No more whining about YOUR job!

Tam was too chicken to post this at her blog but we all know i have no class so…

Anyone’s job make this look ‘sweet’????

I thought not. 🙂


12 thoughts on “No more whining about YOUR job!

  1. Ed – would you want to kiss this man?? what makes you think he’d have Kids?? 😉 I think if he’d had some before he got this job when asked what daddy does for a living they’d try to retain some sense of self-esteem by telling everyonne: ‘Daddy is a drug dealer’!

    Cathi – i hope it was something nice? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hov – what about Help-desk on a Monday (Friday) afternoon? 😉

    Bwan – he’s wearing scuba gear! – and has a spotlight and his vets bag up there with him 🙂


  2. i almost just typed a comment VERY similar to heidi’s!

    just seeing this picture made me laugh out loud!

    my worst day at work just started looking way better!


  3. wow. that would pretty much STINK!!! I can’t imagine. I hope that dude gets paid a butt load (haha) to stick his head inside the rear end of an elephant. There’s just no way.


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