A Quick Thought.

Hands up all those who believe they have been saved and their sins forgiven them?

Keep your hands up if you believe that your deeds are not what determines if His Grace is bestowed on you – that you are ‘Free’  because of Jesus?


Then your thoughts on the Word of Jesus as quoted in Matt 6:15??

“15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. ”

WE are not to just SAY we forgive all men, their ‘trespasses’ (debts to us, sins) but to actually DO it.

If we don’t then God will hold you fully to account for all sins commited.

Jesus has said there are many who will claim to have done great deeds in His Name come Judgement Day and He will say to them ‘Depart from me, I never new you’ ( Matt 7:23)

i know that this could apply to me as well as to any… but it would do us all well to take heed of and consider this ‘Warning’ – Agree?

Maybe we need a little less ‘certainty’ about where we’re ‘going’ and change our ideas a little?

What we ‘do’ down here in the material ‘world’ MATTERS.

Little ‘bad habits’ can often lead to bigger ones.


  1. Agree totally. It’s about relationship with God, so there it’s not all take from Him the free gift of salvation. We have to pass the gift He gave us around – be His mouthpiece in the world. If we’re holding onto unforgiveness for our fellow man, it makes this hard.

    Am I good at this? Nope. Getting better? I think so. I live my life by these principles. Not out of fear, but love 🙂


  2. I agree developing the ability to forgiving someone who has “sinned” against us is important to our own emotional development, well being.

    Not being able to move past feeling anger towards the “sinner” can result on our wasting time on a negative emotion. It is better to take the time understand why they sinned against us so we can work to prevent any future sinning.

    It is more construct to work to change a person’s behavior towards us from a negative one to a positive one. Turn a enemy into a friend.

    I try to work at understand people who have, or who I believe may be thinking of, sinning against me, because it is in my own self interest.

    Turning enemies into friends makes my world a better place. It also makes me feel better about myself. Having more friends, fewer enemies, is a lot more fun.

    Since I don’t believe in God, or life after death, “religious” judgements don’t motivate me.


  3. David – thank you! i’d agree living from a palce of Love is the way to go, but i do think for some there is nothing wrong with a bit of room to Fear just to keep us ‘on our toes’ and not get ahead of ourselves. ( Or especially ahead of Him!) 😉

    Ed, as usual i see you doing ( mostly) what Jesus says we are to do ( even if for a slightly different motivation!) 😉

    One of the reasons for my believing in a God who can direct me is because there are some people who feel they can NEVER forgive some extreme form of sin against ‘them’ ( like a murder of one of their children eg).

    As difficult as that may be to do Jesus says we DO need to forgive even such as those if we are to truly be IN Him and be forgiven our misdeeds against God ( for whatever ye do unto the least of them so shall ye do unto Me ( and therefore unto God Himself))

    If i did not have Faith in God i don’t think i could ever forgive someone some crimes – even though my best intentions told me to.

    Being still human, i am not fully sure just now i could anyway! 🙂

    I don’t believe i have any ‘choice’ though.

    Or rather i do , but i do not desire the consequences of the ‘wrong’ choice.


  4. “If i did not have Faith in God i don’t think i could ever forgive someone some crimes – even though my best intentions told me to.”

    This is so true Love. I have found that unless God works in my heart and heals the pain and brings perspective and love in the place of hatred and resentment, I cannot truly forgive. It is His work but we need be willing and make our heart available to Him by choosing to forgive someone and then going through the process with Him. It’s not easy but it is required, or like you say, we don’t have a ‘choice’ if we want real realtionship with Him and others.


  5. So true. We don’t often hear about our need to forgive in order to receive God’s wonderful forgiveness. Actually, my congregation hears it a lot, but many fail to realize it. There are certainly conditions which have to be met in order to receive the fullness of God’s rich blessings.


  6. We just did a study with my youth group that defined christianity as simply this: “to follow Jesus.”

    Becoming a Christian isn’t about that single moment when a ‘prayer of salvation’ was made…it’s about a daily, conscious choice to follow Jesus…in forgiveness, in love, in word, in deed.

    Do I feel that we are saved by our “good works”. No, I do not. But do I feel that there’s no way to TRULY have a heart change toward the Lord without our actions radically changing as well? YES. Yes, I do.


  7. ‘Pen – Welcome back. If i can use an analogy to give my ‘perspective’ on Forgiveness. God ‘radiates’ Forgiveness to all like a radio station broadcasts it out all around it. Those who don’t have forgiveness in them at the same exact frequency probably cannot ‘receive’ all of the forgiveness He is putting out to us, but might be able to get some ‘bits’ – or none at all.

