One Small Step For Man…

Neil Armstrong’s famous misquote as he was about to take a momentous step on to a new ‘world’ (he was supposed to say “One small step for A man – one Giant Leap for Mankind) applies to the signing of the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Oslo, Norway yesterday.

These weapons have been used for decades while up to 40% of the explosives in them lie around unexploded long after the purpose for them supposedly being used has since passed (much like land mines) so that they ruin thousands of lives each year for no good reason (many of those lives innocent children who find a shiny piece of metal to play with that then explodes taking off a hand or limb – or worse).


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The fact that some humans and countries still believe they have the right to develop store and stockpile these weapons for use or profit sadly means that such conventions and small steps are made necessary.

Any Country who believes in Peace and Freedom can have no valid reason to continue to ‘benefit’ from them or rely upon them for their ‘defence’. Those countries who don’t care about human life in the slightest are the only ones who should feel they have that ‘right’.

They will be known by all for the kind of people they truly are and those who have a decent moral code can justifiably shun them for it until the truth is seen and such weapons destroyed.



  1. that picture truly breaks my heart. it is literally hurting right now.

    and his expression. i wanna scoop him up and take him away.

    some things i will never understand, Love.


  2. Love, which countries haven’t signed up yet? America, China and Russia. You’d think that these nations would have enough other methods to kill people without cluster bombs but obviously not.

    Afghanistan has signed up but then I’m sure the US would too if there were unexploded left over bombs lying around the countryside of Texas or Utah. Is that just pragmatism on their part or do they have a higher moral code?

    Now that the UK has signed up to cease use of these vile weapons I know that I will be asking my MP to seek an end to the stockpiling and production of these weapons as well as their use. I will also ask him to exert pressure on those nations who have not signed up to do so. It might not achieve very much but it is better than doing nothing.

    Thanks to you for raising awareness about it.


  3. Hov – i applaud your opinion and decision on this! 😎 💡

    JR – The amazing flying frog has two good ideas:

    Write a letter to your congressman, explaining in as much detail as you can, why you don’t want your country to profit from manufacturing this particularly vile weapon of mass destruction as a way of ensuring your ‘safety’ and America’s continued economic growth. Frankly, there are unlimited BETTER options for both of those two than this one and we are very sad indeed if we don’t realise this without good people telling our leaders so.
    or, you can add your name to the petition to eliminate cluster munitions like these at:
    (Sorry – just went back to that site and realised this petition has closed in May 2008 and Hover’s original petition was for UK citizens only 😦 Google under ‘petition cluster munitions ban’ perhaps? <B)

    You could also write a blog and share your thoughts with others like you – word of mouth IS powerful – if we put our passion into it. 🙂


  4. Tam – Our leaders pay the most attention to those who take the most time lobbying them.. Arms dealers have strong incentive to lobby Congress – and have the money to back it up. All we have is numbers – if we Unite and organise like the dealers and other self-interest groups do.

    We are FAR from powerless in this – let’s make our voices count! 🙂

    That Nice Mr O’Barmagh has said he would sign the treaty – not like nasty ol’ Mr Bush – but once he’s in office he’ll be lobbied like any other president and ‘advised’ by those who listen to the loudest voices.

    As i told JR – there are unlimited BETTER options for Arms dealers to sel than these hideous devices to kill our enemies and make profits from.

    Just as a by-the-by..

    My Mum does not understand where these people in third world countries who can’t afford food get their guns from?

    I believe it’s sort of like drug dealers who make their living from their junkies continued custom… You only ever ‘need’ ONE gun (assuming the workmanship is of ‘good’ quality and lasts… but you will always need to spend money on ammunition for it, so an arms dealer would be almost happy to ‘give away’ a gun if he’s going to keep getting income from the bullets you use – of course once you have a gun and bullets in third world countries, getting money to buy more bullets is a far easier proposition than for those who don’t have guns! 😦

    i understand it – i DON’T like it – but i understand it.


  5. Sadly Rachel – i could not agree with you more!

    Unless you become a foreign missionary it is extremely unlikely your kids could ever end up like the boy in the photo

    Whether the bomblet that did that was made in Russia, China, Israel or The US may not be known – what is known is that none of those countries are willing to sign a convention banning the use or manufacture or stockpiling of them and about half of the countries in the world are going along with them in not doing so.

    I applaud the countries – such as my own, Canada and the UK – who are taking the initiative in trying to rid the planet of these horrifying and unnecessary weapons.


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