Twitter Killed the Blogging Star.

Back in ‘my’ Day as Disco was dying out a One Hit Wonder came along with one of those ‘unforgettable’ Hits.

The OHW was ‘Buggles’ and the Hit was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’.

So Get your Saturday Night White Jackets, your Sunnies and Spandex Tops out and Boogie like it’s 1979! 😉

Seems that some 30 years later History is sort of repeating itself – blogging ain’t what it used to be. 😦

“In my mind and in my car,

We can’t rewind – we’ve gone to far.

Pictures came and broke your heart,

Put the blame on VTR”

Where’s Roy Rogers when you need him??

I’m feeling ‘old’.


  1. Ah, this brings back memories…lying on the kindergarten floor, wondering what a Buggle was and if it had any relation to Boggle…

    Trevor Horn’s a genius though, isn’t he. Wonder if he twitters… 😉


  2. Rain – i tried twittering for a time. Not being a convert to the mobile or ‘cell’ phone i used my pc to twitter.

    I just didn’t agree with it – i wanted to say more than 140 Char’s at a time and it didn’t like that – so we agreed to part ‘amicably’ ( grrr)

    Not that i’m , like, Bitter or anyfink 😉

    Tim David… lying on the kindergarten floor?

    Ouch! – you sure know how to hurt and old guy doncha? 😉

    Yeah – that was a pretty cool bit of musical ingenuity from ‘ol’ Trev! I also love Kiss From a Rose he co-wrote for Seal.

    I’m guessing he won’t be found dead on twitter, but if you still have a ham crystal radio around i think he’s on 1409 khz! 😉 being a Radio ‘star’ and all 😉


  3. I use to take the train every Friday night to the disco’s of New York City. My favorite place was called the “Green Parrot”.

    From Queens “Radio Ga Ga”:

    “We watch the shows — we watch the stars
    On videos for hours and hours
    We hardly need to use our ears
    How music changes through the years”

    I have seen the same subject of Twitter on several other blogs I read. What I just posted on Miss Mandy’s blog:

    “As with many other’s Twitter has been killing my blog.

    I find Twitter more fun, and much easier to use, than blogs. It takes an hour or more for me to compose a blog post and only about 5 minutes to put up a tweet.

    Blogs are much better for discussions because you can go into more detail, your not limited to just 140 characters.”

    Love, you are not old until you start geting adverts in the mail, as I am now, about “Assisted Living Quarters” and “Buy your grave sight now”.

    I like the idea of going into my second childhood. Some think I never left my first. 🙂

    I am having so much fun I am getting ready for another 65 years. I may need a new body from Science. 🙂


  4. J-R – i’m ignoring your first coment! 😛

    second, to me there just seems to be ‘something’ missing in blogging these days. i put it down to simple mathematics…

    The more you tweet the less you can blog therefore those of us who don’t tweet miss out.

    blogging is different to each one of us of course, but it seems the ‘community’ and relating that used to be put into blogging now goes more to the Twitter ‘family’

    It is interesting to note that the day i posted a blog on tweeting my stats were the highest for the month and were double the previous ‘average’ yet only 4 of my good friends in the blogworld left a comment? 🙂

    thirdly, i’d get front row tickets 😉 (Tam harmonises too well – you need to be close to hear her !) 😉


  5. Ed – Reading your comments is one of the things i feel helps keep me fighting that ‘growing olde’r feeling 🙂 I got a few chuckles from this one and it is interesting you posted your comment at Miss Mandy’s Blog.

    So far no ‘assisted living’ brochures or cemetery plots being offered although i did get a free bowel screening pack from my Government the other week – that was ‘fun’ – taking stool samples and posting them back! 😯

    I have great respect for the Music of Freddie M and Queen and Radio Ga-ga was initially somewhat ‘strange’ to me but became one of my favourites. Another long time favourite of theirs is the ‘appropriately’ named ‘Who Wants to Live Forever?’ – the theme to the movie Highlander.