    If we make an effort to get within us the ability to correctly detect and receive the whole ‘broadcast’ then we can be ‘totally’ forgiven. The better our ‘receiver’ becomes in having the ‘quality’ of Forgiveness, the more we can ‘receive’ until we become as forgiving as God Intends and demonstrates/broadcasts to us By doing so we have become part of His broadcasting Forgiveness ‘Network’..


  8. JR – love what you said/feel. 🙂

    That single moment may be ‘essential’ to our ultimate salvation but like you i don’t think that is ‘it’ and once we have we are always going to be ‘ok’ from then on.

    It is about being able to learn how to live in Him all the time, not just now and then. The good works are not the reason we are to be saved but are the result of us endeavouring to be in Him, be as Him in human form. What shows us and everyone that we are changing our ‘heart’, for the better.

    Even so, it is always possible for us to be misled into moving away from Him even as we might think/believe we are doing what He wishes.

    Evil is able to use ‘good’ people to do it’s work just as much as God can and we need to be constantly ‘guarding’ our heart against such things as excessive pride in our work, hardening of our hearts to the suffering of others (unforgiveness) or self-deceit where we listen more to untruth and lies than to His Word.


  9. “Put yourselves to the test to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!…” ~2 Corinthians 13:5

    The warnings are given in many different passages. You know, Love, I’ve come to realize no one can know about anyone else, only him/herself. His Spirit will bear witness with our spirit if we are “in Him.” I can’t determine that for any other person. Only I will know if I have a relationship with the Father through the Son. His Spirit is my seal — my guarantee.


  10. I could not reply to the original thread that came to my site, so I will have to do it here. You were talking about how you don’t apporve of the hyprocricy in the church and you think most people are putting on a show. I find it amazing that the Lord brought me back to your blog after not seeing it for several months. The hyprocrisy in the church is surely a sad thing and makes Jesus furious. But I must ask you brother, who are you to judge the body of Christ in that way? Jesus said “GO AND TELL” spread the gospel, that is our mission while we are here. So I must ask you brother, when you share the good news about our Saviour that died for us do you bring them to your home and answer all of their questions and take a short walk with them and the Lord? Do you spread the gospel? After reading quite a bit of your blog I have to wonder if it is you that is afraid of being judged by others. OFCOURSE YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IN CHURCH, THAT”S EXACTLEY HOW SATAN WANTS YOU TO FEEL AND FROM THE LOOKS OF IT HE HAS BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!! Apart from the body of Christ you are no match for the evil one, Whether or not you play along with the STAINED GLASS MASQUERADE is up to you. Take of your mask and let them judge you if they wish. My pastor just got back from a mission trip in India. Christians are DYING FOR THEIR FAITH!!!!! NOW !!!!!!! People are going to hell NOW!!!!!! Get up and get out there BROTHER. I could only dream of being in a situation where my faith is tested like that. GIVE UP YOUR LIFE, the bible says… It’s the only way you will save it. Get out of your comfort zone and serve the LORD, don’t worry about other people, that’s for God to do. When was the last time you went out on a limb for CHRIST? How in the world does your faith grow all alone? When you need strenght because you have been in a fierce battle with Satan, where do you go? Or does Satan even bother you, at home. I believe in the PIT OF MY SOUL that I was supposed to take the time to write and ask you those hard questions today.


  11. Hi ‘Chelle – of course i agree with what you said and quoted.

    Our less than perfect understanding and our own ego ( eg pride) and ‘beams in our eyes’ frequently can lead us all astray and so we are to put ALL things to the test. And we are not to be falsely led into a state of Comfort by reason of our own deeds, but that is the province of Him in our lives we are to be comforted in Him, not in what we feel we do or were once ‘given’ and so have no need to stay constantly working toward Him, following Him Truly by reason of our being ‘saved’. Some of us can fall from His path and forces work to pull us away from Him all the time we live ‘here’, in a Physical body of THIS world and not in His.


  12. Amy – i’m thankful you returned with your message, i don’t know why you would not be able to reply to my ‘link’?

    i can see truth in what you wrote and am able to see it above my own ego’s pride.

    i wonder if your message though is more for me – or for yourself?

    Why can you only ‘Dream’ of being in such a situation of testing your Faith? What have you chosen over living such a life in Christ? Has Satan had any say in how you live your life also?

    Christ says each of us is to pick up OUR ‘cross’ – not His – and then follow Him.

    Each one of is is involved in doing His Work in our way, that He is to be the ‘model’ for. Christ does not expect each one of us to die on His Cross as He did, That is NOT ‘The Way’. WE are to do as Our Father instructs us to – not as a single human, or even a single Church says we are to do.

