Soul Train.

sacredgeomanbliteThe word ‘Soul’, i believe, causes much confusion amongst humans.  I hope to encourage discussion and bring, where possible, consensus on the subject of what our soul may be.

The origin of the word is very interesting as some have it deriving from the same root as ‘Sea’ (from the old German). Genesis Ch 1 sheds a new light on the word soul where ‘waters’, seas and Spirit are inter-related.

The Germanic connection also extends to the greek word  – Psyche – which the Greeks believed, as the word for soul, was responsible for ( but is not exactly the same thing as) our behaviour. In Greek, psyche could mean Soul, mind or self. Those words today have quite different individual meanings, they are not interchangeable in modern English as they could be in the time of the Greeks.

(From Wikipedia):Plato, drawing on the words of his teacher Socrates, considered the soul as the essence of a person, being, that which decides how we behave. He considered this essence as an incorporeal, eternal occupant of our being. As bodies die the soul is continually reborn in subsequent bodies. The Platonic soul comprises three parts:

  1. the logos (mind, nous, or reason)
  2. the thymos (emotion, or spiritedness, or masculine)
  3. the eros (appetitive, or desire, or feminine)

Each of these has a function in a balanced and peaceful soul.

The logos equates to the mind (of the soul – author <B). It corresponds to the charioteer, directing the balanced horses of appetite and spirit. It allows for logic to prevail, and for the optimisation of balance.

The thymos comprises our emotional motive, that which drives us to acts of bravery and glory. If left unchecked, it leads to hubris – the most fatal of all flaws in the Greek view.

The eros equates to the appetite that drives humankind to seek out its basic bodily needs. When the passion controls us, it drives us to hedonism in all forms. In the Ancient Greek view, this is the basal and most feral state.

It is important to note here that this Ancient formulation has the Soul being in three parts – much like our Human Body was also thought to have  – being in the ‘image’ of God and who Catholics described  His Being as containing, which was also in line with the Hebrew Kabbalistic concept of the Three in One Triune God or ‘Source of all that is and is not’.

The King James Version of the Bible declares in Matthew, Mark and Luke we are to love the Lord God with all our Heart, Mind and Soul. There is no doubt in my (physical) mind that here our heart is the centre of our physical body and is also the physical body’s seat of Love within us; that our mind is placed at the ‘Head/brain’ ( highest part) of the body and is the physical body’s seat of all thought and reason; and that Our immaterial Soul is what connects us directly to the Holy Spirit and is our personal ‘intermediary’ with the world of Spirit in each one of us. Each are connected to varying degrees within the one ‘body’.

It is interesting, i find, that up to and including the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – all contempories of Jesus, who quote Him directly – the words body and soul are used in Scripture in conjunction in verses but never together with ‘our’ spirit.

It is only subsequent to Jesus’s crucifixion and teachings that Paul comes along mentioning our spirit, soul and body together in just one verse in the Bible: 1 Thess 5: 23

I believe Christ ‘gave’ man something he had not had before: a way to live ‘in Spirit’, in awareness of that fully, while still ‘being’ both body and soul with a mind that interacts with both ( each has it’s own mind ‘component’) but which pays varying degrees of attention to the one or the other.

So…. How do you see your soul as – and do you have reasons for your opinion of it being that way? Have you given the matter much thought? is it important to you – or to your ‘mortal soul’?

Don’t be shy now!

The discussion is open…


  1. Having been brought up with a definition of soul as mind+will+emotions, separate from spirit and body, I think I’m doing OK…. This is great stuff, love.

    I’ve found the differentiation helps people really understand the concept of ‘soulish’ things not being of God..and you explain that really well…thanks again 🙂


  2. “the soul as the essence of a person, being, that which decides how we behave”

    I really like that definition of the soul. I see my “essence” as the sum total of my experiences in life. Much of my life was not “balanced” or “peaceful”, but I can now say I have a very happy soul. It only took me 65 years to gain that balance and peace. 🙂

    I never had the goal of developing my soul as such, but living in Japan for a year did teach me about the importance of balance. I still do meditate, usually at a local Catholic Church, the quietest place I know.

    “When the passion controls us, it drives us to hedonism in all forms. In the Ancient Greek view, this is the basal and most feral state.”

