B Thankful Thursday

WOW These days seem to come ’round way too fast lately! 😉

For which i am thankful – of course… i mean… i am still alive and relatively healthy and am able to enjoy each one – and even a few of the 6 other days in between, Right? 😀

I’m also thankful this week for:

The astounding beauty of a late second season of blooms in my garden in what is a truly amazing Autumn (Fall) so far here in Paradise. Some of the flowerings include: a 10 foot (3M) tall Dahlia ‘tree’ with flowers six inches (15cms) and more across; incredibly deep red/brown Pansys and beautiful white/deep purple ones. Red/white Azaleas, which are more of a spring flower here; The best spread of Golden Chrysanthemums and a glorious white one we have had in the last 4 years; brilliant bougainvillea and something i suspect is a species of Marigold, but i need to check! 😉 Very soon the Jade (Money) plant will be in blossom again and i have bulbs sprouting i suspect are Daffodils that are about 4 months early?

Red/Brown/Black Pansy
Red/Brown/Black Pansy

Living in a country that has a Government regulated banking System that has prevented the kind of madness seen in other countries financial institutions and ensured that our only four major banks are in the top ten in world rankings for secure assets/profitability. Of course i would be even MORE thankful if the greedy bastards passed on ALL of the Reserve bank’s interest rate cuts to their customers instead of keeping some of it to shore up their massive profits in a time of world wide cutting back to more reasonable levels of pure greed.

There is a difference between making an increased yearly profit and making a reasonable one in a world wide recession that somehow very few banks seem able to appreciate. Particularly in the situation as we have here where it is a virtual captive market (there is no fair alternative to having a bank account) and there is surely collusion between the major players to ensure no-one is able to ‘vote with their feet’ without crippling penalties and fees being incurred in the process. We may have regulation but it is a far from ‘perfect’ system. 😉

Blog-friends who’s comments here and on their sites give me more reasons to smile – and ponder also.

The Wisdom i keep on reading in The Book – and for finding a passage i had some considerable difficulty locating for a time by searching my pc Bible…

I eventually ‘remembered’ i had put it up on my BLOG as my second ‘Creed’! 😳

Good thing i have such a good memory remember thingy 😉

Any you’d care to share this week?


  1. I am also thankful for living in paradise and how perfect autumn is here in paradise

    I’m stealing Joseph’s thankfulness comment from above and claiming it too (but I’m not copying it…it’s just there…see…)

    I’m thankful for you hosting B Thankful Thursday every Friday love – and that’s not me being smart, I’m just a big fan of the joy of timezones 🙂


  2. Joseph – have you got any ‘spare’ – i could use a couple 😉

    David – i seeeeee 😉
    and you are being way too modest – you ARE being smart.

    i keep forgetting – i actually have a few readers who are NOT on US time zones 😉 maybe i should stop catering to the realities of others and be more ‘Aussie’ huh? 😉


  3. I am thankful that the greedy bastards who ran the bank I worked for made enough off the poor sods who had to borrow money to pay for my pension and health insurance. 🙂

    I am thankful for the hard working landscape crew that keep the flower beds around my condo looking beautiful, with out any effort on my part.

    I am thankful that we are finally getting some rain here to keep those flower beds looking beautiful.

    I am thankful that my Mets have now won five games in a row, and that the Australian cricket team defeated Pakistan 3 to 2, in their recent “one-day” series match.


  4. i’m thankful for your sense of humour and justice… and that you bothered to check the score on the Pakistan series held in South Africa – i didn’t want to brag 🙂

    We ‘might’ be ready now for England and the Ashes.

    Way to Go Mets 😉


  5. love, we do have a national prayer day. there have been various calls to prayer since the time of george washington, but it wasn’t an annual thing until about the 1950’s.

    a lot of schools, universities, organizations, communities come together at a set place (such as a park or a flagpole at school) and pray for the country and for their friends and family.

    i think it’s way cool.


