Not Forgotten – Just Gone.

For those who may not be aware, The Aussie equivalent of spending time in the Wilderness is to ‘Go Bush’ or more locally, Go Walkabout.

Given the very understandable but completely detestable (to me) misinterpretation of the first term, especially in a US Election year, possible by some individuals the following notice is belatedly ‘erected’….


for an indeterminate period.

As for the Road Less Travelled – it is undergoing a period of necessary repair.

Live Love.


  1. In the words of The Explorer Scott..

    I’m just stepping outside.. I may be some time.

    Nothing personal ppl, just personal to me.

    I feel the need to ‘re-find’ my self a little. Plus it has been so darn Hot here, lately – not conducive to thinking or computing.

    Love to you all.


  2. I do seem to remember you “walking about” around this time last year? Or was that earlier this year? I just know it was cold out. And it’s dang cold out here! 😯

    miss you friend. I miss the laughs you give me!


  3. Okay Mister, you been walking about for a while…how about walking about to that computer and just saying HI..did I just sound like your mum? I sounded like mine and it scared me! love ya Love, and miss you!


  4. You know, Brandy’s right. I came to your blog through Christian’s around a year or so ago. You were on “walkabout” then…It seemed everyone was wondering where you were. I was intrigued that all these Americans would care. So I kept coming back to see if you’d return and then started checking out everyone else’s blogs. You played a pivotal role in my getting to know all these people.

    You and your walkabout…it was a very good thing for me!

    Hope you find the rest and renewal you need.

    Love you!! And MISSING you!


  5. Love to you all – and i can assure you that even if i am not ‘on-line’ like before i still thing about you a LOT 🙂

    As to when i’ll be back from my walkabout…

    am having a little ‘internal’ struggle at the moment.

    Jesus took 40 days in the wilderness to get his head sorted out … so i might neeed about 400?? 4000???.

    I do get and answer posts and mails though when and as possible.

    Sis – your comment helped more than you know 🙂



  6. “I am just going outside and may be some time.” were Captain Lawrence Oates last words, not Scott’s. Also they aren’t particularly inspiring words when someone is taking a break as they have an air of finality about them. Let it not be a permanent hiatus but a temporary one. 🙂


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