    I have always been something of a control freak, one reason that after 65 years I have never been married. 🙂

    After my unhappy childhood I consciously tried to remove emotion from my decision making. That help me gain control of my life, and learn to survive, but the cost was a loss of passion. I took me awhile to regain that passion. In my case as I gained confidence in myself I could risk losing control and give in, on occasion, to passion.

    There was a period in my life when you could describe my life style as “hedonistic”. Except for drug use I don’t regret that period. It help me develop the passion I needed to balance out my inner control freak. 🙂

    I strongly believe we need to continue to work on nourishing our soul, where ever you think it emanates. It is something I work on every day (sunrises over the ocean, singing, dancing, sharing good times with friends).


  3. David – Thank you! ‘soul = mind + emotions + will’ (desire?)
    that seems identical to Plato some 400 years before Christ?

    Coincidence maybe? Or indication of a ‘higher truth’ shared by Greeks and Christians?

    I believe as a human being we tend to get somewhat confused when we think of our inner ‘make-up’ and that this is not helped by our english language ( i wonder if other languages incorporate similar confusion?)

    Let me try to explain.

    WE usually tend to think of ourselves as ‘one’ but it may contain some ‘parts’ that make up the Whole Being’

    Our highest hierarchy is our Being – it is everything unique to our definition of our ‘Self’ and is sometimes referred to as our ‘Body’ – everything (all our many ‘parts’) is within our body and together form our ‘being’

    Under this hierarchy some consider there are three ‘separate’ entities and call them Body, Mind and Soul (some may say ‘our’ spirit). By body i mean every aspect of us that is comprised solely of matter – chemicals, atoms, electrons; by Mind i mean every thought that represents our internal representation of our physical body, the outside world, including other humans, and fantasy we ‘dream’ of as we might like/fear it to be that is not actually an existing true reality; by Soul i mean an entity of ‘pure’ spirit – the life principle, the breath of God breathed into the first human that did not come from the physical world our bodies are made from – our immaterial ‘self/body’.

    Each of these ‘partitions’ interacts on some levels with the other two parts in the same hierarchy and both up and down levels in the hierarchy.

    As Ezekiel 1:16 says – and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel within a wheel.

    As both you and i and the Greeks (and others) believe the soul also has three components, named mind emotion, will, and it is therefore reasonable to believe, in line with established ‘trilogies,’ that so must our physical body and our mind (different in some ways to our soul’s mind component).

    So our Physical body may have: a body, a mind and a ‘will’ of it’s own; while our mind might have a ‘body’, it’s own mind and emotions/feelings?

    Now it’s getting confusing for me 🙂

    Can anyone help clarify these concepts?

    Is there any relation between three dimensional space at any given instant of time (as a ‘fourth’ dimension) and the triune model of our being at any given ‘level’?


  4. Ed – as a self-confessed ‘control freak’ you express a common ‘behaviour’ with many of us on this planet… we have a very strong desire to be ‘in charge’ of our own life and detest the idea of someone else having power over us that we would not ‘agree’ with. (Many sane people will put up with other people making ‘laws’ that we feel are ‘necessary’ and hold a power over us but which we might be tempted to ‘break’ from time to time anyway) 😉

    Sadly, i believe that this desire for control and not to be told what to do by ‘others’ extends to our ability to ‘listen’ to our ‘immaterial soul’ that is not of the material world but i believe comes from God. We basically choose to switch off consciously to that pushy lil bastard who always wants us to do the ‘right’ thing and not the right thing FOR ME.

    Fortunately we can never turn off unconsciously and so are able to ‘experience (not necessarily ‘consciously’) what our soul has in ‘mind’ for us 🙂

    As far as nourishing our soul goes… i tend to believe that our soul needs us to do what is ‘right’ for the Universe as a whole and not just ourself as a separate entity to it – that it requires us to experience things that are not necessarily what most perceive of as ‘good’ and uplifting to our spirit ( such as listening to ‘classical’ music or experiencing ‘beautiful’ art) but it requires us to experience heartache, heartbreak and disasters in order to show us what is Truly in our (all our) best interests – that each one of us has a different set of experiences it will be ‘necessary to face and overcome successfully to achieve our soul objective for our physical being and our soul’s benefit/growth.

    i am very happy to hear your soul feels happier and balanced now 🙂 You may be one of the few who has achieved your soul’s objective in life.

    or is close to it – i would hope that you still have some ‘challenges’ to work on and you don’t feel a need to ‘retire’ from life as well as a job?

