No more whining about YOUR job!

Tam was too chicken to post this at her blog but we all know i have no class so…

Anyone’s job make this look ‘sweet’????

I thought not. 🙂



  1. Ed – would you want to kiss this man?? what makes you think he’d have Kids?? 😉 I think if he’d had some before he got this job when asked what daddy does for a living they’d try to retain some sense of self-esteem by telling everyonne: ‘Daddy is a drug dealer’!

    Cathi – i hope it was something nice? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hov – what about Help-desk on a Monday (Friday) afternoon? 😉

    Bwan – he’s wearing scuba gear! – and has a spotlight and his vets bag up there with him 🙂


  2. i almost just typed a comment VERY similar to heidi’s!

    just seeing this picture made me laugh out loud!

    my worst day at work just started looking way better!


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