A Flaw Plan

i think i may have discovered a serious flaw in God’s Plan for us down here on Earth….

It’s This:

Experience is what you get just after you actually need it.  😯


  1. That’s not a flaw. It’s the intention.

    Why else would we want to completely surrender ourselves to Him if we were already fully experienced 🙂

    Happy Easter Love!


  2. Thanks David, i hope Easter brought you all you needed and more besides 🙂

    So if i might just clarify…

    Basically, God right back at the year Dot, created everything and then made his last Creation, Adam, and gave him something called free-will so he could have the option of doing whatever he wanted. God realised being all alone is a bit of a crock so made a helpmate for Adam and her name was Eve, (after making a serpent who wasn’t entiely God’s favourite piece of work).

    God gave them basically one rule and said if they kept it they could live in Paradise for the rest of their natural, knowing full well they had freedom of will in all things.

    Clearly Eve didn’t quite get the deal and chose to listen to the talking snake over what the Creator of all the Universe told her and then convinced an equally clueless Adam to listen to her over what ‘Daddy’ had told them both specifically was the One Rule they could not break without some heavy consequence.

    As a result mankind was doomed and cast out of Paradise as punishment, never to return, and so started a long history of rebellion and contrition, rebellion and contrition during which God ensured we could never all come together as one in Him by spreading us far and wide from Babel with a host of difficult to understand languages that just adds more to global misunderstanding of the ONE Truth, until God had had a gut-full and decided to wipe mankind out and start again with Noah and his flock – ‘Cos He knew old Noah was a good sort and did what he was told to the first time. (Even if his neighbours all laughed at him and called him stupid and other names behind his back – and even to his face).

    Surprise of surprises – Earth Mark 2 was to turn out just as crap as Earth (or rather Man) Mark 1 did because basically man paid more attention to his five senses and the things he could see and touch than he did to a God he could neither see nor touch and who his lousy long-term memory and desire for the ‘good’ stuff all about him he saw others having fun with caused him to pretty much ignore – or make into various false images.

    all because of that durned gift of free-will. 🙄

    So a couple of millenia ago God could see we’d lost the plot yet again and decided to play his mastercard – a sure fire winner this time. He got ‘His’ people ( who really weren’t by this time but were too full of themselves and pig-headed to see it – even though their own Scripture states it) to nail His Only Son to a couple of lumps of wood – via ‘the Law’ of the day – The Romans. ‘According to the prophecy!’ 😉

    Yeah – that would work fer sure! 🙂

    Skip forward another 2000 years and…. less than half the planet’s population comes anywhere near close to ‘getting it’ (despite at least once a century some group or other warns of the coming Apocalypse and we are to repent as the ‘End Times’ are nigh) and of the ones who are saying they have ‘it’ right i think the figure is likely to be way less than 10% or so who have ‘it’ anywhere near close to what Jesus actually tried to express and actually live in Him more than live in them and they just say they do, for show.

    and now you said God want’s nothing less than our complete and total surrender to Him and is determined, it seems on a casual inspection, to keep up the misery and punishment for sin even after He came to take it all on Himself so that we all may be ‘free’??

    And i still can’t get the experience i need in life until AFTER i need it?? forgive me if i still seem to see a small ‘flaw’ in the current spec’s. 😉

    And we being such insignificant tiny finite things can never come close to being as experienced as is the One Infinite God, all i was saying was – it would be nice if we could have the experience we need just a tad BEFORE we actually ‘need’ it, rather than just after any given situational event – is that so much to ask?? i actually think it could ‘help’ a little 😉

    But Hey – He’s da Man wid da Plan! He must know what He’s doing i guess?

    Mankind would have to be pretty stupid to not get it after all this time and all He’s done to help us figure things out – right?

    And we’re not That Stupid – are we?

    Did He not give us a heart and a brain that both work well enough?

    Have i missed something major again?? 😯


  3. Nope, nothing major missed as far as I can tell.

    Except that…we are that stupid. Right from the get go, we’ve displayed our propensity to put our own desires/etceteras ahead of God’s will for our lives. Hey, even the head worshipper angel did it before us.

    God, for all His omnisicience, omnipotence and omnipresence, is so in love with his perfect creation (for that is what we are, in His eyes) that He lets us keep stuffing it up via that gift of free-will.

    But remember, He’s also very jealous, and wants all the glory for our success to go to Him.

    If we knew what we needed in advance, sure there’s the possibility of us giving the glory to God for that knowledge, but more likely we’d go on our merry way, never remembering to give God the place He wants (and deserves) in our lives. So it would help our humanity for sure, but God’s not overly interested in helping that at the expense of our overlooking His Lordship…look where it’s got us so far.

    So you can be free, but only if you’re prepared to give all of you over to Him.

    For freedom is not what the world thinks it is… 🙂


  4. Ahhhh so we can be free… providing we totally surrender all self-will to His and only do what He wants us to do.

    Thank you! That makes sense! 🙂

    I am in complete agreement with your last thought above.

    This ‘world’ has nowhere near all the (right) answers. 🙂

    Sadly, so many today still believe it can eventually find them through nothing but it’s own ‘intellygents’. (and just maybe a frisson of intangible ‘intuition’?)


  5. Rain – it’s the ( bitter) truth i put this post up for – and the Humour i saw in it 🙂

    It (the ‘flaw’ part) was not intended to be taken completely seriously although as you say – the truth in it is hard to discount. 🙂


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