… as the saying goes, is Good for one’s Soul.

Having my normal lie-in in bed in the morning and doing my usual ‘thinking’ i came up with one of those ‘A-ha’ moments, or, as BT my Filipina friend recently put it – a Kaya Pala moment, when things suddenly all came together to a point of ‘enlightenment.

i was thinking, as i frequently do, about how a small pathetic insignificant ‘ant’ like me could ever have hope of having a REAL relationship with the God of the Universe who is mostly about Spirit while i am completely (well almost!) 😉 of the physical flesh.

The thought ‘confess your sins’ came up from  something i had been reading lately as, if we do this, Jesus promises we will be forgiven (as long as we don’t sin against the Holy Spirit) and forgiveness leads us to acceptance and receiving of the same Holy Spirit within us (or so i seem to understand it currently).

Ok then – i’ll give that a go and see what happens: – “i am Lazy!” (and i know from lessons learned from Scripture and elsewhere that slothfulness does not bring great reward and that ‘the Devil finds work for idle hands’)

No – make that “i have the sin of idleness” because whatever i truly am – it is not solely idle.

Then the thought comes to me: Being idle is not good for me, i need some exercise to keep my body healthy and in best condition for as long as needs be and it does nothing to improve my life either and is rather wasteful of all i have been blessed with – so why do i do it?

Answer – because the Truth is… i quite like doing little. i’ve done a lot of ‘work’ in my time and found mostly that what i get out of it rarely exceeds what i put into it or what others actually get from it and it mostly makes me tired and worn out so, there is not a strong risk/effort reward ratio that i have ever personally witnessed.

Whereas, i do quite like lying in bed and thinking. About ‘things’.

Then another Truth struck me: i am a little bit ‘afraid’ – of what i might have to ‘face’ if i give up being idle! 😯 More hard work!

i want to ‘keep’ my ‘easy life’ – i don’t wish to ‘lose’ it – to give it up.

24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?’  Matt 16

Then the final thought hit me – what should you be MORE afraid of – losing your own ‘life’…. or losing His?

Should i fear this world and what it ‘might’ bring me? Or should i above all Fear Him and what i have to lose by being idle in Spirit?

For me – that’s a ‘no brainer’.

And that’s more than enough ‘work’ for one day 😉

Time to get up now.

Anyone wanna confess while they have the chance?


  1. B –

    Great thoughts. Isn’t God so good? He takes our souls on these great journeys to realize something…even somethings we already “know”.

    My current lesson from Him is, once again, love. Love…even if I was already a bit hurt, if I don’t want to or if it means (gasp) being vulnerable. But His love is stong enough to carry me through.

    (Thanks for stopping by)


  2. My confession? I’m a sinner saved by grace.

    And what you said, I can relate, it think it is human to be afraid of what we may lose if we follow God’s way. But then the real truth is that what we will gain, even if it is difficult or uncomfortable at times, will be worth infinitely more than any comfort or earthly joy. If only we can get our real selves to grasp and believe.


  3. If I had to confess something right now it would be lack of desire to just sit and read his word.

    For some reason this is really tough for me right now. Not that I do not need it, or long for it, just that I do not have the energy to do it.

    It is my biggest goal this summer…learn to love to read the word….and absorb it!


  4. Danielle – Thank you! 🙂

    Love sure can be a ‘tough one – as i know from long and mostly unsuccessful (lasting) experiences. 🙄

    i am finding that my problem with loving was loving something (or someone) that changes and ‘corrupts’ and dies over something that is everlasting and incorruptible because i am something that changes and corrupts and will die and failed to recognise that which is ‘me’ that is NOT like that. My Soul.

    By learning to let my incorruptible Love rule my thoughts (and heart) and not the changeable ones i believe i can become the sort of person who is able to love the way we all SHOULD.

    It’s not an easy thing for me i find, but i know it is ‘The Way’ He showed us. That alone makes it worth working hard towards.


  5. Rain – i agree fully 😉 as i mentioned to Danielle above, it is by no means an easy thing for us humans to recognise or fully appreciate what we have to lose by only seeking our earthly rewards or have to gain by following more His Spirit and the ways of the heavenly Spirit.

    We all need to work harder on our Faith and building it up within us – through Him and His Gifts to us. Despite the pitfalls and temptations this world places right before our very eyes and feet.


  6. Joseph – you have never struck me as a man who is short on energy! 😉 but i fully understand what you were saying. I have had many times when i felt a similar feeling – although not always relating to reading Scripture. I have not for at least ten years ever sat down with the intention of reading the Bible just to soak in ‘The Word’.

    Rather i mostly live my life and if i hear a verse or scriptural quote that is in a subject that interests me (mostly while reading blogs!) 😉 i will use my on-line bible to ‘search’ for the verse so i can read it in full context so i get what the author meant and can see if where i heard it it was used ‘appropriately’ or not.

    I will also recall scripture i have read while doing ‘something else and then revisit my ‘search ‘ to get the accurate verse and then see if what i thought it used to mean is actually what it is saying.

    many times when i do those things i find a new understanding and realise that i had not completely understood the Scripture when i first read it or heard it quoted.

    For example: many people think ‘Money is the root of all evil’ but when we search for the reference we find it is actually the LOVE of money that is the root.- a small difference to some, perhaps, but an important one also.

    As i said, i often have the feeling that reading Scripture is just ‘too hard’ and tend to avoid doing so.

    But perhaps sometimes we have need of a little discipline and it is just a matter of altering our perspective on the idea, because, as you say – at heart, you know you ‘want’ to 😉

    instead of thinking how ‘tiring’ it might be maybe you could write down all the reasons it would be to your and your family’s benefit??

    Or not? 😉


  7. “Then the final thought hit me – what should you be MORE afraid of – losing your own ‘life’…. or losing His?”

    good word.

    i was nodding my head in agreement through this whole post. we are frighteningly alike. at least in our idleness. 😉

    and i’ve been thinking long and hard about how i don’t want to “eat the bread of idleness” (prov. 31)

    whew. thanks for the reminder.


  8. The “sin” I am most guilty of is saying, or doing something, without adequately think about how it will affect, or be interpreted by, another person. My self centered focus has too often resulted in hurting someone, because I wasn’t thoughtful enough to consider their feelings.

    I am more prone to being emotionally lazy, not physically so. I am more likely to go running around, without rhyme of reason, and ending up spending a lot of energy, and accomplishing very little.


  9. J-R – ‘i was nodding my head in agreement through this whole post. we are frighteningly alike. at least in our idleness. ;)’

    Frightening indeed! – but i’m better lookin 😉 🙂

    love ya anyway Homey 🙂

    Ed – As i see it, the purpose of Confession is to allow ourself a chance to recognise, analyse and then correct/eliminate the things within us that we KNOW are not in our best long term interests, through sincere repentence (changing of the way our mind usually works) to something ‘better’.

    That applies whether we have a Faith in God, or not. 🙂


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