Tough Times Call For Tough Measures.

Owing to recent financial and economic conditions America needs to reconsider it’s private transport options….

I bet here’s one the modern nuclear family has not previously given serious thought about!…

The New Austerity
The New Austerity

It saves on parking also! 🙂

And in case you were wondering about shopping trips…

Versatile - with a wide range of cargo options!
Versatile - with a wide range of cargo options!


  1. Joseph – Cracked me up too 🙂 Good to hear your health matches your sense of humour 😉

    Rain – If you didn’t live so far away we coulda gone halvsies 😉

    Jess – How many Pets do you have?

    Email to follow 😉

    OK – That’s NOT so funny 😯

    J-R – i have not seen one with spinners yet, Homes! 😉


  2. More people have taken to riding bicycles here in the US. Although it won’t catch on like in Europe, the roads are too dangerous.

    I haven’t seen any motorcycles, mopeds, that seat more than two. I have seen pictures of a tandom bicycle that can seat up to ten.


  3. Ed – Americans seem to have a pretty unique capacity to get the concept of motor transport completely wrong??

    See following youtube vid for exhibit A.

    There is something about the vehicle mass/passenger mass ratio they insist upon getting entirely the wrong way around. 😯

    Vietnam has a few things about transportation the US could learn a lot from 😉


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