B Thankful Thursday

I’m going to make this BTT short and sweet ‘cos i don’t want to obliterate the previous post on the REAL Jesus:

I’m Thankful this week for an amazingly beautiful weekend shared with friends at the beach. I intend to publish some photos later 😉

For all i have been fortunate enough to be granted with in this earthly life, knowing it will all be gone in an eye-blink.

For a world that follows His Rules – not mine, even though a lot of what i ‘see’ is a reflection of what is in me rather than what is actually ‘out there’.

And for some wonderful discussions and friends to share them with – even if i have never met all of them personally (yet). I hope much more is still to come.

I’m glad that presently – He seems to be smiling on me and i sincerely Hope that is no illusion lulling me into a false sense of security or is just the calm before an almighty storm.  Of course if it is then i’ll just have to be thankful for the learning opportunity it offers me anyway. 😉 🙂


  1. i LOVE this outlet. keeps me remembering what i’m thankful for. and that is:

    the chance to lead worship.
    my youth group.
    my clean house.
    having a hubby who helps out with chores!


  2. This week, so far, I am thankful:

    That after one glorious day of summer like weather Mother nature turned the thermostat back down. It makes me appreciate the coming of Spring more.

    My attempt at power walking down the beach, on that gloriously warm day referenced above, resulted in two hear attacks 🙂 and numerous aching muscles today. It reminds me I need to work harder at staying in good physical condition.

    The lock on my mail box broke, giving me the chance to demonstrate my home repair abilities. Actually a simple 5 minute job took about 30 minutes. The only thing I demonstrated was my home repair disability. The new lock does work perfectly thou, sorta, kinda.


  3. I’m thankful for:
    – my worship team, who bless me beyond belief, and esp this past Tuesday
    – LifeGroup Online
    – my wife, always 🙂


  4. My Deep Gratitude and thanks for your comments Lady and gents 🙂

    JR – i smiled when i read: ‘my clean house’ – if you saw mine you’d know why 😉

    Ed – what is with those ‘5 minute jobs’??? it never ceases to amaze me the way those ‘simple’ little things we imagine we can do so quickly invariably seem to create some additional ‘work’ we had not seen coming! 😦 it puts me off wanting to start many of them 😉 As for your physical condition – agan i relate so well. i’m sure the answer is to not let ourselves get so out of shape in the first place – but i keep letting myseflf down on this one – sigh! 🙂

    David – best to never ‘forget’ the missus 😉 and i see no reason to forgive you for commenting a week ‘after on A beauty’ – as in there was nothing to forgive :-)… and you might not have been the ONLY one at that ‘farewell’ concert – not if they made it over to Perth anyway – i’m just sayin’ 😉


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