouldn’t complain, at least I don’t glow in the dark. 🙂


  4. Rain – i love how He shows His handiwork in some very similar patterns at levels from the microscopic and atomic right up to the galactic and all stages in between 🙂

    Ed – i can understand the ambiguity concerning ‘perfection’, but just like ‘love’ man often gets the idea a little bit ‘off’ when compared to God’s versions – nowadays i prefer His to ours – most times 😉

    Those mountain laurels are just beautiful – i LOVE the ‘umbrella’ like look. If i had any nearby i would be taking many photo’s of those for sure. 🙂

    Glowing in the dark or not 😉


  5. i’m LOVIN’ where you went with this post.

    but also…i’m just amazed that you were able to notice in detail all these little differences in such tiny, tiny flowers.


  6. Thank You J-R 🙂

    i was kinda surprised last year when the first ‘imperfection’ in those beautiful ‘flawed’ flowers caught my attention – a cross instead of a star 😉

    then i looked to see how ‘frequent’ this is (i’d guess at something like a one in a hundred plus event, maybe up to one in a thousand – the plant has a LOT of tiny flowers. 🙂

    and then i saw the sixer and it was only as i was taking the photos i saw the 5 + 1 flower.

    my ‘gift’, i feel, has to do with numbers and patterns, particularly those of the natural world i see around me – the more i look the more i see 🙂 it helps me better understand God and that indeed ALL things through Him are connected.

    having a good memo-thingy helps 😉


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