    WE are to always be IN Him whatever we do, wherever we do it

    Some of us give up our lives for others in ways not immediately obvious to those ‘from outside’. As long as we can answer to Him Truly and do right by Him, then we have no need to be seen to be doing good in any other man (or woman)’s eyes.

    you ask: “How in the world does your faith grow all alone?’

    My answer is – by working through my personal connection to God and removing the obstacles to our spiritual relationship – undiluted through any other’s experience/fallibility. Before i grow my Faith ‘in the world’ i need to make my Spirit strong enough to not let the world be my most important ‘goal’. This requires me to come to know Him fully and be a man in both body and spirit (and not stay as a little child who can be easily ‘swayed’ or led away by all that exists in ‘the world’).

    It is my personal experience that being in a church with several hundred others moves me further from a true understanding of God than closer to it. Seeing the actions of many regular churchgoers does not in any way cause me to doubt the wisdom of my choice in that.

    i know not all who go to church could be said to have the same reaction to it as i, nor by any means are all of them deliberately doing bad or harm but for me my Faith has grown because of my ability to understand Him through scripture and discussion with those i DO connect to (i am NOT ‘alone’ – ever!) from virtually zero 20 years ago to the point where today i blog mostly about Jesus and God with the hope it is of some benefit to all who read it.

    Where God wants to take me from here He only knows 🙂

    i hope that i do not ‘judge’ any individual personally (sometimes that can be so hard for me as a weak creature of flesh to avoid) but that i am aware of the ways some of us fall away from Him and can have something to say that can help any who struggle with this find their way back to Him.

    Christ was not shy of pointing out the various ‘doctrines’ of certain groups of people who claimed to be following His Father’s words when it could be shown them they did not do so truly, in spirit.

    Scripture says we are to remind the brethren of His Truth and to be aware when we are being in the flesh and not in Him in order to bring ourselves ‘back’ into the Body.

    i hope i do this also and follow Him to the best of my current ability.

    It is of comfort to know others can offer the same ‘for’ me.


  13. totally and completely agree with you here love. Also wanted to say thanks for being such a great contributor to my blog. I always enjoy hearing your point of view on things I write about, even if it’s different than mine. After all, that’s what it’s all about eh? 🙂


  14. I am already in the body, working in it and it is not easy. I would have agreed with you staying home and doing things on your terms, but for the fact that you pointed your finger at the body of Christ and called them hypocrites. That’s why the message is for you. There is a revival going on in the body and it is being purified. I am a witness to it. People who are going to church and putting on a show (I can tell as I have been in my church for 5 years) are dropping like flies under the evil ones wing. You never said anything about whether or not you spread the gospel. I am a bond servant of Christ and NOTING will get in my way of spreading the gospel, even a church full of hypocrites. I hear that line a lot from people who don’t go to church. They point the finger at those of us to do and call us hypocrites. Well, whenever I hear that kind of talk, I just say “We’ve got room for one more” It is not the church’s fault that church sucks for most people, it is the Christians fault, yours, mine, theirs. When are we Chrisitans going to get it? It’s all about judgement. Well, I am NOT STAYING HOME!! I AM GOING OUT TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH. The lost are lost because Christians act terrible towards each other. I do understand completely why you don’t go to church and why many don’t. Why would they want to come when every one is fake and judgemental? The Church is Christs bride and I will not leave her. And Heck Yeah, church people bother me, so what, I am responsible for my actions, not theirs. I am real and I love it. My pastor knows all of my crap and would be by my side no matter what I do. My biggest fear is when I die and am before the Father, he says “Amy, this is what I had planned for you” and then he shows me a huge book, like a huge phone book, and then he says to me “but, this is what you did” and then he shows me a small magazine with about 20 pages in it. Jesus paid too much for me to choose the lesser.


  15. Why don’t all of you geniun believers come to church to show us hyprocrites how its done? You know that you need to be in the Body as it gathers. I doubt that Paul would have been writing to all of the Chruches if our rearend didn’t belong in one. It is written on your heart to belong to the Body, it’s just a matter of when you will decide to get over your self. Seriously, the church needs geniun believers such as your self. Be apart of what makes the Body shine like we are supposed to. I understand you better than you think. The Church has become some kind of ” you don’t do this and you don’t do that, bla, bla, bla.” Jesus didn’t come here for regulations and rules and that is exactly what the church has become. It is a sad and sick thing, but I will be apart of making the Church shine, by being a real, genuin believer that is not afraid to share my faults, sins, hang ups, whatever is bad with in me with my fellow believers. And I will not spend one second worriying about what they think of me. Scripture says that a harlot will enter the kingdom before a Pharasee does, and the church is FULL OF PHARASEES, but that will be changing. Come be apart of it. Be the one that fellow believers can look at and say, WOW, he is REAL.