    I think your next 65 are likely to be even better than the first (though maybe without so much carelessly flailing arms and legs around at the Disco/dance floor). 😉


  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt Love…just being honest… 🙂

    And you mentioned one of my favourite favourite favourite songs by anyone ever…”Who Wants To Live Forever?”

    Just sayin’


  7. ‘Sounds’ Great! 🙂

    Joy could have the ‘solo’ but we’d all join in the Chorus/backing. Awesome. There are some magical musicians in this ‘community’ – we could raise the roof.!

    Also off topic – wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had the kind of friends next door that we make on the net?

    Could solve a ‘problem’ or three, huh?

    Maybe we need to learn to live ‘through/with’ some problems – maybe?



  8. You hit the nail on the head, Love!

    It seems so many are wondering what’s happened to their stats when, in actuality, they’ve ABANDONED their blogs!!!!!

    For shame.

    I will NOT be a Twit.



  9. actually, sis, what ive found recently (and this could just be me) is its not abandoning your own blog that hurts…its when you abandon others that does hurt.

    meaning…personally speaking here, ive cut back on blogging significantly. but…ive kept my blog up. i regularly write and keep it consistent. what ive pulled back on is the amount of time i spend each day visiting a bunch of other blogs. there are a few, however, like yours sis, that i am sure to visit weekly – the blogs that are a must, ya know. but some, i just dont get around too as frequently. and THATS when i have found my stats have significantly dropped. its when you abandon OTHER blogs.

    blogging seems to be conditional.

    and thats ok. it makes sense to me.

    but id never abandon your blog sis. nope 🙂


  10. I’m with you Sis – i ain’t no Twit either!

    Tam has a bit of a point though, ‘Abandoning’ your blog-friends is also what kills stats. It’s sort of like having friends who never come over to your place, to meet up with them face to face you always have to visit their place…most of us tend to feel like there should be reciprocity (it does not need to be always 50/50) or you start to get the ‘feeling’ (rightly or wrongly) that your friendship is not being valued as much if someone never tries to ‘get in touch’ with you or only phones when you take the time/make the effort to visit them personally. ( Talking ‘real life’ not virtual world here).

    I think it basically comes down to: Actions speak louder than words. We are known by what we ‘do’, more than what we say.

    Those who wish to form ‘relationship’ are attracted more to those who seem to show us they want a relationship with us in what and how they behave toward us.

    The times when we feel like ‘turning away from’/rejecting God are those times when we (incorrectly) think it seems to us like He has abandoned us.

    That’s just our human nature that so few of us ever learn to overcome.


  11. I would hope Sis, that you can always speak your thoughts here 🙂

    I would also hope that those who are kind enough to do as you do take no offence in that and are free to hold and express a differing opinion. 🙂 and maybe engage in friendly discussion to hopefully gain a fresh perspective on ‘contentious’ issues?

    I don’t believe or feel that anyone has been ‘wounded’ here?

    i have been known to be wrong though – once in a while 😉


  12. Just to bring this back to something completely frivolous…

    It’s not my favourite favourite favourite song, just ONE OF my favourite favourite favourite songs.

    I have no idea how I’d ever choose a single favourite (or favourite, favourite, favourite) song from all my many favourites. o_O


  13. Wow….The Buggles and Video Killed the Radio Star….the first video ever played on MTV. Who would have thought what it would become?
    Great blog. Glad I found you through Tam. Hope you don’t mind if I visit often.


  14. David – i’m much the same! my ‘favourites are on constant ‘rotation’ 🙂

    Joseph – G’Day from Down Under Mate 🙂

    Not at all and i hope to return the favour 🙂 i have to admit though that The Buggles did ‘BUG’ me sometimes because when i heard the song/saw the video it could be DAYS before i could get the chorus out of my head!!! 🙂

    Now it’s not played quite so much i do enjoy it more – and it seemed ‘right’ for this moment.


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