Don’t know why it has taken me so long….

…to write this post and ask for your help – because i have LONG felt the need for this request inside of me as i have been hearing far too much for far too long of the disaster that is Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe.



So i ask all those reading this – be you of whatever Faith or belief – PLEASE…

Pray that Mr Mugabe is somehow made to understand the true situation he is responsible for presiding over in Zimbabwe and that he be MADE to do what is best for all and not just what he feels is best ( for himself as far as i can tell from over here)


… and if you can spare a prayer for the people who once lived as somewhat second class citizens in a prosperous and weathy nation who now live as non-citizens in a disease and war-ridden police state with the worst hyperinflation and poverty in the World whose leading export is now Cholera, all thanks to Mr Mugabe’s 30 year reign, i’m sure they (and He) would appreciate it.

Thank you one and all.

Father hear my prayer in Jesus’ name…


  1. Mugabe represents one of the clearest examples of how power can corrupt. He was a hero to his people when he first came to power in 1980.

    From Wikipedia :

    “From 1980 to 1990 infant mortality decreased from 86 to 49 per 1000 live births, under five mortality was reduced from 128 to 58 per 1000 live births, and immunisation increased from 25% to 80% of the population. Also, “child malnutrition fell from 22% to 12% and life expectancy increased from 56 to 64.”

    Since then Maugabe leadership has resulted in a country torn by death and destruction. I suspect Mugabe has come to see himself as Zimbabwe, not just it’s leader.

    “I am happy we are being assisted by others and we have arrested cholera,” Mr Mugabe said in a speech in which he also attacked what he described as Western plans to invade Zimbabwe and topple his government.

    “Now that there is no cholera there is no case for war.”

    “The latest United Nations assessment in Zimbabwe puts the number of deaths from cholera at 783.

    The expectation among health workers in the country is that the death toll will soar in the coming weeks”.

    We can only hope that the new power sharing agreement between Mugabe and his rival Tsvangirai will lead to a government that is willing to face up to the death and destruction that is 2008 Zimbabwe.


  2. Ed – power corrupts – and absloute power corrupts absolutely (as the evidence for humans throughout time overwhelmingly shows).

    I’d be highly suspicious of those statistics – for two major reasons.
    Firstly in the period prior to Mugabe assuming command Rhodesia/Zimbabwe had undergone a protracted period of civil war, civil unrest and transition from a White Ruled colony of Britiain to an independently run country by an elite group of nationals. Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo were the leaders who ensured through rebellion the forced transition. So the situation before he came into power was not a ‘normal’ situation when compared to the period when white rule ran the country somewhat more smoothly ( with many white farmers getting quite rich from the work of the natives)

    So the ‘improvements’ that occurred with a massive influx of much needed Foreign Aid (which had been withheld through a US embargo because of the dangerous political situation) mostly just returned the older status quo and reflected better medical aid and less civilian deaths/ more peaceful background now that Mugabe and Nkomo were not fighting the establishment and those who helped support them anymore.

    Secondly – it was Mugabe’s regime responsible for the producing much of the statistics and as his most recent comment that ‘Cholera has now been eliminated in Zimbabwe’ shows – he either lies or is being fed utter rubbish to spout by his supporters in government bodies who are profiting from the death and ruin of the rest of the country.

    His hatred of the ‘white’ west has resulted in a persecution complex unmatched in recent history with the possible exception of Kim Jong Il in North Korea and is clearly contributing to his inability to see the truth of what his rule is doing to his beloved Zimbabwe and the efforts of those who place him fairly and squarely at the root of the country’s problems.

    As for the ‘power sharing’ deal.. Mugabe has defied the recent ‘democratic’ vote to stay in power and has been unwilling to conceed control of both the military and the police force (such as they are) and has shown that he is not above having the police Jail and beat the supposed ‘partner’ Tsvangirai in the past – how can such a ‘power sharing’ deal ever be hoped to be in any way workable?

    Like i said – please Pray. 🙂


  3. I don’t know if you get the same headlines over there but today’s papers had news of Mugabe claiming an end to a cholera epidemic in Zim in order to prevent aid workers (military, faith or secular) entering the country. The man is a menace.


  4. Oops, I should have read the comments before commenting myself.

    Other than prayer, which I know you put a lot of faith in, what should be done about him? A coup or popular uprising are unlikely. Outside intervention is even more unlikely. Sanctions would really make the people suffer more and not harm the government.

    Is prayer the only option?


  5. Hi Hov, 🙂

    That headline (and associated video/sound-bite) played down here too and it sickened me. Although after watching him say it i was in two minds as to whether He was doing what he always does and spouts self-promoting propaganda in an effort to retain a hold over power or whether he is just deluded enough after 28 years of being sucked up to by sycophants to believe his health minister/ministry who may have told him that crap because it is just what he wants to hear??

    Why should Zimbabwe’s public service be any different to any other nation? 😉

    As to other options besides prayer…
    we could always wait for South Africa and the surrounding African leaders to act in concord and demand he resign and let the elected Prime Minister take charge in the perhaps vain hope he has a plan that will ensure a less despotic leader takes control and actually saves the economy and a few million refugees from lives of sheer hell on earth?

