B Thankful Thursday

Whaddya mean it’s still only Wednesday where you live? How many times do i have to say it? – Keep UP! Time to stop living in the past all the time. 🙂

OK, so, I’m developing my A TAG (Attitude of Thanks-giving, Appreciation and Gratitude) daily, working up to 24 hours a day, every day, but as a way of sharing this with others i intend to blog-post my Thanks once a week.

You’re all welcome to add anything you are feeling particularly thankful for and appreciative of (which i hope will not always and only be ‘nice’ things, but in every kind of thing you are ‘gifted’ to be a part of).

So, to ‘begin’ my first BTT with:

i’m thankful for

– a God who understands far better than i do what is important and needs to be done, but who gives those who think they know better a chance to see how they do in charge of their life.
– this last week of our Summer not being overly hot, giving me a chance to do some heavy garden work and also enjoy some time outdoors in beautiful conditions.
– friends who i can share feelings, humour and ideas with who are actually interested in them. 😉
– two parents (one still living down here) who, while it was not always understood or fully appreciated at the time, did just about their absolute best to raise a pretty decent human being.
– being relatively pain-free for a fortnight now, at least as far as whatever it was that was causing abdominal pain since early Jan.
– living a blessed life – even if it is not exactly the one i dreamed of throughout much of it. My luck far exceeds any effort i actually put in. Much of my efforts did not directly help me, mostly because i did not have a very good understanding of what was truly important when i made the efforts i did. The results i got were not always the ones aimed for or expected. As much as i might like to pretend i’m in charge of my life, the Truth is i have very little ‘control’ of how things actually work in the world i share with everyone else – and i have to be Thankful for that, since i have not ever been as wise as i thought i was at the time. What i thought i wanted and was most important, rarely was what i really needed.

if you wish to , you are welcome to add any of your thanks here for all to consider.


  1. I am thankful for having diabetes. It provides me with the motivation to keep to a healthy diet. It prevents me from even thinking about wanting to drink alcohol. It has made he a healthier person than I was before I was diagnosed with it.

    I am thankful that I tried to commit suicide. I learned what rock bottom means and found out I could survive it. Each day that I survived added to my confidence that life can, and will, get better. I gained the faith and hope I needed.

    I am thankful for the time I lost my job and was out of work for 10 months. I learned, or re-learned what my family taught me, how to prioritize my budget. I learned having less money did not mean I could not enjoy my life. I could substitute less expense food and entertainment and be just as healthy and happy.

    I am thankful that some day I will die. This motivates me to make the most of what time I do have left.

    I am thankful that I spent the early part of my life as a loner. I learned how much better life is when I share it with friends. I learned how easy it is to make friends.

    I am glad for every thing that I have failed at. That these failures kept me from becoming rich or famous. They helped keep my ego in check.

    I remember a scene from the movie “Almost Famous”. A rock star proclaims from a balcony, “I am a golden god!”. With my ego if I was rich or famous this is likely to be how I would behave.

    What I can proclaim is, “I am a 65 year old retiree, living on a fix income!” I think a 65 year old retiree living on a fix income has a lot more friends than a golden god.


  2. I’m thankful for my amazing smallgroup who are the bestest most encouraging and loving and caring bunch of people you could have the pleasure to know and love.

    I glad for my past, because without it I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’m thankful that it has given me a better ability to empathise and understand.

    I’m thankful for the small and maybe a lil bit shallow things in life, but make all the difference. Like chocolate, funky shoes, a hug, something silly you read or see that makes you laugh out loud.

    I’m thankful for the Seven Network for making Home and Away and Channel 5 for putting it online so I can be reminded of Australia (yes, I know that’s tragic of me, but it’s true).

    I’m glad that I’m different and I’m not the same as everybody else. I love quirks, personalities and variety. It is the spice of life as they say (whoever ‘they’ are)…


  3. Ed – awesome list Sir! That is JUST the sort of thing i hoped someone would be kind enough to add – the sort of thing that can help others see from a ‘new’ perspective’ (and perhaps even a few who can relate and know theirs is not such a uniquely ‘unlucky’ life.)

    While you have survived through all those to the point where you can now be thankful for them all did you feel the way you do now about them at the time you were experiencing them?

    That is the goal i am aiming for – to be able to have this level of thankfulness during each such experience – i’ll let you know how successful or otherwise i become. I can assure you i have a Looooong way to go 🙂

    You may be one source of inspiration however!

    I can see a little ‘gold’ shining out of you! 😉

    BK – Those made me smile 🙂 ( and yes! that IS tragic).

    I am thankful that, living here already, i don’t have to watch Home and Away to be reminded of Australia 😉

    Being different can sometimes make life ( as in a social one) quite awkward ( he says from personal experience) but i’m sure that is a small price to pay and that we can learn more from it than if we were just like everyone else.

    Having said that – i’m also convinced that ‘everyone else’ is more like us than we think! 😉 They may not share our unique set of quirks or see the world quite the same way and may even seem to have more freinds at times, but they share a lot of our own insecurities.

    i’m reminded of some very famous comedians whom everyone ‘loved’ for their always ‘UP’ nature and ability to make people feel good – only to live lonely and desperately sad lives themselves and end it in suicide or tragic circumstances. How people appear an the outside is rarely the way they truly are inside.

    I’m thankful that (mostly) what people see of me is what they get.


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