My Best Learning This Easter…

My Best Learning so far this Eastertime (that i was NOT aware of before) came from the Documentary: ‘Life of Jesus’ shown on TV Good Friday.

Narrrator/Writer John Dickson said the message of Repentance that Jesus brought to mankind, when referenced in a Greek original text, used the term ‘Metanoia‘, which was translated to mean’ Repent’ (as in: earnestly seek to change your ways).

But the word used in Greek was Meta-noia, not meta-morphosis…

Literally:  Change your Mind, not Change your ‘form’ or thoughts.

from Wikipedia: “The Greek term for repentance, metanoia, denotes a change of mind, a reorientation, a fundamental transforma­tion of outlook, of man’s vision of the world and of himself, and a new way of loving others and God. In the words of a second-century text, The Shepherd of Hermas, it implies “great understanding,” discernment. It involves, that is, not mere regret of past evil but a recognition by man of a dar­kened vision of his own condition, in which sin, by sepa­rating him from God, has reduced him to a divided, auto­nomous existence, depriving him of both his natural glory and freedom. “Repentance,” says Basil the Great, “is salva­tion, but lack of understanding is the death of repentance.” Repentance thereby acquires a different dimension to mere dwelling on human sinfulness, and becomes the realization of human insufficiency and limitation. Repentance then should not be accompanied by a paroxysm of guilt but by an awareness of one’s estrange­ment from God and one’s neighbor.

Today, the term to ‘Change one’s mind’ has such a weak and indecisive connotation to it… “Oh, I just changed my mind – i won’t do that, i’ll do this instead”.

The intent, spiritually though, is of infinitely far greater importance for each one of us than a simple re-think.

To live IN Jesus is to completely, permanently and irrevocably change the way one thinks about ALL things from the way we have learned to live ‘in’ – in ‘our’ own way.

It can not be done through solely our own efforts but requires Him to instill us with the ‘gift’ of our New Companion, the Comforter, The Holy Spirit, that is to live within each one of us who truly seeks Him in our life on this Earth. We are then to learn how to live IN this Spirit so that we can follow only the Will of the Father over our ‘own’ way.

That is how i see i am to ‘Change my Mind’ – to be truly ‘Repentant’, that Salvation be assured, provided i do not bring myself down through error or temptation to turn away again from the Redeemer, or from the Father of my soul.

It requires me to undergo a completely new way of existence, beginning with acceptance of the most precious Gift (in Grace) and requiring perhaps a lifetime of patient, diligent effort (Works) in order to accomplish the process of metanoia, ‘moving’ my consciousness from my earthly mind to His Spiritual mind contained within this ‘temple’ of the body.


  1. I agree that any transformation of how how we think, and engage the world, must start from within. It would need to be as you say “a completely new way of existence”.

    If we are acting out of guilty alone my guess this will not accomplish the complete transformation we need. I see guilt as a self centered emotion.

    We must take the time to understand why we feel we need to change. To provide sufficient motavation for this complete transformation the end point needs to a postive one, such as Salvation, or love of life.

    A negative emotion like guilty can create the desire to change, but for the change to be sustained takes postive reinforcment.


  2. Ed – Well Said Sir 🙂

    Completely agree with you here.

    Our guilt is completely centred on our self and for the metanoia i believe is required of us it is essdential to move ‘beyond’ the individual self – to something ‘greater’ than who we currently are.

    That is not to say – as you also point out – that guilt cannot be the initial ‘impetus’ for us to seek the change, but it alone cannot provide the necessary ‘freedom’ from our ‘old’ self.

    One other thing i believe it is important to understand concerning our change of Mind…

    One of the reasons for the unrest and disharmony throughout mankind is the great variance of ideas and beliefs humanity currently holds.

    If all of us learn to successfully change our mind from ‘A’ to ‘B’ there will be no effective change in mankind and we will have as much strife and dischord as befor, just of perhaps a slightly different nature.

    Changing our Mind is not ‘enough’ to bring improvement to makind – or a single man.

    What is needed is some ‘WAY” of uniformly changing who we are now to who we will be ‘then’ so that we can more easily co-operate for the greater Good. (as well as our own individual long-term benefit).

    There needs to be some way we can come closer ‘together’, each while retaining our own individuality.

    i know of no better way to achieve this yet devised by anyone than Jesus.

    I’d be happy to hear of any others any can show has a greater ‘potential’ for beneficial change.


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