  6. President Truman, in 1952, signed into law that every future US president would proclaim one day a year as a day of prayer. In 1988, that day became the first Thursday of every May. Yesterday, President Obama signed the proclamation, but did not have a prayer meeting in the White House, as George W Bush had done. So, Obama caught a lot of criticism for that. However, he was within the bounds of the law, as the law allows for individual prayer.
    When I was growing up, I never heard of National Day of Prayer. There is now a National Day of Prayer Task Force (led by evangelical Christians) that publicizes the day. I am not aware what other religions do, but the Christian events I have participated in are well attended.
    So are you one of those Hillsong Church people? Just curious…


  7. J-R – Strawberries?? YUMMMMM! 😀 well done You!
    I’ve had only minor success with my strawberry plants – our soil here doesn’t suit them very well 😦

    You can have my garden! You will have to wait until i’m ‘done’ with it though – and you’ll have to move to Aussie land of course 🙂 Im the mean time i’ll try to make do with putting more photo’s up on my Photography pages so you can ‘virtually’ enjoy it 🙂

    I think National Prayer Day would be cool too – but a Prayer Year could be better 🙂


  8. Lori – thank you very much for that info i had truly never heard the idea before nor known all Presidents had to Proclaim it in writing!? Didn’t do Mr Perfect’s ratings much good i guess to not hold a White House meeting huh? 🙂

    No, i am not one of the Hillsong People – my path to know Jesus and God has been a pretty much independent study so far for me, Learning from Scripture and attending a few different sources of study/instruction/practice.but none that i have felt or made a lifelong connection to ( other than to Him – i hope! 😉 )

    While i know Church can be a source of help for many people i also see it as being far form ‘prefect in many ways and can add to our diconnection to him in some cases as much as help connect us to Him.

    For the present i’m comfortable ( as one can be while trying to die to the world) with my own learnings concerning God and with my connections to His ‘Church’ through people such as yourself i relate to every day of this life.

    Amazingly it is an Atheist ( or so he thinks! 😉 ) that is perhaps the one who is helping me understand the Bible more than any other lately.

    It’s amazing sometimes how He works – wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


  9. Wow Love, you really have green fingers, or your soil is just really good! 🙂 The picture is beautiful, it does remind me of a paradise island…

    I am thankful for so many many things:)

    For cool blog-friends:)

    For Bar-ones- do you have those there? My week was made by a really good bar-one (it is the small things ok?)

    For my team- the blue bulls, hanging in there to stay somewhere in the top 4 of the super 14 log.

    For family

    For my beautiful country

    For life 🙂


  10. Nah – the soil here is basically poor sand, we just do good things to the plants and have a natural bore reticulation which keeps the garden alive when we don’t have ‘rain’ 😉

    Never heard of a Bar-One?

    You probably know the season is now over as far as the Western Force is concerned.. but at least the Aussie Cricket team was looking a little better as they head to England for the Ashes.

    It’s good to hear you have a lot to still be thankful for and i hope they continue to bless you 🙂


  11. Bar-One is a nestle chocolate… 🙂 I tell you, it’s the small things.
    The force put up good fight though…

    If I had any jokes I’d tell you one now…



  12. Ahhhhhhh – don’t know them by that name, but i can TOTALLY relate to the concept of your day being improved by ‘one’ 😉

    if it was not for all those ‘little’ moments we’d never make it through and stay sane between the rare ‘biggie’s that can change your life for good! 🙂

    At least you were kind enough not to say you knew a Joke – The Western Force! 😉
    (internal troubles make that closer to the truth than many will credit).

    Go the Bulls! 🙂


  13. Hiya there friendster! What’sup? It’s Friday now but I still wanna say my thanks…

    For the safe travels I had the past two weeks (or is it three?)

    For the blessings I keep receiving…

    For my nephews whom I dearly love…

    For my loved ones…

    For the friendships…

    For being out of writer’s block! (finally…)

    And for so many things! There’s a lot to be thankful for these days. 🙂

    PS: I wanna thank you also for your enlightening posts in my blog.


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