B Thankful Thursday

OK, so, I’m developing my A TAG (Attitude of Thanks-giving, Appreciation and Gratitude) daily, working up to 24 hours a day, every day, but as a way of sharing this with others i intend to blog-post my Thanks once a week.

You’re all welcome to add anything you are feeling particularly thankful for and appreciative of (which i hope will not always and only be ‘nice’ things, but in every kind of thing you are ‘gifted’ to be a part of).

So, this week i’m feeling thankful for:

a few less ‘problems’ at home in the last 7 days (they were only minor ones – no biggie – really) 🙂

The dangerously bad weather in the Victorian fire zones this week did not result in any (more) deaths of firefighters or residents. (Some fires are still not out from before Feb 7 – Black Saturday)

Some beautiful (and even ‘cool’ morning) weather here in paradise and no 37.6C (‘old’ 100 degree mark) in sight so far.

My health is improved and i won’t be going for my pre-colonoscopy ‘talk’ as there is no need for the ‘operation’ now. (VERY Thankful for this 😀 )

I’m actually thankful for the current financial situation as it may hopefully make a few more people take a good look at what is most important in life and change their ways and financial  ‘philosophies’. I still see many in the mire though, who want to get things quickly back the way they were (so the same thing can happen again – only yet bigger still) and cannot see any better way to organise a decent and happier society than one which ‘needs’ to be in debt.

i’m thankful for the friends and people i ‘meet’ who provide a ‘need’ to research Scripture and learn more about it’s Wisdom.

And for the Scripture and it’s Author – of course 🙂

Anyone want to add theirs?


  1. yeah, so i just realized….australia is in the SOUTHERN hemisphere! which means….you’re in summer!

    i know this makes me sound like the ditzy blonde i look like, but it’s crazy to me that you and i are very literally on two completely seperate parts of the world.

    therefore, i am very thankful for the technology of “the internets” so that i can ‘meet’ fun aussies like yourself!


  2. Yeah – this interweb thingy is pretty spiffing huh? 🙂

    (Spiifing, for any who might not have had the good fortune to spend actual time in England, or with ‘cultured’ English people, is a word meaning ‘nifty’!)

    (Nifty, for any who might… ) 🙂

    We live and learn something new every day (ideally) 🙂 and i am glad i could be a part of your ‘today learnin’ 🙂

    Yup – down here in the Land of Oz it is ALL ‘different’… Night is mostly Day, AM becomes PM and vice versa, Summer is mostly Winter, water goes down the plughole counter-clockwise … heck, we even drive our horse and buggies on the LEFT side of the road (which means we sit on the RIGHT side of the car to drive for anyone who wants to be ‘smug’ about who drives the ‘right’ way!!!) 😉

    God is still good though and we’ve been blessed with more goodness than any of us really know what to do with 🙂

    it’s the kinda place that seems strange – at first….

    .. but the more you know it the more you come to love it…

    Kinda like me 🙂

    Good – but hardly unexpected – not by me at least – news on the school learning, Hun

    Take good care of those vocal chords now! Y’hear?

    Heh! ( walter brennan voice) 😀


  3. the Mining Boom was good for us here in WA!

    Now with the financial crisis and all we were able to get a great trade-in deal at Micks New and Used Kanga lot – latest model! four on the floor and they even threw in the bridle 🙂

    It’s a little more expensive to run than the ‘Roo and doesn’t have it’s own pouch for carrying those little luxuries, but does have loads more pulling power. I wanted to get a bigger Donk (ey) for some time and now we can afford one.

    Hop on over some time! 🙂

    ( think we’ll catch anyone with this bro’?)


  4. This week, so far:

    I am thankful that the pain in my right shoulder, that I woke up with on Monday, was gone by Tuesday and has not come back. It reminds me that we take our good health for granted until we lose it.

    Looking at the raising unemployment rate I am thankful I have a pension and social security which I can’t lose, unless the government goes broke and collapses. I am thankful that I have blogs like this to read instead of the financial news that the government could go broke. 🙂

    I am thankful that I am still healthy enough to shovel the foot plus of snow that fell Sunday night. I am thankful I am retired and didn’t have to drive on the snowy roads. I think I could just copy “I am thankful I am retired” on every Thankful Thursday post.

    I am thankful that when I burned my fingers cooking, yet again, there were no children around to hear my language. Actually being a very happy bachelor I am thankful I don’t have any children around anytime. 🙂


  5. “And for the Scripture and it’s Author – of course 🙂 ”

    that made me smile so dang big!

    im thankful for that.

    im thankful that brent and i believe we have heard from the Lord on what we are to do in this season of life. its been a tremendous journey! its gonna get even bettah now!


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