1. Hi Ed 🙂

    Aussie’s don’t so much ‘celebrate’ Boxing Day (according to our ‘ancient’ British traditions) as have a day off work for it.

    It is a BIG tradition to start a game of Cricket that normally lasts for five DAYS on Boxing Day at the Aussie ‘home’ of Cricket’ the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) between Our Australian Team and whichever country’s team happens to be visiting for the start of the Summer Cricket season – This year it was South Africa and the world rankings have swapped between first and second in the world between them after this match (South Africa cleaned us up) Being a Holiday big crowds show up to watch on the first day of the ‘test’ and the match is broadcast live all over the country (over 30 HOURS of it)

    Most Aussies would not know the origin of the term ‘Boxing Day’ though.

    I hope your Time with family was enjoyable! 🙂


  2. Hi friend. Happy New Year!

    May you be blessed with all the things you deserve this year and beyond.

    I wish you strength and strong faith as you continue with your journey. May you continue to meet good friends along the way, with whom you can share your load and have a good laugh with.

    God bless…

    Much respect,



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