1. Well, I doubt he’s going to be ‘put to sleep’ showing that kind of energy!

    And from my experience, dogs don’t have nearly the problem with shots that people (like me =) do!

    Maybe it’s just the trauma associated with vet visits (never knowing what to expect)? Fearful anticipation of the worst is so deceptively destructive (in people too for sure)!

    Thanks for sharing =),


  2. Welcome T, That pic cracked me up and i just had to add the comment. You must have a very special dog if (s)he? looks like this one 🙂

    Hey D – nice to see you again, how are you’re two ‘kids’ going? Does Jasper need another haircut?

    I think you may have missed the title of the pic? if you put your mouse over it the name pops up – and that explains why i think he is ‘resisting somewhat’.

    I do agree with you, anxiety and fear of the unknown can be very destructive.. i think ‘Rover’ here might have had a more reasonable ‘fear’ of the ‘known’ though and was hoping to avoid a disaster 😉

    As no doubt you fully know – dogs can often be far more ‘aware’ of what is about to happen than we humans are! (in some ‘lower’ ways!)


  3. Thanks for asking about the ‘kids’. Jasper is fine, though about to go into ‘heat’ again ={ !! (Nick wants ‘grandkids’ I guess =)!

    Actually it’s Bruin who has the shaggy coat, and yes, we did get him cut again the end of August (just one day before Nick had back surgery — he’s up doing great though and back to work after just two weeks — he came home just a couple of hours after the surgery).



  4. Dear Tam – i guess it must be more of a ‘guy’ thing???

    i saw this photo and it made me smile BIG ( i love the looks of the woman and her cat!)

    maybe women don’t get it as much??

    The photo i titled ‘Snip Snip’ – does that make more sense now?

    Hint… the vet is NOT going to give the dog a HAIRcut!!!


    love ya back!


  5. I couldn’t get the top title you mentioned to come into my screen, just the bottom comment, “I dunno Doc… Ya think mebbe he suspects??”

    That reminds me of one of Nick’s favorite Gary Larson ‘Far Side’ jokes:
    A dog is in the back of his master’s pick-up as they pull out of the driveway. He says to the dog in the yard next door,
    “Ha, Ha, Biff, I get to go to the vet to get ‘tutored’.
    (It’s much funnier seeing the cartoon, but hopefully you get the idea =)! Of course with ‘Far Side’ jokes, it’s actually funnier watching Nick reading them with his face turning bright red from laughing so hard!



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