B Thankful Thursday

OK, so, I’m developing my A TAG (Attitude of Thanks-giving, Appreciation and Gratitude) daily, working up to 24 hours a day, every day, but as a way of sharing this with others i intend to blog-post my Thanks once a week.

You’re all welcome to add anything you are feeling particularly thankful for and appreciative of (which i hope will not always and only be ‘nice’ things, but in every kind of thing you are ‘gifted’ to be a part of).

So, this week i’m feeling thankful for:

Having a well-developed (somewhat warped) sense of Humour 🙂

Relationship – i see the great benefit of ‘relationship’ be it with another human being or with God, in the ability it gives us in sharing of different perceptions of ‘reality’ which can offer ‘choices’ we might not normally see on our own.

Some wonderful Music talented people have created and shared.

Being able to share some wisdom ( i hope) with others who ( i hope) are able to gain some benefit without pain, but freeing some, perhaps? ( Actually, now i come to think about it we mostly don’t gain much without some pain/sacrifice. So what exactly is ‘healing’ about?)

Being blessed with more good fortune and less pain than many, many people on this planet – even if it means my spiritual growth might be restricted as a result (Hmmmm….?)

Anyone want to add theirs?


  1. Today is Hubby Landry’s birthday.

    It’s weird sometimes to think about his existence……hmm. Let me explain.

    He is the son of his father’s second wife. His father’s first wife died of cancer many years ago, after having two children.

    I’m a firm believer in the Supernatural Healing of God. But I know that sometimes it doesn’t happen. And we may never know why.

    But if Landry’s father’s first wife had been healed of cancer, and had never passed away, he wouldn’t have gotten remarried…and I wouldn’t have my Landry.

    All that to say…I am so incredibly thankful to my All-Knowing God that I have him in my life. 🙂


  2. Congratulatins Landry!

    Happy Birthday, Sir 🙂

    lol – it did to me! 😉 Perfectly.

    Sometimes it doesn’t happen….. true.

    We need to understand and have Faith that when it doesn’t there is more than likely a reason He has in ‘mind’ for that – and that even if we feel so bad, some good will result that we could learn to see, even through the pain we feel.

    I’m thankful AND grateful you shared this! :-).


  3. This week:

    I am thankful the temps are starting to get warmer. Spring may actually be on it’s way. Sorry your summer may be coming to a close down under. 🙂

    I am thankful I gained 3 lbs last week. It motivated me to starting exercising again. I get sooo lazy in winter. I did pass my heat test, the four flights of stairs up to the town hall rest room, my last stop on my walk around town.

    I am thankful that I found an improper charge to my credit card. It happened two weeks ago. That reminded me I need to review my accounts more frequently. I contacted the company and they reversed the charge.

    I am thankful that I have been unable to keep up with my blog, Twitter and all my cyber friends. This tells me how many new friends I have made since I joined the online community.


  4. Ed – 🙂

    Just ‘perfect’ 🙂 You have been kind enough to demonstrate exactly the sort of thankfulness i had in mind by writing these weekly posts I hope your wise words help others do as you do.

    I still think you are more ‘Christian’ than most who call themselves by His Name. – Not that you (or i) are yet ‘perfect’ in entirety, of course 🙂

    (just in some ‘parts’ ) hee hee.

    yeah – summer is beginning to end down under – we actually had a little rain last week!

    it was the first day we have had ANY rain since before Christmas! 🙂

    There just might be worse things than Winter in Aus. 🙂


  5. i am thankful for the opportunity to cultivate some soil tomorrow. we’re gettin out in our yard and doing some work!

    im thankful our pool has gone from green mush to blue water again. thanks to the newly installed pump and brents mad water cleaning skills.

    im thankful my kiddos enjoy getting an education. both are on the honor roll again.

    im thankful that im finally gettin to my Reader and catching up on some well missed blogs.

    even yours, love…



  6. even mine? well it’s about Time! – sheesh! 😀

    Spring is Good! – even if it means the end of year school holidays are getting much closer! 😯

    i’m thankful you are thankful – and maybe even ‘Joyful’?

    of course – i can only guess about that from here.


  7. I’m thankful for autumn, the most beautiful season of the year

    I’m thankful for blogfriendships, can’t believe it took me so long to do this…it is so “me”.

    I’m thankful for the Bill Johnson conference last weekend that helped show how my belief in God’s total awesomeness can and should be so much more than it is.

    I’m thankful for my wonderful wife, who will never know quite how much I actually appreciate and love her because words/actions/expressions/etc don’t quite say it how I want it to 🙂


  8. David – i’ll bet she knows that already. Even so i hope Diane she gets to read it,,,here,,, or somewhere else 😉

    I’m more of a spring lover myself – Autumns can be pretty (not as much in Perth where most trees are evergreen gums) but i always feel like there’s a cold dead Winter just around the corner (again – not as cold and dead here as in many other parts of the world – for which I’M thankful) 😉


  9. life does indeed bring some pains Tam – pain almost always means something that hurts in us needs ‘attention’ 🙂

    it is never good to ignore a pain hoping it will go away. we need to understand what it is that is causing our actual pain before we know how to treat it correctly.

    Sometimes we might need the considered opinion of an expert to give us that awareness since what we think might be the problem ( like a dodgy piece of food we ate) may in fact have nothing to do with the kidney stones our body was trying to pass that felt like food poisoning to our inexpert medical opinions.

    or stuff like dat 😉

    i might know of a good ‘but’ doctor who could look at that pain for ya? – hee hee


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