    Is there anything you feel like you still have some work to do – for yourself? I am sure there is but what would you say is the area you might do the most ‘rewarding’ works? 🙂


  5. “Is there anything you feel like you still have some work to do – for yourself? ”

    My biggest character flaw is that I am still more self-centered then I should be. Since I have been working on this for 65 years I suspect it will always be a challenge for me.

    This is perhaps the most important thing I could learn from people who have found God. God does force believers to shift their focus from themselves.

    Since I don’t believe in God I continue to work on trying move my focus from myself to my friends and neighbors.

    In that vain I still don’t listen as well as I should to what other people say. I far too often mis-understand what is being said.

    I am thankful for these character flaws because I think life would be too boring without challenges.


  6. Ed – 65 years cann seem like a very long time to the mind – but it is a mere speck in the ‘Grand Scheme of Things 🙂

    To me you seem to be making remarkable ‘progress’ 🙂

    i still believe while you say you don’t actually ‘believe’ in God that few who do would have made the level of progress you have.

    We all understand and hear ‘differently’ because of those ‘flaws’ it is one of the things that unites us a human.

    I find my greatest challenge is in seeing the things that unifies us and defining it in order there may be more agreement than disagreement between us all 🙂

    I believe we are to recognise our differences, not be proud in them – to show our similarities and revel in those, giving thanks and being full of one shared ‘praise’ for all that makes us as ‘One’.


  7. Love,

    When you wrote:
    “As far as nourishing our soul goes… i tend to believe that our soul needs us to do what is ‘right’ for the Universe as a whole and not just ourself as a separate entity to it – that it requires us to experience things that are not necessarily what most perceive of as ‘good’ and uplifting to our spirit ( such as listening to ‘classical’ music or experiencing ‘beautiful’ art) but it requires us to experience heartache, heartbreak and disasters in order to show us what is Truly in our (all our) best interests – that each one of us has a different set of experiences it will be ‘necessary to face and overcome successfully to achieve our soul objective for our physical being and our soul’s benefit/growth.”

    I’d say that was a great paraphrase/amplification of
    Jesus’ words in Matt 16:24-28:
    “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambition, shoulder your cross, and follow me. If you try to keep your life for yourself, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for me, you will find true life. And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process? Is anything worth more than your soul? For I, the Son of Man, will come in the glory of my Father with his angels and will judge all people according to their deeds. ” NLT

    i.e , we ‘find it’ by ‘losing it’ and will be accountable for
    ‘whether or not we arrive with it’ in the end.



  8. D – Thank you – i really love how you are able to hear what i say in context of Scripture – you bless me so much by that 🙂 i genuinely feel such gratitude for your commments to my blog every time.

    I know i have read that passage more than a few times but truly i was not thinking of that Scripture while writing the comment – i do agree the two are very much in one accord.

    Just to further clarify where i was going with the thought on uplifting our soul…Some of us might feel that feeling sad might bring ‘down’ our soul while experiencing the beauty of earthly things can lift it ‘up’ and associate such with being happy.

    I am saying that this is not always or only the case.

    what is ‘good’ for our soul has more to do with overcoming this world and it’s sensations than in feeling the ‘positive’ ones it provides for us in our day to day experiences.

    It is in the most ‘depressing’ times that our soul is able to lift us up from despair (through being of His Spirit and following His Will freely rather than being enslaved to our own will/desire/habits and only seeing how ‘hurt’ we feel.

    It is when we use our free will to live in this way ( following His WIll for us) that we as physical beings can ‘lift’ or ‘develop positively’ our own soul.

