Irregular Maths

A while back i deconstructed the Theorem that Women are Evil.

This Theorem though seems to be proof positive of the reason why Sales people and Executives in Management Positions make more than Scientists and Engineers. 🙂

“Salary Theorem” states that “Engineers and Scientists can never earn as much as Business Executives and Sales People.”

This theorem is based on the following two postulates:

1. Knowledge is Power.
2. Time is Money.

As every engineer knows:
Power = Work / Time

Knowledge = Power
Time = Money

It follows that:
Knowledge = Work/Money.

Solving for Money, we get:
Money = Work / Knowledge.

Any number divided by zero gives a mathematical value of infinity, thus, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity, regardless of the amount of work done.

The less you know, the more you make! :mrgreen:

( Sadly, as for the theorem that ‘proved’ Women are Evil, i believe i previously proved that time rarely, if ever, EQUALS money – if it did the longer i sit waiting and gathering time, the richer i’d get) 😦


You may have heard the statement ( or something very much like it) that there are lies, damned lies and Statistics?

Well Queensland, a state in the North-East of Australia, roughly the 5 times the total area of Texas!, is having a few problems at the moment – not least with it’s Statistical Department of Government.

Currently 62 % of all Queensland ( approximately 440 000 sq.miles) is under floodwater after a tropical cyclone has dumped monsoonal quantities of water over it’s northern regions.

Yet curiously the state still regards some 54% to be officially drought-declared! ( Some areas were declared in October 2000 and have not had near average rainfall for almost a decade).

It is not known if parts of Queensland are neither drought declared nor flooded above and beyond the current 116% of it’s land area accounted for by the department so far!


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