Internet Explorer users warned to change browser over security fears

I can already hear the smug,-self-satisfied expressions and derisive comments of Apple users and Unix/Linux programmers, not to mention Netscape Mozilla or Omega browser proponents as they hear about the latest MASSIVE security breach Microsoft users are having to learn to defend themselves from so if you MUST comment try to do it without being full of pride for your foresightedness – ok?

For any Windows users who browse the web via Internet Explorer you should probably read this… ( Quickly! –  and get some tech savvy person to explain what to do if you are none the wiser after viewing)

‘Only 0.2% currently ‘known’ or suspected to be infected might seem like good odds to you but put into perspective – that amounts to some half a million computers and users affected – and that’s just the ones Microsoft are admitting to! And this latest bug has only beeen monitored very recently. 🙄



  1. OKaaaayyyyy…. So that means you’re not commenting – yes? 🙂

    Could you maybe -y’know – like…. maybe… try HARDER – or sumfink?

    Curiously enough – since around the same time Microsoft became aware of the latest attack on it’s software by criminal hackers trying to get their hands on your (my) bank details and passwords MOZILLA has been playing up and crashing or making Comments i send just completely vanish without trace, while Microsoft’s internet browser works perfectly??

    A cunning ploy by the hackers to get me to use Internet Explorer perhaps??


  2. From what I have read it appears that IE will work on all web sites, unlike the other browsers, but because it is the most used it is the biggest target.

    I have read pro and cons on this issue. The more technology knowledgeable seem to use other browsers. Since I am not that knowledgeable I’ll just follow the herd.

    I check the activity on all my bank accounts and credit cards daily.


  3. I suggest convert all your assets to cash and send it to Texas. I’ll take care of it and rid you the burden. Cash today performs better than the stock market. 🙂


  4. Such a generous offer Archie – but i believe i’ll pass 🙂

    A lead balloon performs better than the stock market these last 6 months!

    If the Fed Reserve has cut rates to 0-0.25% and intends keeping them there for some time to come then cash ain’t going to be much of an ‘investment’ either as banks will still charge fees and inflation will still reduce it’s value still further – money under the mattress time! 😉


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