B Thankful Thursday.

Anyone who wants to join me in developing A TAG ( Attitude of Thanks, Appreciation and Gratefulness) is welcome to.

Here is my latest weekly list of things i felt thankful for this week.

Many instances where i have found accord and understanding with some wonderful human beings that i care a great deal about. Even when i felt my thoughts were potentially open to strong disagreement.

A lot of laughter. 😀

Fresh learning and insight in His Word.

More wonderful weather here in Paradise along with the first signs that the nights are starting to feel a little ‘cold’ – there’s got to be some good in that somewhere, Right? 😉

That all my needs, and more besides, are being met – to the best of my knowledge.

That i seem to be getting my waistline down close to 100cms (my Goal was 99 by June).

There are lots more but my brain is going dead here, so…

Over to you guys. 🙂



  1. We have had two spectacular days here in Connecticut. Perfect days for walking along the beach, which I have just got back from. I am thankful for such days and that I can still walk along the beach.

    I am thankful I continue to meet new friends, both in the world outside my door, and the one in my computer.

    I visited my fathers grave this week. I am thankful that I have reached 65 and can still enjoy the beauty in the world, unlike my father – nervious breakdown, and my grandfather – suicide.


  2. Hi Danielle -and welcome 🙂

    Where have you put your ‘list’?? 😯

    JR – even the OLD ones? 😉 Heh!

    Ed – me too 🙂 and i’m very thankful you have not followed completely in your family’s ‘footsteps’.


  3. Wow, I blink and I miss all of thursday! 😯

    I’m thankful for the things that bring joy to our lives: family, friends, books etc.

    I’m thankful for gym classes that mean I get a good workout without actually having to think about what I do.

    I’m thankful for hope, that there is always the hope that tomorrow will bring something good!


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