  16. The link just wouldn’t come back to the original page for some reason. You have a blessed day and think about what I am saying 🙂


  17. RG – Thank you for your thoughts. Since beginning this blog exactly 18 months ago i have found many new friends, most of whom attend church (and some are even pastors/married to pastors or those in ministry or learning to be).

    I have come to know these people’s thoughts and heart personally as much as is possible for someone who has never even set foot in their country let alone physically met them.

    I do not say that ALL people in ALL churches are hypocrites (for all churches call themselves by separate names and hold some things ‘different;y’ to the rest even some within the ‘same church (such as the many who claim to be under the ‘Umbrella’ of the Roman Catholic Church or other major schisms of the ‘body’ of Christianity) although each one of us is can be shown capable of our own kind of hypocrisy in our daily earthly and religious life, without exception.

    What i have said and stand by is that there exists ample evidence that Those who sometimes are the loudest at expressing their claim to being a true ‘Christian’ including many ministers with their own flock for whom they are responsible for ‘guiding’ to Christ, are the ones responsible for turning good people away from Him.

    Partly as a result of these and partly from my own personal experiences i choose to ‘worship’ in another way and build my faith away from ‘the crowd’.

    Some of my reasoning is definitely the Fear that my understanding of Christ will be diluted and perverted were i surrounded by a single minded group with beliefs at variance to my own and my level of ability to defend myself from such in the long term

    My Faith is growing, it is by no means ‘strong’ – yet..

    I have heard a few stories from my new friends of some bad experiences that hurt their faith as a result of little support in Their Church or downright negativity to what seem to be the ‘more’ Christian ideals of a few individuals.

    I believe ‘the body’ and His Church is not limited to the confining ‘box’ of any single, or all general church organisations. the Power of the Holy Spirit is extended to all, not only those belonging to a ‘recognised’ Christian church and that people such as myself are playing their part in His plan for mankind.

    That is part of the hypocrisy and misunderstanding of the greater portion of mankind who don’t ever attend a church except for a marriage or funeral, as well as the lesser portion of us who do that i am trying to ‘bring together’.

    Initially the idea for my blog’s name was to act as a bridge between those who claim to ‘know’ Christ and those who choose NOT to believe in Him. Doing so from within a church as a member would automatically ‘close off the minds of those such as the person i was for my first 35 years of life.

    You make an interesting point though concerning Changing the Church from within and the ‘Revival’ which i had not previously considered.

    I would hope that there are already those , perhaps such as yourself, who are having success in that ‘field’ and i wish you all success in what He has ‘chosen’ you for in this life.

    Let us encourage each other in our own battles with our own ‘evil’ (which i define as my egos) that we come to find our own individual ‘salvation’ through Him in each one of us..


  18. The revival is thick and in full motion over here. I am seeing the Body of Christ be purified. It’s not east to watch. And I do agree with the statement that those who claim to be REAL CHRISTIANS are more than likley not. Why would you have to say it? Right? The Holy Spirit is in full force over here in America, and I am seeing a gleaning of sorts going on. My gift is profesy, which for me means I speak the truth bodly and am pretty much a loner. People don’t like profits too much. I believe there is a day comming where the church will have to go back in the homes and underground. It’s comming. Soon it will cost us to be Christian, but for right now we are spoiled little babies. The time has come for Christians to be HOLY and set apart from the rest.


  19. ‘People don’t like prophets too much’ – Amen.

    A lot love those who give false promises and make them believe they can get something they don’t feel they ‘have’, but those who forecast doom and destruction are almost universally hated – A Prophet hath not honour in his own country.

    ‘Go Underground”?? in the Land of the Free’??? How could that be? 😉

    It is my firm belief that Christians were ALWAYS to be Holy, Wholly and that each one is to be set apart from all that which is of the earth, while acknowledging that we have bodies of flesh also.

    any who do not leave themselves open to it’s corruptions.


  20. The land of the free is on its way out as we speak. While the Rock Star Obama is telling everyone what they want to hear, out rights are being eroded right under our noses. I am serious about this. The American Center for Law and Justice is batteling to keep our constitution. These battles are not in the secular media and are being fought silently. I listen to the Christian Satellite Network, it’s on the web, check it out. You get to hear what court cases are being fought. Right now the evil ones are trying to pass THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE ACT that will take away our free speach. Check it out. I am serious. Only Christians know the truth about what is really going on over here in America, everyone else is sleeping. Check it out. I have been urging all of my friends to support the ACLJ, they are fighting for our rights.


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