    Each soul has it’s own ‘history’ just as we do and is searching for it’s own set of answers through our life we live today. As individuals each soul will learn from what we do and we have the opportunity to learn from it. It is my hope that in understanding this relationship between the two and between the earthly physical world and the world of the immaterial Spirit we may freely choose to grow our (two) lives positively that each learns to walk in the same path – the path that is straight and narrow and which so many can fall away from but who may be called back towards – if they listen carefully with all their heart and soul – and will. 🙂


  9. Just wanted to let you know I’ve added this post to my delicious bookmark page, love. Hopefully we’ll discuss some of this at my Connect Group at some stage soon. 🙂

    I’m no expert by any means, and I certainly don’t think there’s any coincidence between Plato’s thoughts and Christ’s teaching – we all come from the same Source. I’ve never looked at the possible trilogies that go with spirit or body…so you’ve got me thinking…


  10. Thank you David – would you be so kind as to keep me up to date with any comments your group comes up with?

    I hope you thinking is not a ‘dangerous’ thing?? 🙂

    On another matter – are you related to Tim Ferguson at all? i see some ‘resemblances’ is all 😉

    ( Talented musically, humourous, interested in others, Darkly handsome – ish 😉 )


  11. Hi Love, it’s been nice visiting your blog. I listened to an interesting discussion on our local television recently where theologians were debating what happens after death. It was interesting for me that one of the main points they made was that today theologians and scientists alike no longer feel that ‘a soul’ exists it is simply brain and body (and theologians would then add spirit- which goes back to God after death).

    The reasn for this argument is because that people believed much of personality, your feelings and who you are comes from the soul, but when your brain get damaged all that changes. So they conclude there is only brain and body and saying that a soul exists is not accurate.

    I found this very interesting, but I have always believed in my soul, as being my heart, the very deepest part of me. Well maybe that’s my spirit. See how this can get confusing? 🙂


  12. Indeed i do Rain, indeed i do 🙂

    I was pretty much a confirmed Atheist for about 35 years or so – went to University, studied Chemical Sciences, Physics and Computer Studies and was really ‘into it’. I still have a passion today for physics and cosmology and cutting edge science.

    I don’t mean to suggest Science has no place in our world and life here! 🙂

    Having said that – Science is so inadequate, i find, and it’s most vocal proponents simply say that while it may not be ‘perfect’ it is the best source of knowledge of what is ‘real’ we currently have.

    i do not hold with such a view or rather i believe with all my heart and mind that there is far more to a human being than what Science can measure analyse or dissect/experiment upon to get its results.

    I don’t believe Science comes close to understanding or explaining Love, Faith, God Our Soul or any of a million important concepts because it is simply not yet qualified to do so.

    And i find these things to be of considerable importance to my life – and i believe to humanity in general – if we put anyhwere near the same level of funding into ‘studying’ them as we do into the various branches of Science i believe we could all be much happier and successful individuals than we are today. 🙂

    It saddens me a little to hear Theologians yet again caving in to Science – if that is what happened in the documentary you quoted.

    Faith and our Soul – things of the Spirit – are impossible, i believe, to detect with any piece of equipment or scientific analysis yet devised on this planet and so it is concluded it simply must not exist – that there must be other explanations we can ‘provide’ and take as ‘gospel’ 🙂

    My evidence in Faith and Spirit and God is faith-based, not science based, and i believe it is every bit as ‘valid’ as the more ‘provable’ version.

    I do feel though that as physicists begin to make more discoveries (uncovering what has always been there and ‘knowable’) concerning the unreality of reality as we currently think of it through quantum mechanics that Faith and Science will converge so that much more than is presently argued is ‘possible’ becomes possible and even perhaps ‘proven’.

    In other words…. don’t give up on your Soul just yet Rain

    it may very well outlast your body’s belief in it. 🙂

    as for it’s ‘location’… it is not matter – therefore it is not ‘in matter’ which your heart and your mind (well brain which science says holds the mind function) are made from.

    however that does not mean it cannot somehow interact with your heart (which science now says has it’s own neural network similar in structure to that of our brain/mind) – that your heart cannot ‘tell you’ what your soul ‘feels’ or is ‘thinking/wants you to know/act upon’! 🙂

    The Bible has many words of wisdom concerning the soul and the heart i find. 🙂 it also is known to use allegory and many other forms of communication within it – it is not ever meant to be entirely a ‘literal’ read and we can obtain information from it that is not exactly as some may chose to interpret the words it contains. God is pretty clever when it comes to that kind of ‘science’ 🙂

    I tend to allow for more understanding to come from him than from any one man or group of individuals of ‘learning’.

    The more scripture (and other sources) i read the more convinced i become that Science has nowhere near all the answers i need in my life right now.

    The Bible seems to offer me a greater source of Wisdom.

