Angel – Sarah McLachlan

No matter how hard i try i cannot help myself from getting extremely watery eyes whenever i listen to this particular song.

I know – i’m a big pile of Mush.

See how you go?


5 thoughts on “Angel – Sarah McLachlan

  1. Sarah is a great songwriter, great story teller. “I Will Remember You”, ‘Building A Mystery” and “Sweet Surrender” are just a few of her songs on my iPod.

    One of my favorite songs of her’s is the simple “Ice Cream.

    From the song:

    “Your love is better than ice cream
    better than anything else that I’ve tried”

    “Your love is better than chocolate
    better than anything else that I’ve tried
    oh love is better than chocolate”


  2. ‘love is better than chocolate’

    Shoot, Ed – i know that ;-D

    maybe not better than Belgian chocolate truffles though 🙂

    Sarah is definitely easy to listen to… Melodic and hanuting.

    Angel is the one that gives me the biggest shivvers though 🙂


  3. Love, what are you doing to me??? Even though it wasn’t
    Angel on the iPod, Sarah was singing “I Love You” to me (admittedly in the mega BT remix version, which I love even more). Who are you going to put up next, and how do you have access to my iPod’s random playlist?

    I’ll admit to only being a passing Sarah fan until I discovered the remix albums. Undoubtedly, this will not be a popular thing to admit…haha!


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