Things aren’t ALL bad in Zimbabwe…

for those at the top, of course.

Some interesting ‘quirks’ in the article:

No Municipal water supply in areas of the capital city and people are starving but poor kids make money by selling iced lollies on the street’? (Melted?)

A man tries hard to gather wood and plastic to burn to cook on, yet another man points into an alley at a mass of ‘worthless’ Zimbawe banknotes (inflation has exceeded 231m% (that’s MILLION percent) per annum!) Money to burn perhaps?

The statistics at the end make for hard reading.

My Country currently has 9000 armed troops fighting some of the indigenous population of a rugged mountainous country called Afghanistan, far away in the middle of Asia. I’m having considerable difficulty justifying this as it enters it’s 8th year of warfare and little seems to have improved there over much of that time (although the region’s Heroin Supply has come back to normal after the Taliban reduced it by 95% by 2000!), while we are seemingly happy to tell Mr Mugabe what a bad man he is and do nothing effective. The people of Zimbabwe might wonder what the West truly believes when it comes to defending ‘Freedom’ in the world.

Despite the fact that MILLIONS of Zimbaweans are ‘illegally’ escaping their country’s borders taking disease, poverty and the opportunity for exploitation of truly desperate people looking to get some way to live or feed their children, into the countries surrounding them Zimbabwe’s situation is apparently considered a ‘Civil’ matter or at worst merely a ‘local’ problem. Certainly not a ‘threat’ to my democracy way down here.

So no troops.

African countries seem to have remarkable ‘success’ at throwing off the shackles of white colonialism but are stupendously bad at coming to equitable solutions when they have their own minorities oppressing the majority?

Sanctions by the West do not appear to stop Mr Mugabe and his ZANU-PF cronies from taking holidays overseas or owning property there either? They certainly have done nothing in helping Mugabe’s victims… or reducing the luxury Zimbabwe’s ruling elite continue to  enjoy at the expense of the lives of their own countrymen (but likely differing tribesmen).

My Turkey and Christmas Pud with brandy custard won’t taste quite as good this year (even though i was made aware of Mugabe many years ago)…  but i’ll give thanks and ‘struggle’ on here in my safe luxury (by comparison to ‘most’).

…and a Happy Christmas to all.

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  1. Doesn’t it anger you that nothing is being done? I think it has become pretty evident that the current government in Zimbabwe doesn’t have the well-being of its people in mind. I think that 99% of the citizens in the world as well as 99% of the citizens in Zimbabwe would wholeheartedly approve of a form of military action to get some aid into the country. I have a post on my blog – – that tells readers from Canada how, step by step, they can get in touch with their government representatives to do something about the Zimbabwe situation. While it’s a good beginning, it’s not enough – so what else can we do?
    Btw, loved your title. I was wondering what in the world isn’t going wrong in Zimbabwe 🙂


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