B Thankful Thursday

This week’s installment plan for the development of my A TAG (Attitude of Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Gratitude).

I’m thankful for:

An indication that i may still have just a TEENSY bit more ‘work’ to do dealing with an anger ‘issue’ that i might possibly maybe still have? 🙄

(Begrudging thanks to Prof Plimer, previously posted upon, and to the DUMB Victorian State Politicians who are incapable of seeing the benefit to them and the nation of an Emergency Warning System that my state (the largest in area) has had operating for over 10 years which we are willing to give FOR FREE to them while at the same time trying to push their own untested, undeveloped system on the Whole Nation at an estimated cost of a ‘mere’ $20 million – which was the main reason a majority of states decided to remain undecided over early warning systems – and which undoubtedly resulted in far more deaths during this year’s tragic bushfires than ever needed to happen – Just UNbelievable!!! (Idiots) )

A truly delicious Birthday Party dinner for my Mum’s 77th Birthday (Chinese banquet – Superb) 🙂

Perfect Autumn Weather in Paradise so i can get out and lose a little more weight (Much needed after the stuffing at the banquet) 😉

More wisdom gained through some brilliant and fun-loving and even a fair few Christ-loving bloggers. Very Thankful for those.

there’s more stuff but you’re all welcome to add more of yours below – if you like?



  1. i’m thankful that while you’re experiencing beautiful autumn weather, we’re getting in some AMAZING springtime! april showers bring may flowers, we say. i’m loving it!

    i’m also thankful that i turned in my paper for the last time!!!!!!!!!!! woot!


  2. I am thankful Joy has finished her paper…I wasn’t even writing it and it seemed like a really really crazy project 🙂

    I am really thankful for new friends and some of which I don’t really know outside of my blog world. My life gets really disconnected due to my profession, and these people in some strange way re-connect me.

    Love the B-Thankful Thursdays…makes you realize we really have a ton to be thankful for.


  3. I’m thankful that I have an anchor for my soul. I am thankful that in times of trouble, I have God’s Word to encourage me and give me peace. ( I found you through Joy Renee). Take care!


  4. J-R Hope you have time now to enjoy those flowers… and that you never stop winning 😉

    Joseph – it is my goal to reach the realisation that there is actually NOTHING i have to be unthakful for, that everything that happens in my life is a reason to be thankFULL 🙂

    It’s an atttitude and i do not see it as being unrealistic – rather i believe it is unrealistic of me to begrudge anything as all that happens presents me with some opportunity for my benefit in some fashion and we all should be thankful for that rather than living in a negative condition/state of mind.

    I realise that in the human world we live in such an attitude is the exception instead of the rule and that it is extremely hard in some circumstances to give thanks for pain and hurt we may feel personally, but a thankful ( to Him) attitude will help us bear those things whereas a grudging one will only add to our pain.


  5. This morning a neighbor my neighbor back up her car in to mine, minor ding.

    I had lunch at a diner and the food was cold.

    I bought a pizza for dinner and, as I was taking it out of the oven, I dropped it on the floor. Bending over to clean up the mess I strained my back.

    This Thursday I am just thankful I made it through the day alive. 🙂


  6. Ed – Oh Man! Some days we are just Thankful the day is OVER 🙂

    The Devil gets to mess with our minds some days so as to try to gain ‘converts’.

    I’m thankful even after this day you still keep your sense of humour 🙂

    Did you find ANY good stuff in the day, perchance?

    ( no-one says there has to be btw)


  7. “Did you find ANY good stuff in the day, perchance?”

    My team, the New York Mets didn’t lose today. Of course that was because they didn’t play. 🙂

    Actually it was a beautiful day outside. I did enjoy a walk in the park. My power walk seems to have lost it’s power. The young people go flying by me. Middle age people go flying by me. Elderly people with using walkers past me by. 🙂 I think I have more of a power crawl now. 🙂

    I found a beautiful video on YouTube of the great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson singing “I Believe”

    I am thankful, amazed, that I can watch performance of all my favorite singers, going back even into the 1950’s, for free.


  8. Just got done for the semester. Other major things going on right but praying I am able to go back in the Fall.

    Those were the days. The colors and everything. Purple is still my favorite 🙂



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