    … if one allows it to speak as it wishes to to your soul! 🙂


  13. Wow Love! I find that amazing that you really were a pure scientist and an atheist and God was able to show you truth.

    Because this is the part that often saddens and even upsets me about scientists, that they believe in their own cleverness so much that there is almost room for nothing else. Because if we (as human beings) could explain God and understand every part of Him and prove every part of His existence, how great a god would that be after all?

    Yes I was really disappointed with how the theologians responded in the program, it is like you said, they just caved- like ‘we don’t have a foot to stand on in this scientific world’.

    But like David often spoke to his soul, I also feel like my soul is that part where the thoughts and feelings relate to God. I guess when I think of my soul I think of the emotional part of me that doesnt always remember the truth of who I am while my spirit is the part that does and reminds my soul of it:)

    And finally so true what you say, we should allow the Bible to speak to our souls most of all for there is the greatest source of wisdom.

    Loving these ideas Love- thanks 🙂


  14. Thank you for your kind words Rain 🙂

    Concerning the Documentary you saw… i just had another ‘view’ on why their conclusions (only a brain and body – no soul) may not be the only ‘explanation’.

    In Genesis 1 the ‘foundation is set for the rest of the Bible’s Wisdom concerning God’s ‘Spirit’ World and Earth.

    The Two worlds are separated by a firmament – Heaven – and there becomes an ‘Above’ ( God’s own Domain of Spirit/Waters, and a ‘Below’ – The world of earth and matter, with seas where humans are placed. Separated by Heaven.

    We are told, (and later ‘reminded’ by Jesus) that ‘As Above, so below’.

    The Bible frequently states that the spirit is able to decend to earth and interact with Humans and earthly objects of matter ( a urning Bush – a Pillar of Smole before Moses and the Israelites) The stone that pours our ‘waters’, etc.

    Many references are made to ‘Body AND Soul’ which as i read it means the soul is not OF the body but is from ‘Above’ and is simply ‘linked inseparably to our body this side of our death (and in some cases not even then – Jesus brought His Body back to life through His Father’s Will).

    I do not believe that our emotions are existing solely in our Soul and we have them because our SOul is linked to us.

    Our emotions are VERY strongly linked to various physical organs in the body and cause numberois chemicals to be released into our bloodstream which then have physical effects on our cells and our brains and allow us to experience ‘feelings’.

    This is mostly a chemical ( ie of the world of matter) experience.

    That is NOT to say that our Soul – from ‘Above’ has no part to ‘play’ in the process – merely that Scientists are ill-equipped to detect how the interaction works and so are unable to understand the ‘link’ and cannot ‘prove’ it must be so.

    They tend to think that if they can ‘work out’ our physical functions and can modify them solely ( as far as they can ‘check’) through merely physical means (ie. Drugs/surgery)
    then there is no ‘need’ to look for further ‘complications of this process (such as a Spirit may introduce)

    But this fails the ‘As above, so below’ test to me. 🙂

    I believe our soul DOES interact with our physical body and is an integral essential part of who each of us is as a Human Being.


  15. This was part of what they said, that there is body and brain, that the spirit comes from and returns to God when we die. Thus there is nothing, nothing happens to the ‘us’ once we die, we are gone- we don’t go to heaven, our spirit, which came from God in the first place goes back to God until Jesus comes returns to earth when we will be resurrected (so I assume get our spirit back??) although I thought we would be living without a physicial body in eternity.

    To be honest I am not too concerned about exactly what what happens when we die, because my small brain cannot grasp the concept of eternity and so it sort of scares me to think that we will live forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever… you get the picture, even though it will be in glory.

    But it is a different idea to what I was taught (you die and your spirit goes to heaven and you live happily ever after) that it has got me thinking.

    So do you think the soul and spirit are one?


  16. Rain – as i ‘understand’ it ( and i don’t claim to be ‘the’ Authority, merely to be able to see one interpretation that makes good sense to me)

    ‘Our’ Soul and The Spirit are both from the same ‘Source’ and are of similar ‘form’?

    To me the relationship between them is sort of similar to the relationship between our body and the Human Race i am a part of it and am a unique individual of finite limit.

    Ultimately i believe everything is ‘One’ ( is all of/from God) however our own consciousness tries to convince us we are all somehow ‘separate’. As well as separate from the Spirit/Our Soul.

