The Madness Continues.

I have already posted on the Horrific weather and Bushfires it resulted in in Victoria (South-eastern Australia) and the floods in Queensland (North-eastern Aus), well now it’s my home state’s turn (Western Australia) to go just a little loopy…

… Up in our state’s North-west they have had over 300 millimetres (that’s about a foot or more) rainfall in some locations since Saturday. To put that in a little more perspective that is over a third of the rainfall down here in Perth for the entire of 2008 – and 2008 was a ‘good’ year for rain for us as our climate slowly dries.
Given the size of the catchment areas for the rivers up North this has resulted in many normaly ‘dry’ rivers breaking their banks and flooding wide areas of land.

One particular river level peaked at 19 metres (over 60 feet) this week when it is at times all but empty of water.

The ‘madness’?? The flooding has washed out a major drinking water pipeline to Karratha and residents are being told they have to cut down on their water use to conserve supplies!

Footnote: The town of Bellingen (NSW, East Coast of Aus) received 2/3rds of their entire annual rainfall in 12 hours this week!!


  1. It is totally mad. And there’s not even any drugs involved here, Love 😉

    To keep it weird, so far Sydney has had half the amount of rain it had this time last year…and almost all of it has fallen in the last 6 days…


  2. Welcome David! Thanks for being the FIRST fellow Aussie to comment here at LWBUT !!!

    It eventually dawned on me over at the fabulous Tam’s blog that, contrary to my initial thought, you ARE actually from ‘Godzone’ and i was about to apologise for the drugs crack … right up until you acknowledged you should lower the dose 😉

    Given what i wrote as my title i guess i do have to eat some humble pie though and concede that – at least as far as most of the country’s weather is concerned…. Aus may be just a little bit ‘twisted’ lately. 🙂

    Except for here in Paradise in the South West that is! 😉

    And i still say our jugs don’t look like that ( at least not the ones with handles anyway! ) 🙂


  3. I hope the floods don’t affect where you live too much.

    Trying to plan for changing weather patterns has got to be one of the most challenging jobs around.

    It this point it is still just as precise has gazing into a crystal ball, at least for more than three days, maybe a week in advance.

    Yesterday our snow plows removed several inchs of “no accumulation”.

    Do you have your boat ready in case the flooding comes your way? 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness. Wow.

    On the note up there to Dave … I’ve wondered about that. The US always has the most blog hits on any blog I’ve seen. I’ve wondered if that’s just because we live here, and so our friends amass and comment, or if it’s because American’s spend more time blogging. Hmm. Any thoughts?


  5. Asking me for thoughts can be a dangerous thing 🙂 😉

    I’ll be ‘brief’ 🙂

    The major reason is our language. The US is by far the largest population of english speaking people of any one country.

    There are many blogs in Chinese ( despite restrictive internet controls), Japanese, and many other languages we will never pay attention to.

    The second reason is the US economy/lifestyle resulting in a high proportion of computer literate pc owenrs

    The third reason is the US ‘tendency’ to want to talk a lot about themselves to all and sundry. 😉

    And lastly it is about the family/cultural groups who interact ( most of my blogfriends are strong christians – i have a few valuable non-christians i am happy to call friends but i don’t tend to hang around with any group that does not involve the christian community – and that is a little ‘convicting! 😯


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