B Thankful Thursday

OK, so, I’m developing my A TAG (Attitude of Thanks-giving, Appreciation and Gratitude) daily, working up to 24 hours a day, every day, but as a way of sharing this with others i intend to blog-post my Thanks once a week.

You’re all welcome to add anything you are feeling particularly thankful for and appreciative of (which i hope will not always and only be ‘nice’ things, but in every kind of thing you are ‘gifted’ to be a part of).

So, i’m thankful for:

the fact that somewhere in the world it is still Thursday and i don’t have to name this B Thankful Friday on my second ever issue;

That i am able to see my own faults and prejudices so clearly at times (even if other times not so clearly at all… yet). Hopefully, soon i’ll be able to stop myself from acting on them in time so that i overcome them; 🙂

for the music in my life – and a friend who is generous with it;

for being able to, slowly, day-by-day grow in wisdom;

That in some very tough economic times i have not -so far had to be affected much at all by them. (But i have not sen my super funds lately?);

For living in such a beautiful city and country – even if the country has some extreme dangers;

For people who do what they can (even if like me not ALL they can) to help make the world a better place;

That God knows what he is doing.

Anyone want to add theirs?


  1. i haven’t been affected by the financial downfall, either! i’m thankful for that.

    i’m also thankful to have such an amazing husband. he is my very best friend. 🙂


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