    No – seriously !

    or we could whisper to GW that either oil reserves or Osama have been found in the heart of Harare and wait for the invasion?

    How about we send Gordon Brown in on a suicide assassination mission – kill two birds with one stone??

    I still think Prayer is our best option here 🙂 Stranger things have been known to happen! 😉

    I was a little worried by your gravatar btw… that’s not a frog between those fingers – is it?


  6. Recently a blog buddy in South Africa was appalled at the route her country is taking. She mentioned being fearful of it becoming a police state just like Zimbabwe. Shortly after, she deleted her blog…I’ve not known what to do except pray.

    I hate being clueless about the events happening in the world. When living in England my eyes were opened to the affairs throughout the world. Now I feel isolated once again, not understanding much of what’s taking place. It takes research to keep up with current events and to get a report that is NOT tainted.

    I have to pray because I know He is really the only one who knows the hearts of man. He’s not biased. I trust His will, even when the world appears to be falling apart. He knows all.


  7. I understand Sis and i hope you hear some good news from your SA blog buddy soon.

    We always need to keep in mind the media we get has different priorities to those who ‘consume’ it More and more western media is tainted by the profit prime directive and they will do whatever gives them the most profit – Sadly that means sometimes sinking down to the lowest common denominator of mankind’s personality instead of trying to raise it – but raising standards is not what sells papers/TV news and advertising slots.

    America as a whole loves to hear/read/be concerned more about itself than about ‘other’ countries – this is true in many places – just not always to the level the US seems to take it to. They have little real ‘choice’ given the total amount of information the US pushes out for consumption compared to any other place around the globe.

    Sadly America tends to dominate my country’s media for exactly this reason. Can you even imagine watching your favourite TV show and having it interrupted by an advert produced from another country and spoken in a foreign accent?? – Even harder to believe – what if that TV show that is your favourite was produced entirely in this foreign country and used foreign actors, writers, producers. technicians etc? and that this was in no way unusual? What if the majority of TV viewing was foreign owned and produced and relating to that country’s culture and things they felt was important?

    How long would your culture manage to survive in such circumstances? Would there be any kind of ‘revolt’? Government restriction? Would anyone even notice??

    At least you get some kind of ‘say’ in such influence – you get ‘American’ news/entertainment that relates to the place you live and the predominant lifestyle of your fellow countrymen’s choice – others do not even get that.

    I thank Him for the World Wide Web (largely US influenced/written) and for much else besides. As you said – He is not biased, but balnced and able to be trusted in 🙂


  8. Well Love, at least prayer isn’t likely to make things worse in Zim and maybe you’ll be inspired in the process and think of some practical solution.

    The gravatar is my hand holding up the rat, Templeton. She wanted to see the camera.


  9. Hov: You’re on ‘naming’ terms with your rats?? Hmmmm.. 😉

    i agree praying should not worsen a worsening situation in Zimbabwe. The Truth is only direct application of a greater force ( or the eventual death by natural causes) has ever rid the world of dictators who refuse to give up their power. I’m thinking of Idi Amin, Uganda; Kim Il Jong, N Korea; Pinochet, Chile;Whoever is running the basket case called Somalia (think Darfur/Oil Tanker Pirates!); Saddam, Iraq; Hitler, Germany; and now Robert Mugabe.

    I’m thinking that if enough of us adopt my policy and pray while speaking out about it we can be an effective ‘greater force’ that will make our leaders do what we wish they would do and remove an evil from those who cannot remove it themselves – or give the support the oppressed need to do the job they should.


  10. Mandy: More Proof – your Heart’s in the ‘right’ place! 🙂

    Even if your Spam monster has dubious ‘taste’ 🙂

    You think Mr Bush really Cares about the freedom of such as your students? Why was he so keen to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and nowhere else?

    And for anyone who is interested who might have ‘forgotten’, the Afghani Taliban agreed to hand over Osama Bin Laden to a neutral country for a FAIR trial before America declared war and invaded them.

    We’ve all heard his stated reasons but when it comes to defending Freedom it’s more about His freedom than anyone else’s.

    Could some kind reader point me in the direction to Pres. Bush’s last 3 public comments on Mr Mugabe’s regime of horror? I understand most of his defence force is a little busy right now (and for the last 5 1/2 years) but surely he can afford to tell the world the truth about Zimbabwe to encourage the spread of Freedom for it’s oppressed citizens – no?


  11. Don’t much of the world’s problems stem from European and US interference in the first place though. Think of the conflict between India and Pakistan. How effective or prolonged would the Iran\Iraq war have been without access to British and US arms? When we armed the enemies of the USSR’s friends they did they same.

    Not that this should be an excuse not to intervene, only that we should be aware of how much we’ve contributed to the problem globally. There is also an issue of legality. America and England have been involved in an excessive number of illegal wars. We should first ensure that any intervention is legal and supported by the global community. I would think that intervention over Mugabe would gain international support. Then we should intervene with the support of global forces. Acting more or less unilaterally is what has given America such a bad reputation is recent years and is arguably a contributing factor for the continued terrorist attacks on the US and her allies.


