Into each Life – a little RAIN must fall…

OK – so Tam has come up with this great idea over at her blog where people leave a link to their best post of the week so anyone visiting her post can see her great thoughts and everyone else’s at the same time! 🙂

i get way too little comment traffic for that to work well here but the general idea is still a pretty good one so i’m posting a link to what i think is a pretty darn good post that deserves  a wider audience or a re-read.

( i think you’ll be glad you went!) 🙂

So go say hello to Rain and read ‘Not-in-vain‘.

Introduce yourself if you have not already had the opportunity.


8 thoughts on “Into each Life – a little RAIN must fall…

  1. Thanks for the link to Rain, and I’m adding it to my ‘favorites’ to revisit.

    Concerning your comment about reading ‘The Shack’, I did finish it, and found it beneficial for understanding one person’s perspective/experience (though it actually ends up being the author’s more than the fictional main character’s — that’s a bit misleading).

    All in all it was a worthwhile read I think, though definitely subject to scriptural scrutiny! But none of us ‘have it all down’ completely, do we? (short of heaven that is – 1 Cor. 13: 12 =).

    Thanks again for the link and your insights regarding it too,


  2. Hi D 🙂

    you’re most welcome some good thoughts over at Rain’s blog. 🙂

    Thank you for your comment on ‘The Shack’ i really do need to get my hands on a copy – i’ll bear your comment re Scripture in mind ( of course) 😉 and absolutely – none of us have it ‘perfect’ just yet

    I suspect from the little i have gathered so far that you are most probably right, the Author seems to have chosen a work of fiction to put before a wider audience his own personal ‘experience’ or ‘awareness’ than he may have reached via a more ‘accurate’ testimony.

    I imagine this was done so as to preach/testify to a large number who may not already be ‘converted’ rather than preaching to those more already converted?

    I hope this was the motivation and not one of seeking a ‘profit’ 🙂

    Always nice to hear from you. Hope all 4 are full of health!


  3. i will be visiting these later today. Just wanted to say “hi love”, and we must do something about our traffic…thinking…today I am going to put my thought power to work on this..for you and me! 😯 hope i don’t hurt myself trying to think so hard..hahaha


  4. Ah Love, you are too kind:) Thanks for the link. I’m so happy if a post means something to someone, because God really does talk to me through other people’s posts, so I only hope that sometimes God would speak to someone through mine too:) God bless:)


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