    If we so choose we can awaken to the lie of this. This then would make it somewhat ‘easier’ for us to work through all we need to to live IN Christ as members of the One Body.

    As seems evident to me from my observations of those claiming to be in His Spirit and those who do not it is not quite as ‘simple’ as He ‘entering’ us once and we are somehow changed for life.

    Our body and mind can often be quite a persistent opposition to this.

    I believe our ‘best’ chance is to raise our ‘Spirit’ ( i call ‘Soul) to a level where we can ‘move’ our consciousness from the physical body to the immaterial ‘body’ and so listen to His Will over that of our own physical will.


  17. Rain – i was searching the Bible last night and ‘coincidentally’ saw these verses while looking for something else…

    “15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;
    17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”
    (John 14:15-17)

    ‘abide with you for ever’ ( not for your earth life)

    because it (World) seeth him not, neither knoweth Him, but YOU know him, for he dwelleth WITH you and shall be in you).

    So each of us can have an unseen ‘body’ ( him) who dwells with us, but unseen by the world, that stays with you forever.

    Now is this ‘our’ soul or His Spirit – or something ‘other’? Something in between?

    Either way the world cannot know it – but we can.

    If you believe the Word of Jesus and John of course 🙂



  18. I like how you compare soul and spirit to body and the human race. That makes sense to me.

    And I would love to be able to move my consciousness like you say to the immaterial level where I move in the Spirit- His Spirit. It is difficult though- feel so trapped by the physical body and the material world.

    I was thinking about that scripture this morning (I think it’s from the same part of John) where Jesus says ‘I will be leaving you shortly, but it is good for you that I will be leaving so that my spirit will come to you’ (my paraphrase). That’s amazing isn’t it? Because so often I wish Jesus was still here physically with us, because we live in a physical world and it would be so much more real, be here Jesus is actually saying it is GOOD that I leave you so that my Spirit can come to you. So it is actually better for us, even though in my ignorance I still prefer the physical.


  19. Rain – 🙂 would you believe that before reading your comment ( i mean seconds before) i had just read John Ch 14!!!

    That verse you quote is very key to what this post is about and my comments you noted. And the verses i found even more ‘Powerful’ are these (that i just entered in my ‘Bible Quotes’ page at the top of my blog):

    11 Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works’ sake.
    12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
    13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
    14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.
    also from John 14

    And the reason i was reading John 14, besides the fact it is an amazing Chapter to read and understand, is my Blog-friend Ed is asking for quotes from the Bible for a weekly discussion – all invited – and Ed claims he is an Atheist! 🙂

    So i gave him John 14:6 to begin with!
    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

    Feel free to visit: The World Through My Eyes 🙂

    Being a West Coast Oz resident for almost 40 years now i am more of an Aussie Rules follower than Rugby. Are you located in Zambia, Rain? and does that mean you support the Springboks?? They’re due to play the Western Force in April i believe?

    I promise that won’t break our friendship – OK? 😉

    No matter who wins!. (and i’m expecting it will be the ‘boks 🙂 )


  20. Those are great scriptures, I love the book of John. I’ll be sure to stop by Ed’s place 🙂

    I’m in South Africa. Our Sharks played the Force last Saturday (the force boys were all dressed in pink- what was that all about? 😯 )

    I had a friend from Oz when I lived in the UK who told me most aussies are more into aussie rules. I don’t know anything about rugby really, just like how it brings people together on weekends and the men get all excited.

    So yes, please don’t hold it against me 🙂


  21. Rain – i caught some of that match on the news. The pink (not their usual Ocean Blue) was to support Breast Cancer Awareness which most Aussie sportsMEN are very aware of, it being among the highest causes of Cancer Deaths in women in this country. The Aussie Cricketing team sometimes have pink grips on their bats or wear pink ribbons in support in international matches for the same reason.

    You’ve got to be a real man to wear Pink in front of a crowd! 😉

    There may be something to the claim it (colour Pink) reduces agression and strength though since the Sharks creamed us !


  22. In that case it is very admirable- though I agree the pink must have had some kind of psychological impact…

    🙂 Our commentators didn’t tell us it was for breast cancer, they were having a lot of fun with the men in pink as you can imagine 🙂


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