  12. Hov – i’d agree that many places in the world have suffered from Colonial expansionism/exploitation From UK, US and European ‘explorers’ and ‘supporters of democracy and freedom’ by riding roughshod and armed over the native peoples and cultures of the world.

    I’d also agree that the kind of unilateralism that led to the invasion and subsequent civil and insurgent war in Iraq is not to be encouraged (because if the US can do it then so can Russia and China, logically).

    However, the cases of the 15th to early 20th century interventions were mainly purely ones of SELF interest/meeting internal demand for more resources for places like Britain, France, Spain, Holland, Germany and eventually, the US which was itself a subject of this intervention in the lives and culture of native N Americans (now almost entirely wiped out, like that of my own country’s Aboriginal people) designed to firstly provide a new resource for ‘safe’ refuge of a minority religious group and then as a place for Britain to put her convicts which was the same reason Australia established itself as a Colony.

    I am suggesting that in the 21st century the leading nations in the world can band together in mutual common human decency in standing up against oppression in foreign countries that have obviously lost the ability to maintain a JUST and lawful society by reason of one egomaniacal despot by acting in harmony with the majority of the citizens who want to live in a place where they can safely raise their kids and farm their land to feed themselves without risk of being killed, maimed and/or raped by militia aligned with the despot’s power group.

    The precept of the United Nations was to provide a forum for the world to resolve international disputes but has degenerated into a stalemated power play between the US and such ‘superpowers’ as Russia, China and India, all of which have nuclear weapons to deter forced disagreement with them. As each country has a power of Veto in security votes of the UN (excepting India) anything one side wants the ‘opposite power(s)’ oppose so little of value ever gets achieved in time to save many lives from utter misery.

    Of course since arms manufacture is such a PROFITable industry for the said superpowers, peace is an unprofitable venture that is to be opposed at all ‘cost’.

    Until that industry is greatly diminished in power and monetary value in favour of peaceful and uniting co-operative enterprises we can expect war and despotism of those who love to rule through power and force to continue unabated.

    When it comes to those who rise to power in any country, that power is as harmful as any illegal, addictive drug. Sadly, the harm is rarely limited to those who wield the power and partake of that particular ‘drug’.


  13. It isn’t often that I find myself nodding to every sentence that you write Love but I have with your last comment. I have one thing to add though and that is that the US particularly and her allies in England, other parts of Europe, India, Australia and elsewhere need to practice what we preach. We cannot kidnap people from planes in foreign lands and smuggle them into a military base to be tortured and imprisoned without charge for years and expect the various nations in Africa to respect our authority. In order to exact a certain moral standard of government from other nations absolutely must be seen to live well above that standard.

    If some angry journalist throws a shoe at the invader of his nation he should be arrested and charged in precisely the same way that he would be for shoe lobbing at any other free citizen. He should not be taken into custody and beaten or incarcerated without due process. Similarly a terrorist suspect cannot be detained without due process of law, they must be competent legally detained and legally charged and provided with legal representation. Otherwise it is a witch hunt.

    Failure to uphold these basic rights simply sends a message that America and her allies considers themselves above the law. Remove due process of law from people’s minds and they will not make use of it, instead they will fight in the manner that they expect to be fought, dirty and violently.

    With Mugabe the international community must reach an accord on how to treat him. Charging in, guns blazing could turn all of Africa against us or even the rest of the world against us. Sanctions, termination of aid, rules of conduct and free access by inspectors should be enforced and protected. Resistance should be met to protect those trying to help but not to attack or invade. Mugabe’s allies should be cut off either by trade threats or reason. It is a slow and difficult process with concessions that might leave Mugabe in power although with less power but the people will not be turned against the West again because we will help them.

    It is difficult and you need international will and long term expert resources to tackle the many problems in Zim. Perhaps these initial steps have already begun but we simply aren’t informed about them.


  14. My Dear Jason (i’ve gone formal again – it’ll pass 😉 )
    Have you been getting into the ‘Christmas spirit’ again? Agreeing with almost every word i said – whatever next?

    Joking aside, t is my ‘belief’ you would find – apart from that vegetarian thingy you have going – you and i would not think so much differently concerning life’s more important matters ‘old’ bean.

    Contrary to initial suspicions that is 🙂

    Not sure i’d be playing with the rats though either come to think of it 😉

    However ‘lonely’ i got 😀

    I don’t believe Mugabe can be ‘trusted’ though to ‘share power’ equitably. History has helped me come to that conclusion, and given his rantings about eliminating Cholera from Zim i suspect his judgment is also highly unreliable for the leader of a country in such dire need of good governance.

    Whether or not Zimbabwe could be safely left in the hands of an anti ZANU-PF faction without fear of reprisal revenge attacks once Mugabe had been captured and tried for his crimes against his own people would have to be my main determinant in acting with force to help the locals revolt and turf this criminal out.

    Iraq is a prime example (Rwanda – Hutu’s vs’s Tutsi civil war another) of how NOT to depose a despotic madman.Lets hope such action (and decisive LACK of action in Rwanda’s case) is never again considered a ‘good idea at the time’.


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