I’m Back – Briefly…

Just wanted to let all those kind people who have left comments lately (and those who lurk by once in a while ;-) ) that i DO read your comments and value your visits and they tempt me to spend more time blogging again.

I still have a somewhat uneasy feeling about coming ‘back’ just yet though and need to work on that a litle longer – but i will make a concerted effort to write posts on a semi-regular basis and will even visit your blogs as much as i can feel comfortable with without risking the ‘addictive’ level i had snuck into for a while.

Blogging has certainly given me some wonderful relationships with ‘ordinary ‘ people who are truly exceptional in so many ways and i would not wish to never have been a part of those… but sometimes it comes not without a ‘cost’ in return – at least for me. ( Eeewww – a double-negative! i AM out of practice).

So once again, i do greatly value your visits and i’ll try to give you something to read next time -)

love, <B

P.S. Hover – i’ll give you Oates, even though techincally they were also Scott’s word’s since it was his recording them that gave us the details of the event as Oates never told anyone who lived what he had said when he left. ;-)


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