O Holy Night

(also known as Cantique de Noel)

I have just listened to around 30 versions of this, my most favourite, Christmas Carol.

Here are two versions i feel do it some justice.

You get to vote for your favourite version.

Celine Dion

David Phelps

I can forgive Celine for ‘My Heart Will Go On’ after this 😉



  1. Ooooh, tough choice. I don’t know if I can pick one or the other!

    BTW….did you listen to my favorite version of this song? Ha, okay, it’s not my favorite….but it is tradition for us to pass it around year after year.


  2. JR – like i said at your place – the ‘humour’ of that song completely was lost on me? i think it is because i do love this Carol – when done well, and yes it is a tought choice as both artists put a LOT of emotion and soul into their performances.

    Tam – no, thank YOU ( for not sending me that version!) 🙂

    and Winter Wonderland is a great song… i love my favourite for many reasons and not all of them are spiritual ones. i love the conttrast (that both examples show to the highest effect) between the soft angelic whispering and strong triumphant effusion of Glorious Hamony that merge beautifully in the music; the emotional feel i get from hearing a song beautifully performed; and the over-riding awe of the event described – all of which can have tears streaming down.

    i love it.


  3. I would pick Ms. Dion’s version over that of that of David Phelps. However I think Luciano Pavarotti had the best voice on the planet. I’d take his version over any other.

    Looking through YouTube I would pick Jessica Simpson’s version, as long as I didn’t actually have to listen to her voice.


  4. Thank You JR 🙂

    so far the ‘ladies’ have it – in the vote that is 🙂

    and i’m not going to argue with a Diva! over musical choice

    Tam – i admire her vocal ability – but as i found out with ‘Titanic’ – sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing 😉

    i like JM also – and i can watch Him. Celine looks better on video though, in my opinion 🙂


  5. ED! nice to see you back sir.

    Like i said above… i watched around 30 performances, including Mr Pavarotti and although having great respect for his voice, felt Mr Phelps actually sang the SONG better… i felt Luciano , presumably because of his training, made it a more ‘restrained’ performance, lacking somewhat in Spirit whereas Mr Phelps clearly puts his very soul into this one. And while it should not matter – Luciano’s second language English also made me choose David as the male choice.

    As for Jessica – well perhaps i should leave my opinion there and just say that here is someone’s performance you can enjoy in far more respects:


    Do a couple of searches on Youtube and you’ll see exactly what i mean 🙂

    The Welsh were born to sing!


  6. Katherine Jenkins is both beautiful and has a beautiful voice.

    My grandfather Dyer’s family came for Wales. I think in Europe Wales (Cymr) is referred to as “the land of the voice”. Of course with the crappy weather they get, and the work which use to be mostly in the mines, singing may have been the only recreation they had.


  7. Ummm, I am the only voice of dissent on here? I voted David Phelps. 😳 His gave me goosebumps. Celine’s was nice too, just not my favorite. I did think her gown and makeup was BEAUTIFUL though. 😉

    Michelle! I watched Celtic Woman tonight on PBS. Did you? Lovely!!


  8. I did very much like Celtic Woman’s version too, Sis 🙂

    JR – correct assumption and i accept humbly 🙂

    Ed – i think ‘drinking beer’ counts as a recreation in Wales – helps to lubricate the vocal chords – apparently? 😉


  9. Hey Bwan-Muffin 🙂

    sorry to say, but it seems you might be the lone voice of dissent so far :-/

    i have to say though that i think it is a VERY close thing to choose between these two versions as both are rather good, i feel.
    and as for your fave… well he was GOING to be my male version for this choice – until i found David – So you do have good taste 🙂

    But we already knew that – right? 😉


  10. Well found B4d! – there seemed to be something wrong with the video though – it got stuck at 0:52 on the track and refused to go any further? maybe it was a very old youtube that doesn’t integrate well with the current players? 😉

    And an LP playing at 33 1/3rd and not 78 rpm – you’re younger than you look sir! 😉

    Welcome Darla (we’re related btw – Tam’s ‘Sis’ Michelle is my Sis too!) 🙂

    I picked the best versions i could find for the vote so i understand it ain’t easy – you can chose your own fave if you have one?


  11. I’m gonna have to go ahead and vote for my fellow Canadian here. Nice version, I’ve never heard it before.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope you have fun with your new camera, you should definitely post some of your work on your blog! 🙂

    As for the pictures on my sidebar those were taken by friends we met in our travels, family members or complete strangers.



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