Was Jesus ‘Real’?


There still remains some considerable disagreement in our societies today on this question, Believers have no doubts ( don’t they??) while atheists largely believe he is a work of fiction with no basis in truth.

John Dickson an Australian historian has gathered all the historical evidence, as opposed to hearsay, and concludes Jesus Christ was definitely a real human being. Not only is this his ‘opinion’ it is also agreed upon by those who study history, as opposed to those who study ‘religion’ or religious history.

His current work presents the evidence that Historians agree upon concerning this person from our past. It makes for quite interesting reading/viewing.

Dr Dickson makes no attempt to add to the fantasy around Jesus by making any claims concerning the truth or otherwise of the many ‘Miracles’ people claim He performed or as to the veracity of the claim Jesus was the Son of God and was also God in human form, but investigates and presents the known facts as they are currently available to us through Historical record.

Any who refuse to believe in the facts concerning Jesus Christ mentioned a few times in the Holy Bible and in The Qu’ran would do well to read/view this to check their idea of ‘reality’ as it may well be a little inaccurate at present.


  1. Ed – And that is a fair enough comment and thiing for you to believe 🙂

    would you go so far as to call Paul and the gospel authors who quote Jesus liars? or simply mistaken then? 🙂

    how do we reconcile what Jesus and others have said about God with the reality of Jesus?


  2. Hi Love,

    I’m a little late to the conversation here but I definitely believe that Jesus lived. I think Ed and I are probably going to agree on a lot of things and I am with him here, I am not sure that Jesus was divine.

    As for calling anyone a liar, I am not sure I’d go that far. I also believe that Joseph Smith Jr was a real man, but I don’t necessarily believe in what he said nor do I believe those who quote him. I guess I’d view Jesus in the same sense. Just because I believe he existed does not believe I believe what he said.


  3. Welcome Joe – i’m glad to see you make it ‘over’ 🙂

    I’m also happy to hear your thoughts even if perhaps ours are not totally the same on this particular issue 😉

    Uncertainty can be a ‘good’ sign i believe – it leaves ‘room’ for later reassessment when/if new information comes to light/our consciousness.

    ‘Certainty’ on a ‘debatable’ issue tends to preclude this.

    If one person declares ‘x is true’ and another person declares ‘i don’t believe x is true’ could both be correct?

    Or is at least one of them mistaken/lying (either or; lying meaning intentionally saying something that is not true but claiming it is)

    Further to that what of ‘x’ must it be true/false if both are not lying in their own statements?

    Actually it is not possible to say conclusively that Jesus was a liar, or not telling the truth since we have no direct evidence of what he actually said – we have nothing that comes directly from him as a living human being. Most of us today only have third hand account of what others claim He said.

    And while there are many who claim Divine Intervention as the source of our account of Him the possibility remains that all of the various sources who ‘quote’ Jesus and describe his acts were simply mistaken in what they believe they heard or saw.(or may have simply ‘copied’?)

    In the end – as in all things – it most often comes down to what you personally have Faith and believe in, doesn’t it. 🙂

    I believe we all will have to give account of just why we did what we did at some point in ‘life’.

    Many seemingly don’t.


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