B Thankful Saturday


(Yes, life does occasionally brings those your way so why should this blog be any different?)

Yep! i was too lazy to write a B Thankful Thursday post this week so i’m here two days late. (But only  36 hours late if you are reading this in some time zones!)

Two surprises for the price of one this week – following some minor but painful disappointments recently i have come to realise something – something ‘quite large’.

i take it all back!

Everything i ‘thought’ i was thankful for – i’m NOT! Truthfully? They Suck!

i now realise there always was, is now, and only ever shall be, ONE thing i am Truly Thankful for…

in ALL things.


One comment

  1. I was wondering if I sound like a broken record saying I am thankful for grace.

    But really, when I look at my life some days, when I look at myself somedays, I am so so so thankful for His grace that covers me… and for His goodness and kindness and compassion…


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