Writing Competition

To all you budding amateur writers out there (and i know i’m not the ONLY one…)

Check out this link: http://www.writersdigest.com/yourstory

A chance to become a published author in a predominant Writers magazine for the best short story voted on from a simple one line premise.

The next comp. closes 10/10 so get your writing skates on. You can post one entry per day on the same theme.

Alece? you listening?? 🙂


  1. Sorry – you have No chance! 🙂

    I’m putting an entry in so… naturally… 😉

    Ok now my ego has had it’s say here’s the Truth:
    You are a truly talented woman with an incredible heart and a love of your God.

    If you can put yourself into your writing in honesty without self-ego and let the Golry be His, not something solely of the self… you should bolt it in 🙂

    Well… i’ll share it with you! 🙂

    Go for it, or maybe go to the site and enter the poetry comp – costs $15 bucks but there is a load of cash prizes down to 50th spot! 🙂


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