No End in Sight.

(Warning! – political discussion ahead!)

My good blog-friend ED always has interesting posts and has good questions to ponder.

One of his recent posts got me to ‘thinking’ and brought out a thought that i felt very strongly about and rather than let Ed’s blog take the flack i knew i had to take the blame/credit for myself…

I am ALL for a Nations’ People, through their necessary (sadly) Armed Forces (Air, Land and Sea), fighting for the right to live their lives without fear of invasion from a foreign power or aggressive political interference from country’s or groups outside of their boarders.

I feel MOST strongly however that the LIMIT of such forces ends at their country’s boarder with another country.

WE have NO right to act with aggression past our boarderlines in defence of our Nation.

The situation in Afghanistan highlights the lunacy of acting in military ways in a foreign land:

In 1980 America boycotted the Olympic Games that were held in Moscow in that year.

The Reason? To register all American’s protest at the Soviet Army’s ‘recent’ invasion of Afghanistan to support a puppet government that would be sympathetic to the USSR.

The American Response to this invasion of a country half a world and a huge ideology away from their own? To give clandestine military support (weapons and tactical information) to a local ‘band of insurgents’ – although back then they were more frequently called ‘Freedom Fighters’ by Americans – the group were known as the Mujahadeen and were greatly encouraged to fight for their homeland against Communist ‘aggression’.

Those Mujahadeen fought a Superpowers armed forces for some 15 years before the Russians pulled out of what was incresaingly obviously an unwinnable war against the fierce local fighters who understood the territory and how to utilise it far better than any invading army could.

The Lunacy?

The Mujahadeen ‘freedom fighters’ that America supported for two decades n the 80’s and 90’s with weapons and money and intel, aiding their victory over the USSR, became the core of The Taliban and ruled Afghanistan for a few years in a regime that did not tolerate any tribal unrest in a country that had long had factional fighting all throughout their history.

The same Taliban that America now calls ‘insurgents’ (how can you be an insurgent when you are fighting for freedom from external oppression of you and your families to live in the way you believe in in your own country?) and has been fighting a pretty much unwinnable war, just as the Russians did, for 8 years now so that they can prop up a puppet government of Harmid Kharzi with loyalty to America.

How many US soldiers must die before it’s people wake up to the lunacy being perpetrated here? How much more US Tax-payers’s money will be sunk into fighitng another unwinnable civil war where America should have no say in the outcome but which should be decided by the Afghani’s themselves?

Viet Nam? Iraq? (Donald Rumsfeld Himself made frequent ‘trade visits’ to meet with Saddam Hussein and support him with his ‘war’ against the Iranians over 20 years ago) Afghanistan? Pakistan? That country is now considered more of a ‘terrorist threat’ than even Afghanistan – will that be the next money sink for the US and those it can convince are being ‘threatened’ by people who want nothing more than to have the right to live in their own country without a foreign superpower sending in the troops for self-serving purposes rather than any desire to find a lasting peace.

Any who send troops to another nation for ANY reason other than as part of an Inter-Nation Peace-keeping Force are guilty of armed aggression and should be opposed/shunned by every other nation of Integrity.

We should be doing all we can to END war – not maintain it.


  1. uh oh….crossing down the war no war piece…

    I am staying out of this one and watching from the sidelines Love…

    Talk about a split opinion topic. Should generate some great discussion…and hopefully all civil!


  2. Awww Teeeaaamm???? 😦

    i HOPE that all regular readers and lurkers of this blog would feel welcome enough to know that having a personal opinion and being able to express it without ‘losing’ my respect is one of the things i do try to support – in the interests of increasing mutual understanding – which i believe is key to bringing us all together.

    We don’t have to all think EXACTLY alike – just so long as we can agree to hear what each other has to say without being personally offended 😉

    Of course if you don’t feel like expressing an opinion or you have not formed one on a subject that’s fine too. 🙂

    I just hope there are not TOO many out there who are Chicken – Buk-Buk! 😉

    As a person of strong Faith i believe we each have a duty to fight a Spiritual War, but that GREAT caution is to be exercised when it comes down to a man-made one.

    Were either of you guys ALIVE to remember the Moscow Olympics? (1980).

    Should the Russians now take the same stand the US did and try to get all communist nations to pull out of the London 2012 Olympics because the UK is part of an occupying armed force fighting the Afghani people who do not believe in the current occupation of their country by foreign troops?

    Or is that a tad too political also? 🙂


  3. Great subject Love. I will guess most people will agree with you “in theory” but not many, people or countries, are willing to take the risk of trusting their neighbors, which must happen for people to respect each others borders.

    1) I will guess that there isn’t a country in the world that has not sent it’s soldiers across it’s borders to make war on another country. This cycle of war probably goes back to the first civilization. The first city/states grew by conquering their neighbors. The bigger a country gets, the more resources it needs, the more it must expand it’s empire.

    I have some hope that in not too distance future, perhaps 50 years from now , this empire buliding will be done more by International business, instead of using armies.

    2) We all need to stop living in the past. Your grandfather killed my grandfather, my father killed you father. The cycle of killing, and revenge just gets passed from generation to the next.

    To stop this cycle means we need to be able to see events from the perspective of our neighbors. We need to be able to look back at history using their eyes.

    For example I very much doubt that the American leaders, or the public, understand how much the majority of the Pakistanis hate us. Every time our bombs kill their citzens they hate us more. The Taliban is more popular in Pakistain then America is.

    Until we respect the Pakinstaini border our actions are only helping the Taliban gain followers.

    The money we spend on the bombs would be better spent on aid that helps the people of Pakistain. It’s the hearts, and minds. of these people we need to win.

    Conclusion – My hope is that as our brains develop so will our civilzations. Our socities may actually become civil. 🙂 It will likely take hundreds of years to learn a “new” way of thinking. To break down the barriers of race, religion, and natiionalism that prevent us from seeing each other as being memebers of one family, one world.

    I think it can happen, but I will not live long enough to see it.


  4. J-R – Please don’t call yourself a Chicken – leave that to me! (Buk Buk) 😉

    i was hoping more for comments other people had on what i wrote ( think) so that i might better understand ‘collective’ opinion rather than provoking a debate on the matter.

    Of course anyone who wants to debate perspectives on anything is welcome to too.

    as i said before there is nothing wrong with not having an opinion – or not wanting to express them ALL. 🙂

    Ed – while it would be a nice thought, i never said we should TRUST our neighbours; by all means build up a massive army to protect yours from invasion – all i said was that army should stick to their side of the boarder and NO country has the right to cross over agressively. Some idiots DO occasionally and hence the (sad) need for our Armed Forces for protection.

    i have NO doubts that Empire building is more today done by trade and business (and forms of media) than by military means and that there are few who recognise this for the threat it is – but the strife caused by military ‘solutions’ is what i feel most strongly must end before we begin to tackle the unfairnesses of ‘big’ business.

    i agree – it CAN happen – i just also don’t think i’ll live to see it or that enough people have the will and desire to see it come to reality. Not while there is a buck to be made and we can ‘benefit’ from the aggression and not get our lights punched out.

    If only we could go back to the days when our leaders LEAD us into battle – Peace would be with us in weeks!

    While powerful people are able to con weak and unnecessary folk to die for principles the powerful would never risk themselves for the world will never know Peace. 😦


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