B Thankful Thursday

Wow these come by so quick! 😯 Where’s the time go?

So This Week i’m feeling especially thankful for:

A glorious Summer past that’s now turning slowly to a glorious Autumn – even though they are predicting 95+F (35C) for tomorrow. I know it has to come and it is ‘good’ that it does… but i’m not really looking forward much to (A-Hemm) ‘cold’ winter mornings and nights. 🙂

The freedom and easy-going pace of my life lately. (What recession?)

That the truly great things in life are still free – even if having money can often allow you to appreciate them ‘more’ (but does not guarantee you appreciate their value always).

Teddy bears.

The friends who believe you are worth staying in touch with – even when it is not so easy.

Owning, but not being ‘controlled’ by, my mobile phone (partly because i’ve let the charge card expire – man, those things can chew up cash fast)!

All that allows me to search the internet and makes for ease of communication and learning. ( yes! i suppose that even includes Bill Gates… if i HAVE to!) 😉

Forgiveness… ‘cos God Knows – we can all do with some of that, every single day.

Over to you – if you have anything to be thankful for and care to share. 🙂


  1. I also can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Well that’s something to be thankful for I suppose, it’s almost weekend… i’m going to tread carefully here… are you a rugby man love?:)

    I am thankful for a new job in the midst of the recession! I am also thankful for the fact that I only need to start in about 3 weeks… gives me a little holiday before my life changes irrevocably:)

    I am very thankful for His GRACE…


  2. Forgiveness.

    I’ve needed a heavy dose of grace and mercy recently, and He is always willing to give in abundance.

    His love is amazing, steady and unchanging…

    I’m so thankful for the steadfast love of the Lord…it never ceases.


  3. Like Rain I can’t believe it is Thursday already.

    I am thankful that I came to your blog today, it reminds me that I need to slow down a bit and spend more time at enjoying each moment more.

    I usual try to think of something negative that happened and why I am thankful for it, but this week I can’t think of anything negative that happened, which I am thankful for. 🙂

    I am very thankful that I made it through another winter without catching the flu, or a cold.

    I am thankful that we I live there have been no fires, earthquakes or floods.


  4. Ok, so now that it’s Saturday where I am…I’m thankful for a fairly quiet Saturday coming up.

    Relatively free of technology, unless the weather doesn’t play nicely, in which case I may prepare a few blog posts, or write a song or two…

    I’m hoping the weather plays nicely though…


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