It takes all kinds…

(Edit: Sorry, the vid i first tried to post here has embedding disabled so i posted another vid below the first featuring Mr Palmer live and another above this post – Enjoy!) 🙂

Robert Palmer was a remarkably talented individual. The world was greater for his Gift he shared and lesser for his passing (Sept 26, 2003)

The song below has a message for mankind and thanks is owed to Andy Fraser ( for writing it as well as ‘Bob’ for recording it.

It takes EVERY kinda people…
(Rich, Poor; Good, Bad; Black, White and every variation, Artist, Scientist; Faithful, Faithless; Fathers, husbands and sons; Mothers, wives and daughters; All races, All creeds.)

Said the fight to make ends meet
Keeps a man upon his feet
Holding down his job
Trying to show he cant be bought

Ooh it takes every kinda people
To make what life’s about, yeah
Every kinda people
To make the world go round

Someone’s looking for a lead
In his duty to a king or to a creed
Protecting what he feels is right
Fights against wrong with his life

There’s no profit in deceit
Honest men know that
Revenge does not taste sweet
Whether yellow, black or white
Each and every man’s the same inside

It takes every kinda people
To make what life’s about, yeah
It takes every kinda people
To make the world go round
Doo doo doo……

You know that love’s the only goal
That could bring a peace to any soul
Hey and every man’s the same
He wants the sunshine in his name

It takes every kinda people
To make what lifes about, yeah
It takes every kinda people
To make the world go round
Mmmm, every kinda people
To make what life’s about


  1. Oh my goodness…Bob was singing Andy’s song to me on the way home tonight…it came on the iPod, which was bound to happen eventually, just about every song ever recorded is on there…


    And sorry about the sugar cravings earlier…next time we’ll make sure it’s a total overdose 😉


  2. David – You’re too kind!

    No, really i mean it! 😉 I’ve never yet managed to overdose on sugar – and it’s not for the want of trying! 🙂

    Clearly from your music choices you are a man of taste and discernment ( pity it does not extend to fashion choices though 😉 ) Probably comes from living in Moree?

    At least you’re closer to paradise than most (The West Coast of Aus that is!) mebbe that has something to do with it?


  3. It does take all kinda people to make this world the amazing place it can be.

    I grew up in a racists country, 1950’s America. It took me far to long to learn this lesson.

    I couldn’t open the video, but Robert Palmer was a great singer who always sang with a lot of emotion.

    I am surprised you haven’t made “Addicted to LOVE” your theme song here. 🙂


  4. Ed – i love that you are full of good ideas! 😀

    Considering where your journey has placed you at various times in your life that is a not inconsiderable achievement! 🙂

    i DO like that song… and not ONLY because of the filmclip! 😉

    I don’t know that i want to encourage Any addictions though?? 🙂


  5. One of my favourite places on earth : Cottesloe Beach at sunrise. Yes, sunrise. It’s still somewhat novel for me to be at the ocean at sunrise without the sun being over the water 🙂

    And I’m SO glad I wore that shirt for the third time…it has paid for itself in the love


  6. Agreed – Cottesloe is not without its considerable charms – and dangers also – two Gt White Shark attacks (one fatal) in the last ten years!

    If you ever make it back over here i’d be happy to share the similarly incredible beauty of watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean at Floreat Beach while munching on the world’s best fish and chips and sipping on your beverage of choice while a soft seabreeze gently makes the fir trees hum and the waves wash the shore. ( you can leave the shirt at home if you like! ) 😉

    Sheer perfect bliss.

    It’s a little far away from Moree, but one of my favourite spots is Stanwell Park, just south of Sydney

    Hang-gliding over the cliff while the sun rises over the ocean and the river bay beach hundreds of feet below – incredible. (to watch – i never had the guts to try it 😉 )


  7. We visit Stanwell Park often; we’ve been in Sydney for 5 years now and have watched the hang-gliding (usually in the afternoon) lots of times, eating icecream on the clifftop…

    Sure we’ll make it to WA again, we’ve not really seen much of it at all (Perth, Wave Rock, Pinnacles, and various spots in that triangle of locales)…so I’ll be sure to turn up sans fluoro garb to enjoy that fir tree hum. Which is now making me homesick for the belah tree whistle…………..


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