Why Write ‘LOVE’ on Her (Your) Arm?

I am indebted to a certain Koala for introducing me to this website/concept.

I encourage all those of Compassion and with a desire to help others in desperate need to visit  TWLOHA

Any who have not already met our twee Scottish friend can read her story concerning her avatar here.

It is said under the ‘vision’ tab of TWOLA that suicide is the Third most common cause of 18 – 24 year old deaths in the US.

Here in Australia it is the LEADING reason of death in our young males in a similar age group. More of our young men are taking their own lives than die from any other single cause.

Can we do Anything to slow this down…. maybe even prevent it?


  1. Organizations like TWOLA do help save lives.

    As a sucide survior I can speak to the need for hope and faith.

    We have to believe we are loved and have hope that our pain can be overcome.

    I don’t think someone with hope for the future will choose to end their life. It’s when we lose hope, and faith, that dying begins to look like a good option.

    There are a growing number of support groups for people living in emtional, and physical pain. Depression is becoming a more treatable illness.

    I think there is cause for hope. I believe that we are doing a better job of recognizing, and treating, this illness. I am also sure that far too many people will just give up.


  2. Ed – i’m not a great believer in the ‘less is more’ philosophy – as you may already realise 😉

    Certainly loss of or diminished hope can add to the many reasons people take their own lives. But that may not be the same thing as a loss of Faith.. Islamic suicide bombers must have great faith to do what they do in the hope of a better life to come.

    But for Western suicides some may put their hope in there being a bettter life after than the known pain this one has caused them; They can feel like the world is better off without them – that they are doing the world ( and sometimes even their family) a favour by taking themselves out of it.

    I am sure you know better than most some of the reasons people think of to support such drastic action.

    While it is true more is being done to treat and recognise this illness – it is also true that man has caused far more reasons ( including raising of false hopes and expectations through solely materialistic and ‘scientific’ solutions to many of today’s society and culture) than ever existed before and the battle is i think being lost more than won – here in Australia at least, in our youth in this society that holds so much ‘hope’ and promises for them ( like i said – often a ‘false’ and inhuman, ungodly Hope) but which lets so many people down so badly.

    One definite source is the ‘need’ for drugs and alcohol, casual sex and personal instant gratification or avoidance of the pain of their ‘reality’.

    Another is the lack of institutions that teach, promote and advertise personal responsibility and creativity through finding your personal ‘gifts’ ( physical AND spiritual) and developing them to the fullest..

    We are physical and spiritual beings – to deny one is to remain unfulfilled.

    i don’t agree with those who follow religion and try to insist quasi-scientific bunk be taught as ‘science’ but i do believe spirituality has a place in society and should be given equal support and teaching as a scientific form of learning.for the best growth and development of a whole human being.


  3. I would just say as far as slowing it down and preventing it…just talking about it. i know it’s an uncomfortable subject surrounded by stigmas but just offering a listening ear and bringing this subject to greater knowledge to your community…


  4. Hi CC 🙂

    i agree and i hope my blog does some of that in my community.

    I’d also like there to be a greater educational awareness in both secular and religious organisations who both i believe should be explaining to our kids that our problems are NEVER so bad that we can’t discuss them with someone who can explain that Failure is not when we try and fail – but when we don’t try at all. That people do actually care whether we live or die – even strangers who may have never met us physically.

    That no-one is ever happy that someone we know commits suicide and that puts a lie to the false belief that the world would be better off if we were not in it.

    Help can be found – even if it is not from the place (our family) we might usually expect!


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