Everything in Moderation?

So is anyone else finding irregular things happening with their comments ‘moderation’ since WP 2.7 was released? (and before that come to think of it?)

Today i had two comments from B4DGUY posted within 2 minutes of each other.

Since i have previously approved his comments on my blog – heck why not, he seems harmless? 😉 – his first comment, naturally went up no problem, but the second one was ‘culled’ by WP for ‘moderation’ and did not post until i had specifically told WP i wanted to approve it from my dashboard after logging in!??

Some sites i regularly visit and comment at have started showing the ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ tag after being submitted.

So – is is just me? Something i’ve said? Something i’ve done? Anyone know what is going on? Will WP eventually get around to fixing this little ‘bug’?

Talk to me! 🙂 (and i hope your comments are unmoderated! Wait – did i say that right?)


  1. Just thought I’d see if a comment from Texas is Moderated. Ha! Seriously, the moderation seems a bit unpredictable. Sometimes I get shoved to moderation or not. Don’t know if the change is WP or the blog owner changing settings. It’s pretty amazing you get WP for free. Wonder why?


  2. Yes. Much inconsistency. AND frustration.

    “heck why not, he seems harmless?”

    Appearances can be deceiving. 😆

    Naw…he’s harmless…like a bear…teddy bear. 😉


  3. I swear i did not do that on purpose Sis – but you just got hit by exactly what i was talking about – the MIDDLE of your 3 comments went to moderation! How in heck does that work?? And i’ll take your warning about B4d 🙂 Those teddy bears can sneak up on ya in a flash!


  4. Archie – 🙂 i rather fancy the quote is: whosoever compel thee to walk a mile – walk with them two, or if he sue you at law and take your coat give to him your cloak also. (Matt 5:40,41)

    Americans under Bush’s command threw 1000lb laser-guided bombs at Iraqi’s – Iraqi’s threw shoes at Bush – kinds sums it up nicely.

    One has to ask though… given the utter devastation Muslims have been largely responsible for in the Anti-American uprising in the power vacuum left after destroying Saddam’s ability to keep law and order (and electrical and water supply, police force, etc etc) in Iraq… where were these same Muslims while their fellow Shi’ites were being brutally repressed by Saddam’s Sunni authority government?? Just who was the more hated? Saddam or Bush?

    Oh – and one shoe isn’t of much use to anyone! 🙂

    I’d also have to wonder at the Iragi current government’s security abilities – How could they let people walk into into a Bush/Talabani conference while wearing shoes?? What were they thinking? 😉

    Isn’t it curious given the trouble in Afghanistan, that the US-approved Iraqi President is named TALABANi? 🙂


  5. i dont rescue him that fast. well, it depends on if he’s been naughty. Love is frequently ornery. so this whole spam issue has come quite in handy.

    i like.



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