Some, if indeed not all of us, have an over-inflated sense of self worth. Now i know some of you will scoff loudly at the thought but it is, in fact, True.

This is actually not an all-together bad thing, because, if we ever did think of ourselves in true Perspective with relation to our Universe – we just might never get out of bed in the morning.

These 3 following photographs of True Reality might give you all just a glimpse of what i am on about – or not.

(Clicking on each pic should help you see them better).

What’s that? Mandy is not out of bed yet???…

Photo 1: Planet Earth taken from a paltry 4 ooo ooo ooo miles away (some 6 or so light hours or about one 1500th of a light year away. Just a tiny bit outside our own solar system of sun and eight planets).


If you can’t see the dot (planet Earth) click on image to expand it.

Photo 2: a SMALL section of sky looking into the centre of our own Milky Way Galaxy. Every dot is a single sun – some much bigger than our own and a considerable number of them having more planets than our own Star, the Sun does.

Photo 3: Grab a ballpoint pen go out into the open air on a clear night and look at a ‘dark’ section of space. Hold out your pen at arms length. Try to focus on the ball of the ballpoint. Move it just a little bit. This photo is of what you have just uncovered in deep space from behind the ball. ONLY from behind the ball in the tip of the pen!

Those are not individual stars – they are entire galactic star systems of millions to billions of stars – comparable to our sun. And our entire planet is that smallish dot in the top band of light in the first photo. And even from ‘close up’ (inter-stellarly speaking)  no-one could make you out as you live your life on the surface of that dot.

That’s ‘Perspective’.

Could you live with that?

Like i said – some of us have an inflated view of our ‘place’. Maybe we need to?


  1. I get the kind of perspective you speak of when standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon or looking out over a mountain top. One small cog on a very big wheel.

    “Could you live with that?”

    Every cog on a wheel is just as important as any other.
    If I can help improve my world by even one iota that is an accomplishment that makes me feel good about myself.

    The size of our Universe is beyond my comprehension. This fills me with wonder and fuels my imagination.


  2. Ed – to my way of thinking, the entire Earth is smaller than you feel like when viewing the Grand Canyon or from a mountain peak and comparing you to it.

    And all the vastness and matter and stars and planets and potentially other life forms (nothing in the Bible says we are the only intelligent life in the Universe – God clearly was busy at some point creating more stuff than just here on Earth which gets kinda ‘glossed over’ a bit in Genesis Ch 1), all that other ‘stuff” to me, IS God also – enormity and complexity beyond our comprehension.

    And yet eachof us in our own way is a microcosm of similar complexity and incomprehensibility – but we feel driven to place our tiny understandings on ourselves and the Universe in order to gain some sense of ‘value’ – to give our life a ‘purpose’ in all of the unfathomable ‘creation’.

    Awe-inspiring and perhaps not just a little egotistical 😉

    Annie – Amazing we both wrote our thoughts independently with similar aims it seems but from a slight difference in viewpoint ( perspective) 😉

    The pictures of our own and other galaxies are so beautiful and in terms of the ‘limitlessness’ of God absolutely Awesome stuff that i hope i was able to display for all to see a little more ‘clearly’?

    I have had an interest in Astronomy since early childhood and i still don’t fully appreciate just how vast a place our Universe is and just how miniscule our ‘place’ in it.

    God’s ‘Plan’ is far far more than our mortal minds could ever hope to encapsulate.


  3. I replied to your comment on my blog, with my own viewpoint on the last verse of Psalm 29, which is somewhat different from yours. Feel free to jump over there if you’re interested!


  4. Wonderful Perspective!!!

    And we really do think it’s all about us, so much of the time…incredible.

    Yet, He loved us SO much…US…puny human beings…amazing love!!!


  5. I agree that the human brain can’t comprehend all the complexity of our Universe, at least the one (we have) that has not sufficiently evolved as yet. 🙂

    My ego, regarding my species, allows me to believe that there are no limits to what we are capable of achieveing.

    I don’t really believe that we humans will ever know “everything” but I hope we never stop trying to.


  6. Katie – Thank you for dropping by and welcome. 🙂 I jumped.

    Sis! 🙂 We do get a little ‘tunnel vision’ some times don’t we? I hoped i could help widen our vision just a little so maybe our own personal issues don’t seem quite so ‘all-encompassing’.

    There is a heck of a LOT of God’s (not-so) empty Space out there and while we do not yet know of any other forms of life than those here on Earth i truly believe that God is ‘in’ EVERYTHING we can see in photographs such as these and that we therefore are ‘connected’ to ALL of it – and i happen to think there is a reason for that and that all of what is out there – in ways we don’t realise’ – affects each little one of us.

    Ed – as i see it – there is a computer already in existence that allows every single one of us access to all possible information on any topic. I call it ‘God’ and all that is required is a wilingness to develop a better ‘connection interface’ with it 🙂 ( and bypassing or eliminating the negative aspects of personal ego).


  7. It was good to read your thoughts and insights on this, and you did a great job of giving true ‘perspective’.

    A couple of days ago I commented on Brent’s blog about the same ‘pale blue dot’ you had here in the first photo. I had just seen a video that also gives some great thoughts about it as well.

    It’s here:
    if you or anyone else wants to check it out.
    The whole thing is 40+ minutes, but the speaker (Louie Giglio) starts talking about earth at about 10:30 and for the next 10 min. or so. You may be ‘hooked’ on it by then, but it’s well worth hanging in for the remainder since he echoes and embelishes many of your insights here.

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope this confirms as well as instructs us all re: our ‘smallness’.



  8. Love, I have missed talking with you my friend. I have gotten back into the blogging world, and I have something brewing that should be coming down the pipe soon that I would love to have your opinion on.

    This I an awesome post! It is so fun when you think about how small and insignificant we are, yet God still loves us. It’s unbelievable how awesome God’s Majesty really is.

    God Bless


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